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Kogan 35" Curved 21:9 Ultrawide 200Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor $489 (Save $90) + Delivery @ Kogan


First time poster, hope i get it right, let me know if need to change anything.
I am on the hunt for monitor and saw this on sales now.

1080p might not be everyone cup of tea.

Postage can be expensive to WA.

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    Depending on what you're looking for, 6ms response rate might be a little on the higher side.

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      That's crap, considering it's a VA panel.

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        I was trying to be a bit more delicate, but yes.

      • I remember their other gaming monitor back in the day was listed with 5ms response and when it was tested it was at 2ms. It would be really strange if this wasn't the case here too. I really want to buy one of these buy just bought a Zowie 144hz monitor… hmmm hmmmmmmm

        • You can always return the Zowie monitor :D How much did you pay for it?

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          @shot: Got it for 200 off Gumtree - was only a few months old. The Zowie is pretty awesome though!!

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      Would you really notice difference in 2ms vs 6ms side by side? I don't think so.

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    Very good


    Cool addition


    OH ARE YOU (profanity) KIDDING ME?

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      All the yelling in the world isn't going to change that it's fine for gaming.

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      Yeah.. 200hz makes much more sense with 4k! You just need to buy 2 x 1080ti to get it running (or not) in [email protected] #sarcasmmodeon

  • couldnt find any reviews :(

    this is 200hz & 6ms

    LG one is 75hz & 1ms, which is better?

    • LG is IPS panel.

      • I doubt that with 1ms.

        • motion blur fake ms

        • @phunkydude:

          so this Kogan VS LG 34UM69G-B

          which is better for gaming like Fortnite and Minecraft + some youtubing + movies

          i dont do work on my home pc

        • @vince088: LG is much better.

    • Depends on your purpose for the panel.

      If you want to game and you've got high-end hardware, there's no replacing hz… 200hz is awesome. But you're gonna need some decent hardware to push the pixels at 200fps.

      If you casually game and just want to look at a nice screen with better colour reproduction - IPS wins.

      I've got a Ryzen 1600 and RX580 so I'd go for the 200hz panel. I love to game and play FPS and esports titles, when I play CS GO I get over 200fps and love that I can show 144 of them on my monitor. It's way better than when I had a 60hz panel.

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        It's a poor choice for competition gaming given it's size.

        • Depends - it's only 1080p pixels. So you need decent hardware - but anything with an RX580 or above will be really good with the Freesync. Actually, this monitor would be perfect with an RX580 to game with. With esports titles, it will run at 200fps looking buttery smooth. And with modern AAA titles, it will run perfectly with the Freesync.

          35inches in ultrawide setup isn't as big as you think… it would be really fun to play with. You just can't sit 3 inches from the screen, sitting about 3 -6 feet away is the best option.

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          @bunnybash: most people already sit 50 cm away from their monitors.

          This monitor would need a 1080ti to power it with decent graphics, otherwise a 1070ti, with a high-clock (or overclock) CPU to support the demand for frames.

          AMD equivalent would be Vega 64 and 56 respectively. Yes I know, people turn the settings down in esports to de-clutter the textures and effects, but not everybody uses that equipment that way, so it's important to consider what it takes for High or Ultra settings in a lot of common games.

          This is definitely a monitor where you want to be gentle on the aliasing and supersampling settings.

        • @jasswolf: you dont need a 1080ti for 200fps, im rocking a 144hz ultrawide 1080p and i have been getting solid 160 fps+ on most esports games and 100 fps on medium to high on most AAA games, my gpu is a gtx 1060 3gb, 1070 would pbly be the sweet spot

        • @Bargain4Days: I explained the card choice pretty thoroughly.

    • Which LG one?

      • computer alliance ebay

        34um68g or 34um59a

    • The Kogan is a VA panel. The LG is an IPS. I wouldn't touch a VA panel. It's IPS or no thanks.

      • That's not that simple… VAs are good painel

  • Dang, that's a whole lot of monitor

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      gaming monitor with USB-C <$200

      Are you serious?

  • Great price for a well featured monitor.

    Anyone complaining should realise you need to pay much higher to get things like 3440 resolutions…

  • there 3 versions of this monitor, 75hz, 144hz, 200hz

    pushing 100fps on gaming, would 200hz still be best for me?

    • Dont think it would really matter if you are getting solid 100fps everyday..

    • Depends… what GPU are you currently running and is it possible you might upgrade in a couple of years? If the answer is yes, then get the 200hz model.

  • I was reading on some other forums that the 144hz version had issues with ghosting. Did anyone else who bought that have the same problem?

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    It's not 1080p by it's normal standard (1920x1080). It's actually 2560x1080

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      2560x1080 also call 1080p.

  • Frankly, looks like an awesome monitor.

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    anyone bought it? It tick all my boxes but just wasn't sure about the brand as kogan.

    • It tick all my boxes

      VA panel didn't tick it.

      • From gaming point of view? How about everyday use?

        • I think IPS is better and clearer.

        • @superforever: wont IPS have bleed issue?

        • @winderic:


          "IPS panels solve the issues of TN panels, with better color reproduction and viewing angles, but do so at the cost of refresh rate and response time. IPS panels are especially useful for those not wanting to play too competitively, but want a beautiful/immersive visual experience. PLS and AHVA are similar enough to IPS to usually not be differentiated.

          VA panels provide a good middle ground with better-than-IPS refresh rates and contrast levels, but have worse viewing angles and color production, although generally still better than TN. Response times are VA’s largest downfall, though, being slower than IPS and its variants and TN."

  • You seen those geeks from Hammerfell? They have curved screens. Curved. Screens.

  • Voucher $30 ebay + shipster = 460 delivered

    • Shipter wont work for WA because shipping cost over $20.

  • Wow, I just got one of these in 144hz.

    • What's your impressions of it?

    • Interested to know your experience on this too.