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Soft Close Toilet Seat $19.99, Sweet Baby Ray's Sauces $3.69, Junior Mints $2.99, Hershey's Kisses $3.99 @ ALDI


Soft Close Toilet Seat $19.99 13/6

  • Heavy duty duroplast construction
  • Features a slow release lid
  • Suitable for standard toilet pans
  • Fittings and installation instructions included
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Sweet Baby Ray's Sauces $3.69 16/6

  • Sweet'n'Spicy
  • Hickory % Brown Sugar
  • Honey Chipotle
  • Original BBQ

Woolworths $5

Hershey's or Reese's Assorted Chocolate Blocks 113g-124g $3.49 - 16/6

Milk Duds, Junior Mints or Junior Caramels 99g-141g $2.99 - 16/6

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  • +10 votes

    My soft close toilet seat from last sale is now hard close. No way I'm carrying it back into store though. Ewwwwwww!

    • Must have been that Tight Bottom that did it. They've got a refund policy that's probably a bit too trusting lol

    • I bought one too at the last sale, and had the same experience (i.e. seat is now hard close). Wouldn't recommend.

    • Mine is fine but I it probably doesn't get as much action.

      There were warnings to not force it down, rather you should just give it a bit of a tap and let gravity do the rest. Did you adhere to this?

      Oh, mine does have some corrosion on the on the hinge housing already though.

      Still pretty happy. The seat has a nice solid feel.

    • Mine too. Plus the chromed hinges have visible signs of oxidisation or bubbling. So not impressed, as it should be able to handle a 5yo boys inability to aim.
      But who would want to take it back (maybe Aldi are relying on that).
      I might try the Bunnings one, but it could be a gamble as well.

    • Yep, same experience here. Bought 2 and both of them basically lost the soft-close function after a number of uses….pretty disappointing really. Also, like others pointed out, the chrome hinges have started to deteriorate. Won't be buying again.

  • +19 votes

    Apart from the Junior mints, the title pretty much sums up the order of my business. Put the seat down, dispense sauces and wait for those Hershey kisses.

  • Slogan: "Program yourself to accidentally slam your friends toilet seats when visiting!"

    • True that. I recently replaced the toilet seats in our home's two toilets: one with soft-close, one without. I'm always forgetting about the one without, and am now programmed to accidentally slam the seat down. :(

  • Junior mints? Oh I want to try those. They're chocolate, they're mint, they're delicious!

  • Is the toilet seat about the same quality as the soft closed ones for under $20 from Bunnings?

    • Bunnings version is better. I've had to return the (unused) Aldi one I bought and comments above suggest issues as well. My Bunnings ones are still going strong.

  • Man sweet baby rays taste so good but if you look at the ingredients it's literally sugars and corn syrups :(

    • Who cares, it's just a sauce and they're delicious.

    • I know right, but I find that even just a small amount is enough to add a flavour hit to most meals, so it's really not that much. Mmmm, it's SO good though.

      • Have you seen the sugar in them?

        If you think you aren't adding much sugar, you should weigh your sauce serves.

  • Toilet seat and baby Ray's sauce. Hmm…

  • They always seem to sell Baby Ray's sauce.

  • You can drop some Hersey Kisses into your new toilet seat

  • What are the dimensions?