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Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEB8000100) - US $172.31 (~AU $225 Delivered) @ Amazon US


Seems ok - i need some storage and the tax is coming next month.. \o/

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I wish internal 8TBs were on sale as often as externals. I'm after some spare 8TB or larger drives. Want warranty though.

    • Do internal drives ever go on sale? I'm after a couple or a trio of 8TB too and it seems a waste to buy these just to throw away the enclosure. The regular drives are around $240 USD :(

      • very rare man. I've seen it only a few times.

        • You're better off looking at eBay 20% off sales. FutuOnline and Shopping Express usually has the best priced drives for the sales. I remember the 8TB Seagate Ironwolf NAS for about $250 each. Most of these Seagate Desktop drives have the shingled Archive drives inside. Which isnt the best quality. Occasionally you might get lucky and find another type… I've got a couple of the 10TB Ironwolf drives and they are awesome. Write speed is good, read speed is incredible.

        • @Monstalova:
          thx I'll put an alert on for the ebay 20% sales.

          I am happy with the SMR drives, my storage needs are single direct from internet (read - slow) write and single sector read duty so SMR shows no performance drop for my application.

  • Still a good price ; was $139 a month ago when i got mine. They have seagate greens in them; but tricky to crack open but worth the effort

    • Seagate haven't done coloured drives since the start of this decade. Either they're using old drives or you've got the wrong info.

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        It's the Barracuda ST8000DM004 , which looks green but it' nothing like the WD Greens from back in the day.

        • lol just because the label is a certain colour doesn't mean a thing.

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    • Not cheaper as the price does not include delivery, but definitely agree on it being a better drive for $10 more.

    • Better how? Don't give me that shit about Seagate drives dying because you heard a rumour years ago about it that was based on a single line of drives that were produced directly after the Fukushima disaster that crippled hard drive manufacturing and lead to the QA issues. Because that excuse died years ago.

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        Lol. Nuclear cockroaches will rule the earth one day, and still be telling each other about that bad batch of 3TB drives so far as I can tell.

      • I would say that The 8TB HGST Helium drives in the WD enclosure: weigh less, are more power efficient, run cooler.
        They produce less friction and vibration, which means more longevity and also better performance in raid set-ups

        Most of the newer drives are now WD80EZAZ or WD80EZZX models, which have TLER (raid feature in NAS drive) disabled, if you are lucky you will find a WD80EMAZ which has TLER enable, or even a WD RED.

        Features wise if you score a wd80emaz, you are looking at something comparable to a WD Red Pro.

        • Since when do Western Digital use HGST drives? That literally makes zero sense to not use their own WD drives.

        • @potplanty: they bought out hgst a long time ago. They still operate as hgst under WD.

        • @giovannip: So are they actually the good old HGST drives or just rebranded WDs now?

      • Sounds like you have an intimate relationship with your Seagate drive! I've had all my portable Seagate's die on me in some way or another (5 of them) + 1 internal. Majority of tech friends I know have also had Seagate issues compared with WD. It's the boards and build quality which Seagate are suffering from. Not to say WD don't have failures but ratio is around 80:20. Have had over 5 WD drives and no problems at all over the past 10 years. Probably shouldn't have bought the 10TB Seagate's last year… But we'll see what happens. They are going strong so far but probably look to replace within the next couple years.

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    This is the most expensive these have been for the last 6 months. According to Camelcamel the average price is $149 and they've been dropping to $139 periodically.

  • Are these the best hdd's to get bang for buck if say you wanted a whole lot of storage like 60TB worth.

    Seems like the dream of having all your movies, TV shows, documentaries , games, music, etc all in one system is becoming more and more possible.

    I could download my whole steam library and more and never have to Uninstall again.

    I know ssd's are king for gaming but honestly having instant access to a library is even better.

    Anyways only the really ssd needy games would be on the ssd. Everything else extra on the hdd or duplicate it.

  • I bought from currently ebay 20% off sale, a 8Tb lacie external HDD costs me about $250, consider the pretty high failure rate, I choose to buy locally.