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Vodafone $50 Starter SIM (35GB Data, 180 Days Expiry) for $20 @ Coles



The Coles catalogue says that the $50 Starter Kits are on special for $20 starting 30/05/18 according to this link and the catalogue link



I have rang up Vodafone and they have told me that when someone activates a $50 Starter Kit they have a number of options

There are Prepaid Mobile Phone options

Data Combo (35 days)
Talk Combo (35 days)
Prepaid 365 Plus (365 days)
MyMix (varies)

And there is a Prepaid Mobile Broadband option


Prepaid Mobile Broadband
35GB data (10GB+25GB bonus)
Bonus data (25GB) may take up to 72 hrs to appear.
180 days
Must be activated by 14/08/18

The Vodafone Helpdesk that said that the Starter Kit may be activated on any of the plans and in the comments below some people have commented that yes customers have a choice of options when activating.

Personally I would make sure that the Starter Kit says "Vodafone Prepaid $50 Starter Kit" (as illustrated in the catalogue)and not Vodafone Prepaid Cap Starter Kit. There may be a difference.

Anyone with more information is more than welcome to comment below

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  • +1

    I'd love a recommendation for a modem to pair this with…. My internet has been slowly dying at home and it like to try this for gaming. I currently see ping spikes of 500ms every 5-15 minutes on ADSL 1 (nothing is using the internet). I know overall the ping may not be great on 3g / 4g but I can't see it spiking like that….

    Sounds like a good deal.

    • Are you on Ethernet or wifi?

      • Ethernet

    • Regarding speeds, I was pleasantly surprised witg optus 4g (and 3g) when I did a speedtest recently at fast.com .
      I found that 4g gave me about 30mbps . 3g was about 8mbps (late at night) .
      I just checked now, during day, 6.8mbps 3g, 14mbps 4g. Using 2 samsung s5.
      I only checked download speeds, as I wanted to try 4k netflix streaming. I was not expecting such fast internet available via mobile.
      Regarding mobile modem, you might have an old phone laying round that you could use for hotspot.

      • What about latency though?

        • I have no idea how to check latency. If you know a site to go to for checking latency, I could let you what it says.
          I only tried fast.com , because I was checking netflix download speeds. Was actually 32mbps, on 4g optus test, late night. (In suburb of Wollongong)

    • Vodadone selling their 4G wifi modem for $60 (only 5 GB data though). We retained ours from before as was with Vodaf before NBN came along. Handy when going on holidays when you can't (so far) take your NBN with you. Perhaps someone who has switched over to NBN may sell theirs at a good price.

      Try this to test your speeds:


  • +2

    $50 but it's a long use Sim so there's the advantage there

  • +2

    Not as cheap as -$7

    • +1

      Minus $7 would be difficult to find, I reckon ;-)

      • It was available a week ago.

        • -1

          That's $7, not -$7 :)

        • +3



          No. It was minus $7 or minus $12.

          +$10 to create an account with Shopback.
          +$5 to use a referral link.
          +$22 cashback.
          -$25 cost of SIM card

          -$12 for a 35GB SIM card with a new account.
          -$7 if no referral link

          It was never $7 even if you're not using a new account or referral link.

          $25 for SIM
          $22 cashback

          $3 total cost.

        • -1

          @lostn: So not minus $7. Cool.

        • +1

          @Bill Stickers:

          Did you read a single thing I wrote?

          No. It was minus $7 or minus $12.

          Depending on whether you used a referral code or not. If you didn't, then it's minus $7. If you did, then minus $12.

          I even provided a link to how to get it for minus $7.

  • +5

    Pro tip: if for some reason someone is wanting 4G data for weekends only…. You could activate this as a normal prepaid sim, and then buy the DATADAYL addon every saturday morning. That'll get you 8GB for use on Saturday and Sunday for 10 weeks (so up to 80GB). I guess kinda unlikely for that use-case, but it's something! https://www.vodafone.com.au/prepaid/add-ons

    Or you could buy it all at once and splurge on 80GB of 4G over one weekend for $20 lol.

    • Would the data be accessible on sunday if bought on saturday? Isn't expiry 1 day (24 hours)?

      Edit: Also, these T&Cs are iffy
      "Weekender Add-on Offer
      Only available to Vodafone customers who received a text message from Vodafone regarding this offer (‘Message’). Offer starts from when we sent you the Message and ends on the end date specified in the Message (‘Campaign Period’). Applies only to the number that received the Message."


      "Bonus data applied automatically within 72 hours of Eligible Recharge…"

      • +2

        oh that's… odd. Well I activated a sim only a couple months ago, didn't receive anything about bonus data that I can remember…, then I bought the pack on the weekend and suddenly I had 8GB. I haven't used it enough to confirm but I feel everyone is eligible not just some lucky few.

        All the add-on expiries are what is stated + the current day. so saturday gives you the rest of saturday, then sunday for "1 day", but if you bought it at 11:50pm on saturday, then effectively you're only getting 1 day and 10 minutes.

        also i forgot to state, obviously choose the prepaid 365 plus if anybody does this, for that 1 year credit expiry.

      • +1

        Yes overt 24 hours is confirmed, has reached 50h when ordered prior to 1.00 am. Rollover is really valuable feature too however, seems only work when less than 8 gb portion remaining.

        It's generic campaign plus texts for 365+prepay which iirc runs all winter. (Normally pay 40%-20% on starter kit face value)

  • +1

    It said 35 day expiry on the catalogue, I am confused.

    Vodafone $50 SIM Starter Kit

    • Includes $50 recharge
    • 35 day expiry. All within AUS

    Limit 1 per customer.

    Vodafone SIM: All inclusions expire after 35 days or upon next recharge, whichever occurs first.

    Was $50.00, Save $30.00
    $20.00 each
    Offer valid Wed 30 May - Tue 5 Jun 2018
    This product is unavailable online. Please visit a store if you wish to purchase it.

    • I suspect that its the 25g bonus date that expires in 35 days.

    • +2

      I noticed when I went to activate my $40 sim kit recently, it asked on the website what type of sim I want to activate it as. So I feel these can probably be used for prepaid mobile broadband or just prepaid mobile, and any plan that has a $50 recharge. so this '35days' must just be because Data Combo is their suggested plan for people at this time, you aren't bound to choose it.

  • I see, you need to follow the vodafone link Haleea.

    It makes it all clear.

  • I can't see the price matching of the 180 expiry…


  • Can I use these SIM card in a mobile phone just for data?

    • +1

      Yes. It has a mobile number attached to it

  • I saw the 35 days expiry as well. Not sure what that mean ? I had activate 2 of the $50 data starter pack from Cashback deal from Vodafone and it last for 180 days as data sim. So not sure can activate this Coles deal as normal $50 SIM and choose as 365Plus prepaid plan, it last for 1 year.

    • +2

      The sim can be activated as any one of the available plans

      Data combo (35 days)
      Talk combo (35 days)
      Prepaid 365 plus (365 days)
      MyMix (varies)

      Mobile broadband

      • Thanks Jimbobaus. So what happened to the 180 days option as stated in the title? Does it even exist?

        • +2

          The mobile broadband option is the 180 day option

  • What is required / process for activation? Can a international visitor, here for a couple of weeks get this and activate? Or is this for Australian residents only?

    • +1

      International visitor can put in their own passport details. They may need to go in store to activate if the online activation does not accept the details and tells them to go in store.

  • The online catalogue says 35 days !! Did I miss anything?

    Vodafone $50 SIM Starter Kit

    • Includes $50 recharge
    • 35 day expiry. All within AUS

    Limit 1 per customer.

    Vodafone SIM: All inclusions expire after 35 days or upon next recharge, whichever occurs first.

    Was $50.00, Save $30.00
    $20.00 each
    Offer valid Wed 30 May - Tue 5 Jun 2018

    • +1

      That’s for a SIM card with calls n stuff. The deal here is for mobile broadband only (no calls/text)

  • +1

    I phoned Vodafone and they said when you activate you get a choice of options. Simply choose the prepaid mobile broadband option

  • +1

    If anyone can confirm either way about the activation options for starter kits then please share.

    • Confirmed; at least 4 options showed when we went to activate ours. Site asked you clearly and directly which option you wanted; I think the 180 day data only option was last on this list. No real reason anyone should select the wrong option. If they did I imagine (guess) Vodafone would help transfer it over if someone just activated it incorrectly (a new sim perhaps). But really; no one should go wrong with a little care.

  • Can this be used to make a phone call and txt?

    • +1


  • new to this kind of stuff, so if I buy it, does it only become active when I activate it?

    so I can hold onto it for a year and then activate it or…?

    • +1

      Yes, but MUST be activated by 14th August. Then if you do the 180 day data only option starts from that date, so data will last then until mid February when the days are up. Can easily check your remaining GB data with the account you set up for the sim.

      I did read further into this and apparently you can roll over any unused data (even better), but only if you recharge the sim before the 180 days is up.

      The deal gives you only 10 GB, but Vodafone gives you another 25 GB at the moment. Says up to 72 hours to include that additional 25 GB, but really only took minutes for us.

  • +1

    Is it to be purchased from Coles, or from Vodafone website? OP's link is Vodafone. I am confused.

    • +1

      The first link is Coles and that's where its purchased. The Vodafone link shows you one of the activation options available for the $50 starter kit

  • +1

    I have "spend $50 for 4 weeks and get $10,000 Flybuys points" offer. If I buy this $20 SIM plus other $30 of grocery, will I meet the requirement of spending $50?

    Thanks a lot.

    • +2

      I believe so.

    • +1

      Yes. I did this like a million times. (But I still can't afford a property in Sydney)

      • (But I still can't afford a property in Sydney)

        Not surprising, seeing as how you spent $50 million on groceries

    • My current offer asks me to spend $80 each week for 4 weeks to get 10,000 points (or $50). I am envious but then reading … $10,000 had me super excited lol! 😆

    • +1

      Yes i did it plenty times. Confirm works as others said.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Will be good to get my wifi security camera back up and running and other wifi connected smart home devices (no fixed line internet at me home) .

  • Anyone know if being a customer/registering a previous ID, will negate this deal for me? I'm finishing up a similar deal from 6 months ago already.

    Maybe use my friends ID…?

    • +1

      Only a problem of you have more than 5.

      • More than 5? Ahh ok (+_+)

    • +2

      Can use same ID same email same contact number. I've had over 25 Voda. Just claim nil if they prompt for 'do you have 5+ prepaid sims'

    • I don't know if they check but you are asked if you have 5 current activated. Only have the one left at the moment; mobile data broadband. I transferred 3 family mobile phone prepaid accounts from Vodafone to Kogan Mobile this year, so I can buy a few more. Vodafone Mobile data broadband is very useful when travelling, holidays etc. Especially as I still have our 4G Vodafone wifi modem.

  • When I try to activate it shows only 10GB, but not 35GB?

    • +2

      T&C says Bonus Data (25GB) applied automatically within 72 hours of activation

      • In my experience, I had to call them last December because the bonus data was NOT automatically added.

        • We have no problems with the bonus data being added (twice so far). Says the bonus will happen within 72 hours … but it only took minutes, on Friday afternoon.

  • Can these be used overseas, ie in Europe?

  • Is it possible to add $5/$10 of call credit for calling and sending messages on top of this mobile broadband? Has anyone who are using mobile broadband try this before?

  • My son visited a Coles store today (I gave him a note) but the salesperson didn't know anything about this offer; perhaps a part-timer. Oh well, will revisit tomorrow. Was not until he returned home that I showed him the new catalogue that just arrived.

    • Update: Returned to Coles store and they have ample supplies. Cards were hidden behind some other Vodafone "$50" cards. Advised the sales desk of this.

      (Ensure you buy exact pack as shown on page 36 of catalogue.)

      Purchased two; no problems there and no ID asked for.

  • Anyone been able to get one of these? Didnt find any of the properly labelled packs at the local coles :(

    • +1

      Picked one up from Coles Joondalup earlier this evening. It's near the service counter but on the Vodafone stand with other prepaid SIMs. Bargain at $20 so picking another one up tomorrow.

    • Plenty of stock in Coles Cranbourne Park. They were hidden behind other similar looking Vodafone cards. Make sure you only buy correct pack as on page 36 of sales catalogue.

  • Can these be used overseas, ie in Europe?

    • If I'm not wrong Voda has international roaming

  • "Must be activated by 14/08/18"

    Sorry is this for the Prepaid Mobile Broadband option only? Or applies for other options too?

  • +1

    Finally purchase one (local coles seems to get stuff like this in only halfway through the week!!), found out i had another one left from a previous promo a few months ago. $50 vodafone starter pack.
    Activated online.
    Selected mobile broadband.
    Screen only shows 10gb.
    Completed process. Activated.
    Setup myvodafone (assigned temp number as im porting a number in). Shows 10gb.
    Checked again with next 2 hours. Has the 35GB total etc :). No text or email that the 25gb was added oddly .

  • +1

    Cranbourne North Coles has ample supply of these $50 (for $20) Vodafone starter packs says "This sim works in all phones, tablets and modems." (Ensure you buy correct pack) Be prepared to dismantle the stand as they are hidden behind many other Vodafone sim card packs.

    That's the second time we have been told there are none but found them myself.

    I activated one on Friday and the 25 GB extra appeared straight after the 10 GB data after. Quick process although it rejected my mother's Medicare card number so had to use her driver's licence (they are for her). All good! 😁

    Best deal for the year for us so far; thank you finbar ❤

  • I bought and activated one of these.the bonus 25 GB has never been added.

    Edit: I take that back .I just checked the mobile app and can see that the extra is indeed there. I just needed to scroll scross a bit more to see it.

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