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Shure SE846 Blue Edition - $888 (Was $1,495) @ Addicted to Audio (Online & in-Store)


Just received this email from A2A and it is a great deal. Yes these are not your standard IEMs that come with phones and they do cost a bit, however I think they are the best universal IEMs that you can buy and for this price they are a good deal.

I have a pair myself that I purchased a few years ago and they are my daily IEMs.

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  • vega are much better

  • They could have at least coated it in gold :D

  • aus version with authentication code?

  • I wonder how many people buy these and find they don't seal in their ear properly.

    • There are plenty of tips out there to try and it does take trial and error to find one that suits each individual.
      Shure normally pack a variety of tips to get you started and you can get sample packs from Comply.

      • the comply tips are great, the default rubber stuff that comes with most IEMs makes my ears itchy and doesn't handle sweat very well.

        they need replacing reasonably regularly but they're 10x more comfortable

    • Probably most. Which is why I would assume that most people shopping in this price bracket go for memory phone tips at the very least, if not custom tips.


      You have them fitted at an audiologist.

    • And how can you test IEMs? You may buy these, spend a while getting a good tip or have them professionally fitted only to find your $80 pair sound better in your ears.

      • There are shops that allow you to try even up these ~$1k earphones.
        I can only think of Jaben Audio right now. I'm sure A2A also allow trial

        Most people would have already known what these sound like because people who are willing to spend this kind of money would've done their research. Probably attended audio shows/ specialty shops for auditions or tried a mate's.

    • Find a tip that fits your hole properly.

      Just the tip.

    • Poor seal is usually just a problem of the eartip which you can interchange between your existing ones or even aftermarket ones, it really isn't an issue. I don't see why people think earphones not staying in is an issue of the earphone itself. It's a bigger issue if the housing doesn't fit. The good thing is though the shures are quite small in size and fits almost everyone's ears

  • Are you Shure you want to fork out this much for a set of earphones?

  • What sort of tunes are you fine people listening to where a set of expensive ear/headphones really make a difference?

  • I'd love to know how these perform against some of the newer budget iems that have 4 or 5 drivers. Are they worth 10 times the price?

    I had the Shure 535s and then the Audiofly AF180s and now the Sony MDR-1000XM2s. I do miss having iems so am interested in buying a cheaper pair to always have in the bag. Any advice? $50-100 budget.

    • Brainwavz and Soundmagic make good cheap IEMs. The quality you can get out of a $100 pair is amazing.

    • Checkout massdrop, the nuforce iems are supposedly quite good

    • KS ZS6 are very good and cost even less than $50. They occasionally will have a good deal from aliexpress

      • I also heard decent things about them, there's a few decent headphones coming from China now in the under $50 and $100 price points.

    • Look at the tin audio t2's, by far the best thing you'll get around that price range. (i own alot of chi-fi).

    • Fiio FH1's

    • Yes this is just out of the $100 range but Shure SE215 are pretty good imo for their price (110-120)

    • first of all, driver count is a really terrible indicator of sound quality. Even at the very high end, a lot of companies just jam them in with a terrible or non-existent crossover system, just boast driver counts. And a lot of people can't try before buying, so it works, and assume that what they're getting defines good sound quality, since they paid so much. The KZ ZS6 and ZS10 are worse, sound-quality wise, compared to the 1s gen ZS5 (with the faulty tweeter placement).

      While Shure IEMs are pretty bad in general, the SE535 is the least bad by far. It doesn't have major coherency issues that the SE215 and SE846 have, so you're good there.

      At $50-$100, I highly recommend these

      Final Audio E6000: Amazing details and balance, competes with the very best out there despite the low price. Downside is the housing and sound isolation.

      Fischer Audio Omega Twin: Best for bassheads, these have really booming sub-bass, but still maintain excellent coherency and sparkle in the rest of the range. However, these are known to have fit problems for most people. If you can try it, and it doesn't hurt your ears or pop out after 10 mins, congrats.

      Simgot EN700: These give a great taste of high end audio, it has amazing sound quality AND build quality AND comfort. Again, very balanced sound signature. No real downsides to these, besides maybe availability.

      And yes I have tried the other TFZ/KZ/VSONIC/KINGS/FIDUE/ANORA stuff, and about every other contender you can name in this budget. These can't compete with the above recommendations.

  • at this pricepoint you may as well get custom iems

    • Agree, and the cables are usually horrible from se, a 3rd party cable will set you back another 100$.

      I personally I use way more 535 than my 846,as the 535 is more comfortable to wear for me for some reason

  • How do they compare to the xiaomi pistons?

    • Asking the important questions…

    • They're really not better. The SE846 has this patented physical low-pass filter thing on the woofer. Good news, it works well as a filter. Bad news, it destroys the phase coherency. Thing sound really jarring and unpleasantwhen incoherent.

    • more importantly, how many xiaomi pistons can you buy for the same amount of money?

  • At this price I better be able to hear into the future

  • one too many eights for my liking

  • I have this. I bought it about 1 year ago for 950 from eglobal so this is actually pretty good deal with Australian warranty. Haven't tried any other IEMs but I have Audio Technica DSR9BT. It sounds much more musical than DSR9BT. Other than that, it feels on par with each other.

    Everyone ear is different so try it in store before you buy.

  • Are these much better than se 535?

    • Not really, it's twice the price, but about 15 percent better in high and mids and way more bass. To me it's not upgrade but different needs.

      I always end up with my 535 more than my 846, make sure you try b4 buy.

    • I own the se535LTD and se846. Sound signature is very different. 525 is mid focused while the 846 seems to have a bit of a v shaped sig. The 846 bass is honestly unreal and the best I've heard in an IEM and made the upgrade worthwhile to me. However I auditioned before purchase which is recommended at this pricepoint.

  • Anyone aware of any places in AU that do custom ear moulds/mods for a decent price?

    • depends on your price range… what's yours?

    • If you are talking about sleeves for universal IEMs then I was only aware of Sensaphonics which had an office in Melbourne that did custom sleeves for Shure and Etymotic IEMs, however a month or two ago they closed shop. So now you need to send moulds directly to the US which greatly increases the costs involved.

  • I'm good, I have Xiaomi Pistons.

  • Bought 9 THANKS OP

  • There only a little more then the ones that come with your phone. Lol I'll take 9

  • Could almost have Sennheiser HD800s on special for this price. As a headphone guy this seems like madness but each to their own I guess. How would these rate compared directly to some decent headphones like Audio Technica M50X’s?

    • I haven't listened to HD800s, but I found the HD800 offensive… I own the Z1R, and they make most of my music sound awesome.

    • I have both HD800 and SE846. HD800 open headphones so soundstage is next level. You can't really compare as they are made for two different purposes. Keep in mind the HD800 require an expensive headphone amp to maximise their performance.

  • This is a good price foe the SE846 however I just posted this deal for Audiofly, IMO much better option if looking for high End IEM's - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/382626

  • are they made with vibranium?