expired Scosche Emergency Locator & EFM Charger $64.50 (Was $129), EFM 4+2 Multi Charge Hub $39.97 (was $79.65) @ JB Hi-Fi


Scosche Emergency Locator & EFM Charger - available online and instore
Fyndr Alert will automatically send out an emergency SOS status alert with your geographic location to your emergency contacts in an event of a collision or when you manually activate the Alert button.

Provides priceless peace of mind the instant you plug it in.

EFM 4+2 Multi Charge Hub - available online only
$39.97 (was $79.65)
Endless charging possibilities with the 4+2 Charge Hub. Life shouldn’t be complicated, and at EFM® our mission is to make the technological side of your own unique life that much simpler.

The EFM® 4+2 Charge Hub allows the convenience of easily docking and charging up to 4 compatible iPhones and, with most popular iPhone cases, you don't even need to take your case off. Plus, with 2 external high output USB charge ports at the back, you can charge up to 2 tablet or other compatible devices* at the same time.

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    Good idea. Something to point out, this has a 3 minute battery back-up, just in case an accident is severe enough that it destroys the car's battery or breaks main battery cables.


    Depends on you having an app installed on your phone. I am not usually a fan of the technologies which are designed to help people find stuff, because they turn your mobile phone into a battery-hungry scanner (they help people find their stuff by turning every application which has the app into a scanner).


    I also got this email and was thinking that a $65 dual-USB charger with some other features isn't that bad in value, but I struggle to see this as something I need/want.

    That being said, and slightly off topic (beware the $80k investment bankers..) but there is a similar "SOS" feature in some cars. I recently test drove a BMW X4 and there was an SOS button in the roof liner which when pressed (it's underneath a cover like a missle switch?), it connected me to BMW emergency support (which can call emergency services for you) and automatically sent the telemetrics/details of the car (eg GPS location, number of passengers, car model/specs, direction of travel, rollover status, etc) using the car's inbuilt sim card (ie not my phone). I don't know how many cars have this feature but I remember seeing it in online reviews before for overseas models - this is first time I saw something similar in Australia. Has anyone else heard of this? It actually impressed me as something which would even make me consider buying a BMW in the future for this.

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      Idk about an SOS button but I’m pretty sure they’ve been in S class Mercedes for the last decade. The only thing is they don’t come in cheap versions of any car, it’s definitely a premium.

      E: looks like they’ve been in every Mercedes since 2014 and since March this year, all European passenger cars require an e call feature


    I'm not sure of the use case where I might want one of these.
    Not much use outside of phone reception areas. Break down or have an accident between towns across most of rural NSW and this won't be much use. Better off buying an EPIRB or satellite phone in these cases.
    Maybe helpful in urban areas, but then wouldn't you just use Google maps on your phone?


      I would suggest looking at the product features then. It is a great gift for someone with dementia, new drivers. Its a programmable panic button with Quickcharge 3.0 for (profanity) sake. This does not replace a phone but I would could even see useful for Uber drivers etc