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Redeem Free AEG Power Tools/Accessories (RRP $149 - $548) with 18V or 58V AEG Kit Purchase ($299 - $1899) @ Bunnings


Hello everyone, AEG seems to have a lot of EOFY redemption offers until June 30th for both power tool and outdoor equipment kits. The main link is to the AEG page which shows all the offers on one page, but the corresponding kit must be purchased from Bunnings. You'll get the free item in the mail; I got my chainsaw after about 2 weeks.

Free 18V 254mm Brushless Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Skin (RRP $548) with the below kit:
18V 6.0/4.0Ah 9 Piece Brushless Mega Combo Kit with FUSION and FORCE ($1899)

Free 18V FUSION SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill Skin (RRP $359) with the below kit:
18V 6.0Ah 2 Piece Brushless Heavy Duty Combo Kit with FUSION and FORCE ($639)

Free 2X 18V 6.0Ah Force Batteries (RRP $358) with the below kits:
18V 6.0Ah 6 Piece Brushless Heavy Duty Combo Kit with FUSION and FORCE ($1399)
18V 6.0Ah 11 Piece Combo Kit ($1499)

Free 58V 16" Brushless Chainsaw Skin (Mark II) (RRP $299) with the below kits:
58V 4.0Ah 18" Brushless Lawn Mower Kit ($799) - Mower skin only is $399, but doesn't have a redemption offer
58V 4.0Ah Blower & Line Trimmer Combo Kit ($499) - Mark I Blower, Duplicating this Ozbargain deal for completion's sake
58V 4.0Ah Brushless Blower Kit ($399) - Mark I Blower, not sure if Bunnings still stocks this as there is no link.
58V 4.0Ah Brushless Line Trimmer Kit ($599) - Unsure if this comes with shoulder strap; it is quite heavy.
58V 4.0Ah 16" Brushless Chainsaw & 4 Port Charger Kit ($599) - DUAL WIELD CHAINSAWS LIKE A MORON PRO

Free 18V 6.0Ah Blower Kit (RRP $299) with the below kit:
2X18V (36V) 6.0Ah 18" FUSION Lawn Mower Kit ($749) Duplicating this Ozbargain deal for completion's sake

Free 18V/12V Hybrid Car/Wall Charger (RRP $149) with the below kits:
18V 6.0Ah Brushless Line Trimmer Kit ($399)
18V 6.0Ah 12" Brushless Chainsaw Kit ($399)
18V 5.0Ah Brushless Line Trimmer & Blower Combo Kit ($350) - I think this is a different version than the plain trimmer kit - different trigger and added strap mount.
18V 6.0Ah Blower Kit ($299)

AEG warranties are pretty long: 6 years for skins, 3 years for batteries, and 3 months for consumables.

I have no idea if any of the 18V power tool kits are actually any good value, but the 18V/58V Blower/Trimmer Kits are definitely well priced. Also add Bunnings Powerpass for another 5% off.

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    @tekisei Thanks for the post, great deal, really comprehensive and hyperlinks well organised

  • Leatherface could've been twice as effective with a dual wield setup. If only he knew about this deal..

  • Fyi, these deals are across all brands so don't limit yourself to AEG.

    Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee… I know these guys have similar sets with similar bonuses.

    • are the brands you mentioned similar in quality?

      • Pretty much. Milwaukee being a bit more premium but I believe is worth the extra pony.

    • Links to deals?

      • Check out Sydney Tools. They've catalogued the specials in one nice neat site. May not be the best prices but you get a rough idea of the package and bonuses out there.

      • +2

        Bosch Total Tools/Manufacturer Redemption(Also available Bunnings)
        Dewalt Total Tools/Manufacturer Redemption (Also available Bunnings)
        Hitachi Total Tools/Manufacturer Redemption
        Makita Total Tools/Manufacturer Redemption (Also available Bunnings)
        Milwaukee Total Tools/Manufacturer Redemption

        I only follow garden equipment, not tools lol. No idea about how good/cheap these are (except Makita 18V garden equipment which I find unconvincing in value).

        • I was contemplating the AEG 58V chainsaw but will wait for Milwaukee's 18V chainsaw. I like having one battery standard although I know it really doesn't matter as it a different class of equipment.

        • @tshow:

          Dewalt flexvolt batteries that can switch between 18v and 54v would be great, and I reckon a few manufacturers will head this way.

          I considered them because I'm in early stages of tool accumulation and was stressing about which system to buy into. But, $500 for the AEG 58v trimmer, blower, chainsaw and 2 batteries was too good to resist. Dewalt would cost 3 x AEG price.

        • @watts:
          DeWalt doesn't have a tool I really want. A press tool. Only Milwaukee does those.

  • Got the twin drills last weekend. Only took 2p minutes to get the redemption approved then 5 days to get the free drill.

    You need to register and upload your Bunnings receipt to get the extended warranty otherwise it’s only 1 year.

  • so much easier to deal with than Makita….

  • Nice work OP

  • Pretty sure the line trimmer/blower kit with 5.0ah battery was $449 in store last weekend with the charger redemption. $350 is more than acceptable

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