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Free Collection of Unwanted Clothes by Uber to Deliver to Red Cross (Sunday June 3)


Same deal as here.

Bag the clothing and gifts you’re willing to donate
Open the Uber app between 12pm and 4pm on 3 June, 2018
Select Red Cross Clothing Drive card.
Tap ‘Request’ and confirm your pick-up location.
Where available, your items will be picked up free of charge.

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Drivers Only: random (57)

Referrer gets $300 once referee completes at least 40 deliveries.
Referees may be eligible for special offers based on the number of trips or deliveries they made after signing up through an invitation.

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    • +39

      The standard price is going to the store or donation bin yourself, so time and effort. As far as I'm aware, there is no service to pick up donated clothes at your doorstep. Upvoting because without this, people might just go cbf and throw out their old clothes and items.

      • +6

        We receive large plastic bags from a few NPOs regularly to put in unused clothes and leave them around the mail box on certain dates.

        • +2

          Alot of that stuff is getting cut up and sold as rags…..

        • +1

          @Shibster: A lot of the stuff donated at the stores themselves end up as rags too.

          Source: worked at a couple of OP shops

        • +8

          @Michael15286: Still, its better being sold/used as rags rather than going into landfill, or just sitting round using up space in yout home, with stuff you will never wear.
          Although we probably all like to think our stuff is great, there is a reason we are getting rid of them, so not that great lol

        • +2

          They are generally not from NPOs. Look closely on the bag and you will see it is a commercial operation using a NPO logo for a token amount. I use them as bin liners.

      • And - the op shop has to be open apparently for you to drop stuff off. Neighbour dropped stuff (sellable stuff) off after hours and got a fine (parked within view of camera).

        • I would hope the Red Cross op shops would be open for this.

        • +1

          Wow, I bet they'll feel charitable in future when they just throw stuff straight in the bin. What a joke

      • https://clothingcleanup.com.au will pick up your clothes for free.
        I booked a collection online for the following day and just left them on my doorstep. It's probably not a charity though.

      • +1

        I also feel like the people on this site are likely to own a lot of clothes they don't ever wear, which have little to no resale value, and are too lazy to drop off at a charity shop but can't bring themselves to throw away. So it's rather synergistic, in a way.

  • +4

    great offer, great initiative

    • +1

      Paying more tax and sending less money offshore would be better.

      • +1

        arent we a negative nancy!

        jeeze, bugger people in need! let's save tax dollars & keep money in Australia!

        • +6

          articmonkey raises a fair point. I'm sure the reason Uber does things like this is to get people like you willing to overlook their negative practices due to, from a corporate perspective, these relatively cheap and simple things.

        • -3

          This is the type of person who votes LibLabs regardless of what they do and why the taxation burden is being shifted onto individual's such as themselves and the largest businesses are paying nothing in tax. They literally vote against their own interests.

        • -1

          uh, no. just no dude. triggered easily?

        • +3



          Labor are going after the banks and big business while the Liberals protected them from a royal commission for a very long time. The Liberals were dragged kicking and screaming trying to stop it.

          Its Liberal policy to giveaway $80 billion to big business as well. Next time the Liberals rip the heart out of our healthcare and services, I hope you remember that.

          You are very misinformed yourself claiming they are the same.

        • +3

          @Michael15286: How is this different to any other public good will initiative by bigcorp? Why can't we still hate them, not use them, but take advantage of the good things they do?

      • +1

        Paying some tax would be great.

  • Hmm something about Red Cross stores puts me off. I stick with Vinnies.

    • -1

      What about the red swastika?!

      I'm sure they would be more than happy to accept your donation!

      Red Swastika

  • Do existing customers get screwed over/excluded/nothing?

    • You can still request as an existing customer.

  • +5

    FYI the pick up areas around each major city is tiny. what a bummer.

  • +4

    Do we get free mints and a bottle of water? :D

  • What happens to the drivers. do they get compensated?

    • +3

      they get paid by Uber

  • Not sure if this is a 'bargain' though?

    • +9

      I suppose it's a bargain for the people who'll receive the clothes, or proceeds from the clothes?

  • +1

    Lol, what a waste.

    • +7

      I reckon. Go to any Vinnies or Red Cross store. There's hardly a shortage of clothes.

      I would also be hesitant to leave any valuable gifts with the Uber driver. No doubt they will keep the good (ie. resellable items) and only deliver the worthless stuff.

  • +6

    Maybe you could ask the Uber driver for a free lift on the way there, you payment is paid in cloths anyway.

    • +1

      That would be a bargain!

    • +5

      Wear 2 shirts, tell Uber driver Im wearing this last piece atm, drop me off

      • +1

        And then they strip you naked after the ride? Only fair…

  • +15

    Please please please don't send clothing that you no longer wear because it's too worn, damaged or stained. It's a massive waste for the charities since they're trying to sell all the donated pieces.

    I good rule of thumb is, if it's not good enough to be given as a gift to someone, it's not good enough to give to charities.

    • they're trying to sell all the donated pieces.

      I thought they sold bags of rags to mechanics and such, with any clothing that isn't good enough to be worn.

      • +1

        Because that's only a step up from throwing it all in the garbage and paying for disposal.

        There's no business case in rags for charities. Rag trade companies pay less than $1/kg of rags which barely covers the work and machinery required to offload them.

        Charity shops are trying to sell good quality goods back to the community in order to use the proceeds to help the disadvantaged in the community. They don't exist to trading in rags!

    • +2

      out of curiosity, what do you recommend doing with such clothing?

      • Send it to Haiti

      • Natural fibres can be composted as they're biodegradable. Or just bin it if you can't be bothered. Everyone throws plastic stuff away, synthetic clothing is no different.

    • Yes, if you ever have chance of working at local op shop you will know majority of the clothing never get resold and usually just sit in stores and rotated out and eventually goes into the bin.

  • +5

    I don't see the point of Uber covering only inner city areas where charity bins are easily accessible. It would be better to service outer metro areas where accessibility is limited.

    • how many charity bins do you see in any city's CBD?
      And yet there are a lot of people living there and a lot that probably have disposable incomes…and dispose of clothing without a thought.

    • That'a the same as saying that uber eats should't operate in inner city areas because restaurants are easily accessible for people to go and grab takeaway. They are offering this service to make it super convenient for lazy people to donate.

  • +1

    Good initiative to encourage recycling/reuse of clothes, better than them going straight to landfill.

  • +1

    It's a decent deal/campaign. If you have rags and scraps, H&M accept them too.

  • Thanks OP.

    To those asking how is this a bargain, well, it is a bargain to me.

    I currently have 4 plastic bags load of old clothes which I intend to drive down to the Salvo to donate sometime this week or next, so this saves me the time, hassle and petrol to donate to the Salvos. So there!

    • +5

      the salvos are anti-safe schools and anti-ssm. donate to someone else.

  • I am trying to donate clothes. I have opened uber app and select red cross donation. It says "NO CARS AVAILABLE".

    • Same, Seaford Meadows SA

    • +1

      I tried again after a few hours and found a driver. He came and picked the clothes.

  • +3

    donates clothes through uber, books uber driver one week later and turns up wearing your clothes

  • anyone know where you find the red cross driving card in the app?

    • Its a red banner when you open up the app

      • thanks - no such banner on mine - maybe none in my area.

  • Been trying since 12 and I am in Sydney CBD and no luck. Feels bad man.

  • Just donated some items but was charged $16 for the delivery!

    • Was charged also! were you able to get a refund?

      • I initiated contact with the driver and he called me back and refused to refund the fare and said take it up with Uber. This collection was poorly communicated to drivers, he had no idea what the pickup was about.

      • They just processed my refund.

  • What a stupid promotion, doesn't make me think highly of Uber at all. Not that I did originally anyway.

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