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75% Off Antler Lightning Medium 67cm / 3.1kg Hardside Suitcase - 3 Colours - $63.20 Shipped @ LuggageOnline.com.au (RRP $269)


New Coupon code added for an additional discount

These have a 10 year warranty from Antler and at close to 3kg that's decent value for an 8 wheel roller with free shipping.

Also available @ Bagworld.com.au for the same price, except for some reason the Navy is $159 - the others are $67.95 shipped - Link HERE


Tough, durable luggage and contemporary in design. Antler Lightning is a hardwearing suitcase that not only looks good but can withstand the toughest of journeys.

Main features of the Antler Lightning Medium 67cm Hardside Suitcase include:

Easy glide 8 inset wheels for effortless manoeuvrability
Lightweight exposed gunmetal trolley system
Easy grab top and side handles
Tough scratch resistant Polypropylene shell
Recessed TSA combination lock for added security
Internal pocket and packing straps
External Size: 67cm x 42cm x 27cm (includes wheels & handles)

Weight: 3.1kg

Capacity: 64L

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    Thanks OP. Seems like Navy was already sold out. Lime and Purple still available.

  • I got the lime one next size up in the last deal, great suitcase.

  • This website seems less trustworthy than bagworld…

    • Why would you say that ?

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        No store information about where it comes from under 'contact us', in a previous offer the item got cancelled and then shipped, looking up the contact phone number takes me to SIRICCO house of leather. It just doesn't seem to be very professional. Anyone have experience with this store?

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          I have bought 2 suitcases from them via Ozbargain deals posted here, they where hassle free prompt delivery also got the 10% new customer discount.

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          Perhaps this might help you a bit more about them:


          Call: 03 98262011

          To return your product, you should mail your product to: 42 Claremont St, South Yarra VIC 3141

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          Have ordered twice from them previously. Siricco House of Leather is the name of their physical store.

        • @Yarra Warrior: Yep just called them, and the service was great. Order placed for 2.

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    Don't forget you also the 7% off for first time site users when you sign up.

    • Do you have a link or details? I couldn't see anything on the sign up page

      • When I first went in to their site a window popped up with an email signup, it was 7% off for new customers that they would send you a coupon code. I didn't bother just closed it so can't help there.
        I would try the 10% off coupon code which I have used hopefully it still works. HDGSD7302

        • Ok, thanks. I didn't get that pop up and unfortunately that code is not valid.

        • @stubatman: try turning off any adblock

    • Where can I access that? Can't find it on the site.

    • I didn't get this email.

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  • Why not buy from bagworld?

    • +3

      Bagworld have got 5% off using Coupon TECH5

      • Thanks for that! -$3.4

        • Good to help out ………..

  • Where's the 7% off?

    • +2

      HELLOLUGGAGE - use this code

      • Thanks

  • Nice Suitcase

  • thats a steal for a hard case luggae bag !

    • Kind of odd that a hard plastic suitcase has a zip, it would bear the brunt of impacts. Great price but would prefer a latching tub form factor (like an Oyster).

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    Small Lime & Purple $56.95, but 56cm tall which is too big for most airlines' carry-on.

    • +2

      soo if its too big, than just pay the $10 $7 with code and get the medium would be the sensible thing to do..

    • +3

      The small size is meant for carry on. I don't face any problem with 56cm tall luggage with all the airlines I travel with. The issue usually is the weight limit. Not sure which airlines are you referring to. As an example, below is the size info from Jetstar:

      Carry-on baggage size limits
      Your carry-on bag (or bags in Business Class) must fit in the overhead lockers and be no bigger than:
      56cm (height) x 36cm (width) x 23cm (depth)

      • My mistake. I thought the limits were 55cm.

        • It is for Ryanair

      • +3

        Virgin has 48cm height limit

        • +2

          Only the samsonite 50cm 72 hrs fits this and i bought that as cabin lugagge. Its also the lightest at 1.7kg.

        • Good catch! Looks like Virgin is the rare exception. Perhaps, that's why I've not flew on Virgin.

    • Thank you. Was looking for a carry on. Perfect for me.

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    Any 71cm larger ones on sale?

  • +1

    just bought the small and medium with the extra 7% discount for $116.16. Thanks!!!

    • +4

      Username checks out

  • Just bought the Lime one (easier to see on the carousel) thanks for posting! Miss16 going to the US will enjoy the bright colour (I hope).

  • Would this be big enough for 30kg of clothes ?

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      Yes it will fit your chainmail shirt.

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    Found out that on iPhone, you get a pop up offer for a FREE satchel (worth $50) when ordering over $80 (so I bought two of the luggage).
    This did not come up on either firefox or chrome for me.


    Anyhow, managed to add it to the cart, and this freebie stacked nicely with the HELLOLUGGAGE code…

    Total price $126.39 (for two of the Antler luggages plus the freebie satchel).

    • Pop-up on Android phone as well :)

    • +1

      You can search for it as well 'gift' in the search bar and add it if you have $80 or more in your cart :) There's two gifts that you can add

  • A steal for a medium hard case. I got one too.

  • +7

    Be aware this is only 64L. Most medium suitcases are around 75L. This suitcase is perfect for about 15-18kg of luggage.

    • +1

      Thanks, I was trying to work if 64L was the bigger size but it doesn't appear so. What litre capacity suitcase should I look for to fit 30kgs? I'm guessing it won't be in the medium sizes, maybe the large ones.

    • On the UK Antler website it says:

      Packing Capacity 64 (L)
      Maximum Volume 75 (L)

      Does that mean its expandable?

      • I think it's the space where the extendable handles go into the suitcase.

  • cheers op got 1

  • Thank you for sharing. I have got the medium and small combo deal. Perfect timing.

  • Any good deals for carry on luggage in similar shape?

  • Guys i got the previous Samsonite 50cm cabin from the same site and they are trustworthy, the Samsonite got delivered without a hitch. This is a very good price for an Antler hard case in a medium size.

  • Bought this exact same luggage bag for my mum last year when she went to NZ for it to be priced at $63 shipped is sort of disappointing but its a great travel luggage case none the less, definitely recommended

  • How long does delivery take to sydney?

  • Getting a 404, so all gone?

    • Same here. Was OK this morning. Guess all sold out. However the link to bagworld still works!

  • I ordered a lime one 45 mins ago so must have been one of the last. I originally added 2 and the free satchel stayed on invoice emailed with one case so fingers crossed that comes too!

  • Just got a purple 67cm case through the Bagworld link, the original looks like its sold out. Thanks Ozbargainers!

  • "Page not Found"

    Appears to have finished.

  • Has anyone received shipping confirmation yet?

    • Just got confirmation.

    • Me too. Got my confirmation yesterday.

    • Still waiting!

    • I placed my order for 2 last Friday and it got delivered today (to Sydney). Very happy with order and the suitcase is great.

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    I just got an email saying they can't provide me with one due to an error in their stock quantity. :(

    • +2

      Same here!

    • +2

      Me too:(
      But i got the offer

      Thank you for your order on Luggage Online.

      Unfortunately your order for Antler Lighting Medium cannot be processed as we had an error in the available stock quality.

      However, we can offer you the following:

      1. Antler Lighting Small (available Lime/Purple) and refund the difference in cost. Plus a "2" free Retro Mens Business satchel valued at $50.

      2. Swiss Gear Medium suitcase RRP $340 in Black or Plum, plus a free Retro Men’s Business Satchel Valued at $50.

      Swiss Gear 68cm.

      Is this a good deal?

    • +2

      Been trying to google the Swiss Geneve and found nothing about it, must be old stock :( Super bummed!

  • +1

    I got the same email too, with the option to swap it out with the 68cm Swiss Gear Geneve Hardshell Suitcase. If Big W is selling it for $56, I suspect it is of lower quality than the Antler Lightning? Now I am wishing I have placed the order with Bagworld instead. :(

    • Same here. Rubbish sale. Asked for a refund immediately. Never buying from these guys again.

      • +1

        I have just sent a reply to Luggageonline to ask if they offer me other hardcase luggage as replacement. Will see what they respond with tomorrow.

  • Does anyone know about the quality of this "Swiss Gear" brand?? I have never heard of this brand before.

  • Cheap stuff from china. One look at the swissgear and you can tell its old stock and outdated. No way conparable to the Lightning.

  • Got the email. Asked for a refund straight away. The swissgear looks rubbish.

  • +4

    I suggest we boycott these guys from now on . its 1 thing to makea mistake and not to deliver but another to substitute with a sub standard product. If we had known all of us would have bought elsewhere.

  • I didn't get mine either. Looks like their luggage is only online and doesn't actually exist… true to their name!

  • +3

    I replied to their email saying that I'd like a refund, they replied offering me this case at the same cost of the lightning.


    It's slightly lighter, slightly bigger and made from polycarbonate vs polypropylene (which is apparently a better/stronger option for luggage).

    Purple doesn't bother me so I pulled the trigger.

    It's currently $164 at Bagworld.


    • I also got same email. I also replied yes.

      • Hmm yes seems like a better alternative than the swissgear for sure

      • It paid off missing out on the lightning, now we're getting a better case for the same cost. If you can live with the high gloss purple, which is no worse than the fluro green I was getting imo.

        • I got the same offer. Replied yes. The Prism actually looks better value than the lightning!

    • +7

      I suspect this might be prompted by the email I sent last night, asking them to offer me this exact hardshell suitcase as direct replacement. They have replied to my email agreeing to it.

      Btw, the Antler Prism High Shine is currently the cheapest midsize hardshell suitcase on their website, hence why I chose it, as I figured it is probably the most realistic cost wise for them as direct replacement

      This is the email I sent to them last night

      It is very disappointing that I am getting this email to indicate that you are unable to fulfill this order. This is even more frustrating for me because I chose to order from you when I could have ordered the same luggage from your competitor (bagworld.com.au) for the same price last week.

      I am not at all interested in this alternate brand (Swiss Gear) that you are offering as it is a brand I have never even heard of till your email. Furthermore, this is being offered by Big W for only $56. See the Big W link below:

      You obviously carry several brands I trust, namely Antler, American Tourister and Samsonite.

      Can you please at the very least offer me a replacement from one of the above trusted brands I have listed? The 56cm Antler Lightning you offered is too small for me. I need the replacement to be at least a 66/68cm or bigger.

      Having a look at your range of hardcase luggages, you have the medium purple “Antler Prism Hi-Shine Hardcase” that I will be happy with as a replacement. Link below. Are you able to offer this as a replacement? I don’t need the free Retro Mens Business Satchel.

      I am a member of Ozbargain, and you supposedly have a better reputation on Ozbargain compared to bagworld, hence why I ordered from you. Please repay my trust & faith in you, and don’t let me down!

      Look forward to your favorable response.

      • +1

        Nice work, looks like it has paid off for everyone who missed out. Glad to see they're trying to make things right.

      • +1

        nice work!

        • I got confirmation by a worker in LuggageOnline that my order will be shipped tommorow (Antler Prism Hi-Shine Purple).

        • @echocae:


          they just sent shipping information with free satchel bag

          and shipping using AusPost

        • I got a confirmation saying they sent an Antler Lightning Lime (Said yes to the antler prism purple option). Shrugs. Guess I'll find out what I get next week.

        • @spa:

          My shipped notification email still shows the Antler Lightning as well. I guess we will all find out next week, unless we already have people based in Victoria that has already received theirs today???

        • @echocae:

          Received my shipped notification mid afternoon yesterday. Mine was shipped using Fastway Couriers.

      • Thank you for the information. I got the bag and the free Retro Men’s Business Satchel

  • +3

    Good job! If you don't like the purple, then you can do what I did and email Bagworld and they gave me a coupon to get the Green Antler Lightning at previous price of $67.95 :)

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