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Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men, 180 Caps $34.95 2nd $27.96 + Shipping $9.95 ($5 off 1st Order = 360 for $67.86 Shipped) @ Amino Z


This is the next best deal I could find for this multivitamin since the AmazonAU has limited stock.


Opti-Men is a comprehensive Nutrient Optimization System providing 75+ active ingredients in 4 blends specifically designed to support the nutrient needs of active men. Each serving includes free form amino acids, antioxidant vitamins, essential minerals and botanical extracts in foundational amounts that can be built upon through consumption of a healthy balanced diet. Think of Opti-Men® as nutritional insurance for your fit lifestyle.

360 Caps(2 180 Bottles): $67.86 Shipped

New customers can get $5 off their order with code WELCOME. Bottle of 180 Caps with the second bottle at a reduced price.
180 Caps $34.95 2nd $27.96 Shipping $9.95 @ Amino Z, $5 off 1st Order = 360 for $67.86 Shipped

Amazon deal has been moved here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/361468?page=2#comment

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  • +1 vote

    People still take multivitamins?


    Most research indicates these sorts of supplement is nothing more than snake oil.

    • +1 vote

      This guy f**ks. Good way to make expensive piss.


      If you're not deficient, you don't really need them, in fact there is some correlation with being more ask risk with consumption of certain supplements.


        How many people have a deficiency though? If you have a perfect diet and health then you definitely can't benefit from taking additional vitamins, but just because one person has that, doesn't mean that they aren't useful for another person. If they weren't useful for anybody ever, then a neg would be fair.
        It even depends on what you're doing. If you do strenuous exercise, you deplete your magnesium. In winter, many are vitamin D deficient. Sure, you should be aware that some fat is required for proper absorption of the vitamin D, but that's an education thing. Various activities you do can deplete certain things or lead you to benefit from certain supplements. Having a big drinking night can leave you low in many vitamins, and that's hardly a rare occurrence in Australia.

    • +2 votes

      Even if what you claim is true, which I'm not siding on. It's not really your place to police by negging what people buy.


    Out of all the mens multi-vitamins, these are rated one of the best in the market.

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