expired Flip NBN 50/20 Unlimited $59/Month No Contract Free Setup


Plan details:

  • NBN 50/20
  • Unlimited data
  • $59/month
  • Free setup
  • No contract

Seems like a good deal to me, but I don't have experience with Flip so I can't comment on their service.

How this compares with the competition's equivalent plans:

  • Kogan is unavailable in some areas, price goes up after 24 months, and has activation fee
  • Mate/Barefoot price goes up after 6 months
  • Exetel is for new customers only, and includes free modem when contracted

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    Good price on the value 12 package.

    Don't need super fast speeds just the bare basic.

    Anyone know if there is any cheaper for 12/1 NBN.

    Even if only say 500gb quota should be fine.

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    Haven't we learned yet? These cheap and nasty RSP's can't sustain this pricing while providing you a good service.

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    Flip NBN

    What's their catchphrase? Get Flipped ?


    Hope this is not another buzztelco.


    Ooo the TV package is pretty good compared to what I'm paying now. Thanks

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    Give them the flip if it doesn't work


    Always wondered…. 100mbps and 50mbps plans.
    Lets say you got 100mbps but in reality it operates around 50mbps due to line length etc.

    Does it mean if you switch to 50mbps plan (with the same company) will it operate proportionally slower? e.g. 25mbps.


      That would make for a good case for the ombudsman I would think as that would be artificially limiting your connection below what you paid for.
      They might argue that the 100mbps plans have a different cvc from the 50 but it'd be a hard sell.


      Don't know about line length etc, but the Flip website says the 50Mbps plan has typical evening speeds of 43.27Mbps, so there shouldn't be any issues on their end at least.


      I'm currently paying for a 100/50 link with telecube but only get 43/22. I'm hit by the price increase and will be moving away from them.

      I asked them about speed and they said its due to the line even tho im located in a new development area. My parents get better speed than I and their house is 20yrs old with old copper.


        If that's your highest sync speed there was no point being on that plan anyway, switch to a 50/20 plan and save some money.

        It's not just the age of the copper but the distance to the node, assuming you don't have a lot of phone points/dodgy wiring in the house.


      No, the limitation (as far as sync speed) is the line condition and distance from the node.
      If you sync at 50, then you would get the same on the 50/20 plan.

      Some modems will show you the maximum attainable sync speed in the DSL stats, which is handy if you start on a slower plan and want to know if you can get anything faster.

      The Optus speed check page was pretty close on all the sites I checked, shame they took it down.


    Whilst the service is ok, customer wait times rival Centrelink. Out almost feel like their operations runs out of a basement


      Fair enough. I called them a couple of times this evening, and the Customer Service department wait time was just 1 minute, but the technical support was 30 minutes followed by taking my name and number and disconnecting the call.


    I am looking at two links from two different comments for Teletube for 12/1 speed 1000gb data one says $35/month and another says $40/month
    Why is that???????




      The second link is a special offer, once signed up, continues at that price until they decide to change it like they have for the 100/40 plans.


    Do we know who these guys use as backhaul? CGNAT? Anyone currently signed up who can give feedback?


      I just got connected with Flip.

      Regarding backhaul, I don't know how to determine that. My service operates at full speed (47.17 / 18.21 Mbps), so no congestion at the moment, if that's what you're wondering about.
      Regarding CGNAT, my IP address is in the 220.x.x.x range, and my public IP is the same as the IP shown in my modem, so I guess it's not using CGNAT?

      Hope that helps


    no live chat now…


    I just got connected with Flip TV, and here are my findings:
    * Took 2 business days to churn from another ISP
    * They did not tell me the service was activated or scheduled to be activated. Instead, the modem just disconnected and I had to call them to follow it up
    * I entered the NBN username and password when I was signing up, but they weren't included in the signup email I received, so I had to call them to ask for them so I could configure my modem
    * They did not email me the modem settings, and I did not find them on the website. I couldn't get a hold of tech support so I figured them out myself. (No VLAN, PPPoE, username, password)
    * After configuring the modem, it failed authentication for a while but then unexpectedly connected while I was on hold waiting for tech support
    * The customer portal on the website still says the order is "In Progress"
    * The wait time for the customer service department was 1 minute
    * The wait time for the technical support department was 30 minutes, and then an answering machine took my details and hung up on me
    * Service is running at full speed this evening: 47.17 / 18.21 Mbps
    * The customer service rep answered the phone under "VeeTel" instead of "Flip TV", and she also emailed me from a "@veetel.com.au" email address, so there appears to be some relationship between Flip TV and VeeTel

    So far so good.

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    I hope they have improved
    Good luck ppl 🙊


    get connected… feel ok for the speed!


    I'll give this a shot since MyRepublic have jacked up their prices. If they are no good, there is no contact or signup fee, so I'll go else where.


    hi ozbargainers,

    any good and reasonable modem I can look at. I currently am with Belong and have their modem. I think this is locked, correct ? So I need to get a new modem. Any suggestions

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