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Shower Power 50% off @ Woolworths (750ml $3.40)


Best shower cleaner IMO. Rarely discounted half price.

Includes the trigger version $3.42/500ml or the much better value squeeze bottle.

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  • Thanks - will buy a couple to try

    • Haha I almost always buy two if something is half price

      • Haha

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    Great product

  • is this strong smelling or irritating?

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      No, smells like lemons.

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      Yes, I think it's quite strong. But it's the best shower cleaner so I just put up with it.

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        It has never made me gag and retch, rather than the ammonia based ones, I get sick after using those. But this is the only one I buy now

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    is this good for cleaning glass shower screen?

    • And toilet too?

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        It should, Jan Williams of Gilston in Queensland absolutely loves it

        • Love it!!!

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          Actually, full credit should go to Pauline from Beaudesert, QLD for recommending this to stop bathroom invasions s/

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      Are you trying to remove gentleman's relish from the shower screen?

      • Sounds tasty where can I get this gentleman's relish on special?

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          I highly recommend making your own. Watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High, skip to the scene where Phoebe Cates is getting out of the swimming pool. Pretty soon you'll have one serving of gentleman's relish unless you get interrupted like Judge Reinhold later in the scene.

    • Yes, it is exactly for shower glass cleaning.
      If you haven't cleaned in a while, will need to scrub.
      I suggest using the scratchy side of kitchen sponge together with shower Power.

      Worst case need ironwool!

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        Sounds about as good as cheaper rival products.

  • do they have whiteners or are they banned?

  • Jif cleans the shower screen pretty good.

    • Exactly, I have never looked past Jif since I started using it about 5 years ago. It’s not expensive, last long and does the job.

    • +2

      Jif is half as powerful as Shower Power IMHO. Have to do it twice to get same result.

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      Jif is a great mildly abrasive cleaner that works well with a bit off effort but this stuff works with nowhere near the same scrubbing effort for soap scum on shower glass. Spray it on, let it soak, wipe (not scrub) it off. It’s probably the only product I’ve ever seen that has truth in advertising. It just works.

  • Can it be used for bath tub? If not can someone suggests some good bathtub cleaner.

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      Oh not this bollocks again. Vinegar is an acid, great cleaner. Bi-carb is a base, ok cleaner. Mix the two together and they produce a completly neutral salt that does NOTHING but look like it’s working because it foams up with CO2 gas. Elbow grease and water works just as well.

      Most likely you had an excess of one or the other and that worked (nowhere near as well as Shower Power by the way) the rest was wasted producing the neutral salt.

      Use either one but not both at the same time.

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        Most of the cleaning effect would be from the baking soda acting as a mild abrasive. Purely mechanical. Combining the vinegar with salt, beach sand, anything really, would be preferable, as you say.

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    This is the only cleaner that works for deep stains (a la you forget about cleaning bathroom for a few months then have a rental inspection and panic). I've tried them all. Let it soak in for at least 10 minutes and then scour with brush or rough sponge.

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    To quote the late Big Kev - I'm excited!

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      From my Aunties place at the Gold Coast (on a canal) you could see this large figure and a whole bunch of skinny girls hanging around outside a big house. Guess who?

      No wonder he was excited and no wonder he didn't survive!

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    There are a variety of opinions here on which is the best bathroom cleaner, so I went looking for what Choice had to say.


    Shower Power is one of the cleaners that Choice recommends, but there are 3 better products and 2 are cheaper (regular prices).

    • -1

      Well don't leave us hanging we all don't have a choice premium subscription.

      • You don't need a subscription. The Choice link in my message has all the information free.

        • +3

          But just in case Choice ever takes down the page. Here are the products:

          Product Choice Rating Price per 100 ml
          Ajax Professional Bathroom Power Cleaner 82% $1.20
          Dettol Healthy Clean Bathroom 81% $0.72
          Simple Green Bathroom Cleaner 72% $0.83
          Shower Power 70% $1.60

          There's a lot more detail on the Choice page:


  • Woolworths association ftw

  • +1

    We use Kings bleach for everything in the toilet from toilet seat to shower. Does the trick. Haven’t tried shower power though.

  • Personally I've found this next to useless. Selleys Soap Scum Buster works way better. With Shower Power you'll need to use a scouring pad to remove soap scum. The Selleys product will do the same using a cloth.

  • Has anyone used Lencia and this? Just curious how it compares, I am using Lencia on shower screen and vanity sink/mirror, it cleans quite well the soap scum but not the hard deposits :/

  • Are there any good flavours? Last time I got original and it was a bit too spicy on the back of my throat

    • I use the one that is in a white container and starts with B ends in leach. Can't remember the name but it goes nicely with a glass of milk or some crumpets.

  • Nothing will beat bleach for cleaning ability. ShowerPower label: "For best results, start with a clean shower" WTF?!

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