expired Zowie BenQ ZA11/ZA13 Wired Gaming Mouse $49 In-Store - $61.55 Delivered via eBay Store @ Computer Alliance

Zowie BenQ ZA11/ZA13 Wired Gaming Mouse $49 In-Store - $61.55 Delivered via eBay Store @ Computer AllianceAffiliate

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ZA11 In-store Price
ZA13 In-store Price

eBay Delivered for $61.55 using code PULL5

Zowie arguably make the best competitive gaming mice out there, and they usually retail for over $80 excluding shipping costs. Many competitive CS:GO or FPS gamers may be interested.



    very good mouse

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    Proud owner of the FK1 meself. Can vouch has taken me to Global. Kappa

    Edit: Some extra info for anyone wanting to buy this mouse. The ZA series is designed with a raised palm rest at the rear for those looking for extra palm support.

    EC series is specifically for right-hand ergonomics, good for users looking to upgrade from the legendary IntelliMouse 3.0

    FK series is your standard mouse shape which supports all types of grips and like the ZA is also ambidextrous.


    Never really seen any Zowie mouse ever for this cheap so I think it's a good deal Lol


    FK-2 owner here. This thing is the best mouse I've ever owned. Its light, well balanced, and very accurate. It also hasn't skipped once, despite copious amounts of cat fur on my mousepad. If the shape of the ZA works for you, grab one.


    I like how they photo-shopped the cable out of the first picture, can anyone say false advertising?


    I use Zowies for the Huano switches, love that stiffer click.


    For those who can't pick this up in store, you're better off spending the extra few dollars and grabbing the wired version of the Logitech G403 @ $67-70, with its updated sensors.

    It's also on sale for about $49 at Harvey Norman every few months.


    This or g502 for fps?

    I do use 7 buttons on my mouse…


      The biggest difference is the G502 is a whopping 41g heavier (even without added weights) and physically slightly bigger. I have the G502 and love it but the weight tires me down after a long fps session. Depends on your preference/usage but I might give this lighter mouse a try.


        Yeah the weight is usually cited as a negative for the g502. Myself - I seem to have incredible stamina in my wrist. Mind out of the gutter people.