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$24 Cashback on $25 (Was $50) Vodafone Mobile Broadband Starter Pack (180 Days Expiry & 35GB Data) via Shopback


One more great offer by Shopback on Vodafone . Saw at homepage
Have a great time

35GB Data
180 Expiry

Terms and Conditions

  • Both postpaid and prepaid cards - Activate the SIM card within 30 days of purchase.
  • Prepaid cards - Have SIM remain active for 60 days after activation (unless expiration date is otherwise stated by Vodafone).
  • Postpaid cards - Have SIM remain active for 90 days after activation.
  • Cancelled SIM cards not eligible for cashback.
  • Cashback will not be paid on delivery costs or GST, and transaction amounts may be altered to account for this.
  • Cashback is not available on the Prepaid 365 Plus plan, or any other plan not listed in the schedule on this page.
  • Cashback is not eligible when used in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount code unless listed on this site, or with any other discounts such as staff or student discount.
  • Cashback not applicable for upgrades and rate-plan changes.
  • Cashback not applicable for purchases made on Vodafone mobile app.
  • Cashback is paid once per order/transaction, regardless of the number of plans purchased on that order.
  • Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities to game/cheat the Cashback system will be banned and Cashback forfeited.
  • ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon websites and deal websites).
  • Please turn Adblock/uBlock off and close all other open tabs.
  • Return to ShopBack and clickthrough to Vodafone every time you are making a new transaction.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4043)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • Ooh. Goody. I missed out last time when it was $22 cashback because voda's site was under maintenance in the final hours of the promo.

    New account $10, plus $5 referral link = minus $14 for a 35GB sim card. :)

    • What is this $10 you speak of? I signed up using a referral link and only got $5…

      • It was the click frenzy deal which lasted quite a while but expired May 31.

        I created an account but didn't purchase anything with it, so I still have the $10. You can't take out the $10 until you've naturally earned some amount in cashback, I can't remember if it was $10 or $25.

        The last time this Vodafone deal was on, the Click frenzy $10 bonus was still active. That was when I made my account.

      • +1

        If you go to Cashback History it should offer you another $5 for updating your details. I added my name and have an extra $5 pending, so $34 after signing up using referral link, updating my name and buying this.

  • +3

    Here we go again
    Need to read T&C carefully this times

    • +1

      THIS. I still haven't got my cash back from last time.

      • -3

        Hey mate, believe we resolved your issue and your cashback should already be in your account :)

  • +2

    $2 better than Previous deal👍 to read comments.

    Activate the SIM card within 30 days of purchase.
    Prepaid cards - Have SIM remain active for 60 days after activation
    Postpaid cards - Have SIM remain active for 90 days after activation

    • +1

      Thank mate.. I have also updated T&C in description :)

      • I don't think those important details can be stressed enough😀

        Also Vodafone t&c on discount offer:
        Half price Prepaid Mobile Broadband SIM Starter Pack: Limit 1 ($25 discount) per customer.

  • How long can the SIM be put "on ice" before activation? Bought one recently via the CashBack offer & activated……if I could purchase another via this promo, would it have to be "activated" within 180 days?? Cheers

    • Both postpaid and prepaid cards - Activate the SIM card within 30 days of purchase.

  • Don't need them, bought two anyway. Nice way to up card spend a little to meet sign-up bonus spend requirements.

    • Can you get the cash back more than once per account? I don't seem to read anything about ti in the T&C, but I could be wrong….

    • Cashback is paid once per order/transaction, regardless of the number of plans purchased on that order.

      • +1

        Yup I read that, but not says it's paid once per order or transaction, not once per account.

        Technically, I can make 3 separate transactions, and buy once per transaction, correct?

        But the question is if cash back is paid in each of those 3 transactions, or just once per account…..

        • Genuine question.

      • It's registered mine twice despite this… Didn't actually see this.

  • I bought last time and activated as soon as I got sim but never used it as I was going overseas.. does it mean it is not for remain active for continuous 60 days and I am not going to get cashback?

    • From my understanding, as long as you activate the card within 30 days of purchase, and do not physically cancel the sim card you'll be ok (i.e. calling up Vodafone to tell them to cancel your account)

  • +1

    Shopback Promotion ends 14/6

    👍email received from Vodafone & Shopback
    Order tracked showing in account
    $24 Pending Available by 7 Sep 2018 (90 days)

  • Can someone please confirm exactly which plans are eligible for cashback?

    "Cashback is not available on the Prepaid 365 Plus plan, or any other plan not listed in the schedule on this page."

    • Hey Samlor, will have the full list categories available for cashback. The link on the main thread only highlights the 3 super promos happening on Vodafone right now

  • +3

    Cashback for my previous purchased of this sim card in May was mark as "rejected" by shopback. I am lodging a complained as I did purchase this sim card, already received it but not activate it yet but I am planning to activate within 30 days of purchased (not 30 yet). One I purchased with Cashrewrad was ok (10G only).

    • Wasn’t T&C specifically mentioning that the cash back was only if you activate the card? If you didn’t then you didn’t meet the conditions and hence no cash back ?

      • You have 30 days from date of purchase to activate the card. I ordered mine on 20th of May and did not get it till the 23rd of May. I plan to activate it before the 30 days dead line anyway , so they can’t reject it on that basis.

  • +1

    If I've bought the previous 35G 180 days deal, can I still buy this and get the cashback?

    • Why not? They are separate deals.

      • Cool. Just bought one.

        • Please let us know if you are successful.

        • @ashik:
          I've received the cashback receipt. So hope it's eligible.

  • +1

    Last time this was available I clicked through Shopback to Vodafone. It did not record it. Put in a PM on this site to one of the reps, no answer. Put in a query on Shopback website, no answer and the query is not showing as it did before. I have $0 in my account, even though I also clicked through to eBay and purchased and no sign up bonus either. Not sure about his crowd. Could give them the benefit of the doubt as they are new. But it has cost me time and money I wouldn't have spent.

    • +1

      Hey Cossack, I spoke with you on PM and gave you an update on your successful Vodafone purchase in May, not sure if you missed it? Upon inspecting your account further, I do see that you have received the sign up bonus + Vodafone cashback. If there's something else amiss please PM me and I'll help investigate it

      • I am sorry. I didn't see your PM. I am quite new to this site. My apologies. However, that was for my wife's account. My account has nothing in it.

  • +1

    "Please turn Adblock/uBlock off and close all other open tabs."

    Trust me, you want to remember to do this. Or else, it's VERY likely that it won't track.

  • +1

    purchased this last time but didnt get my cash back tracked. never had any issue with cashrewards. I have already raised a quest with shopback but havent heard anything back.

  • +1

    Hey guys quick technical question - i've got a dual sim phone that allows data on both sim slots. This data sim is data only - can i use it as data for my second sim slot? I know I can do it from my end (phone supports data to one sim, calls/text to other) but will vodaphone let me do it? I.e. will they know it is not in a mobile broadband/tablet? Hoping to hear from someone who's done it before :)

    • +2

      Yes you can do it.
      Answered by Some random person on the internet

  • +1

    I have a feeling Vodafone is trying to screw us. When I tried to activate my sim it asked me whether I purchased it on the website. When I clicked yes it asked me to fill in the order number. I did that but it will not recognized it and returns an error. I think we need the order number recognized to get the cashback and this is how Vodafone will deny the cashback.

    • +3

      Same thing happed to me when I tried to activate via putting “Activating number” and order number ( VFxxxxxx) it just say “something went wrong… try again later”. This is the Sim I ordered via shopback in May. Now my shopback cashback is mark as “rejected”. I tried to get the rep to look into it. I eventually managed to activate it by choosing skip and manually activate the long way by entering my details again.

      • I skip this part now.

    • I had the same issue. I skipped that part, hopefully the deal/cashback offer goes through…

  • -1

    Shopback is super dodgy, I wouldn’t waste time with their company.

    • I reckon real culprit here is Voda, people have issue buying it form both shopback and cashrewards…

  • Could anyone confirm if they even got any cashback from shopback. I am trying to activate my card on the website and when i choose 'bought from website' option it asks for the online order no. which was provided with the order and is also mentioned on shopback website. However, when i try to enter that order no. on the website along with delivery postcode it says 'Something didn't go as planned. Please try activating again later'. How would vodafone or shopback validate our activation if we don't use the order no. while activating?

    • Does any one know shopback's address, maybe there post code works.

      • Just had a long chat with Paul from Vodafone and he confirmed that the offer is associated with sim card and not the order no. and should be good even if its activated without using the order no.

        • Vodafone Live Chat
          This web chat will be recorded for quality and training purposes. Vodafone's Privacy Policy is available at A copy of your webchat transcript can be requested at the end of your webchat.
          Hi, You're chatting with Jayesh, how can I help you today ?
          HI.. I was chatting with Paul and it got closed unexpectedly
          I'll certainly check that for you
          I was checking about shopback's vodafone offer. I am not able to use my order no. on vodafone website while activating the sim card
          Thank you for trying that , I'll be happy to activate your new SIM
          he said the offer is valid even if we dont use order no. is that correct?
          I can see that you're looking for an upgrade for Samsung S7 with a VR, This offer is only available online and if I'll help you out with the upgrade it won't give a option to add VR Please allow me 2 minutes while I check the details for you.
          Sorry for the typo error
          Please allow me 2 minutes while I check the details for you.
          no worries
          Thank you for your patience
          We have checked the details and Yes you will get that offer which is from the third party link
          Once you have activated the SIM you will get that offer automatically

          I hope it helps :) going ahead with the activation for now

  • Might want to try this

  • +1

    Purchased but nothing showing in my Shopback account. Does it take a few days?

    • Did you check under 'Click Activity' in 'Cashback Overview'?

  • Uncharged data rounding out the year, from the heavier-lifting half of Australia's telcos. [17+34] 51.00 on its way back, not bad at all. \o/

  • +1

    trying to activate my sim and selecting the mobile broadband option it only offers me the $50 10GB option. I don't see the 35GB offer. What am i doing wrong?

    And on Shopback's site, my order has not tracked (ordered on the 8th June). But under the click history it says clicked. So do i have to wait until i have activated my sim before I will see the tracking?

    • +1

      What am i doing wrong?
      Not reading offer you bought…
      This is the $50 10GB SIM (with bonus 25GB, sold half price) you bought on Vodafone site deal linked through to.

      Not tracked - contact Shopback. There is an option in App.
      Mine was tracked, shown on account within an hour. Received email confirming that soon after. Merchant may not have notified Shopback - only had click in history for Gamiss for weeks, then showed tracked.

      • Thanks mate, i've gone thru and signed up for the mbb option. but reading the offer and the landing page, i did not see any mention of the 10GB option.

        Anyways, I'll see what happens and follow up with the rep

  • If you click a referral link, do you have to manually locate the Vodafone offer?

    When I click on any store on Shopback, I lose the referral URL. Will it still track the referral and give you $5?

    • +2

      I clicked on the referral link another panel opened up and I just signed up to Shopback as I did not have an account. The $5 referral is for people signing up to Shopback for the first time.

      If you already have a Shopback account you will not be able to claim the $5 signup bonus. The referral link will just disappear when you click on an offer. So I am assuming you are already have a shopback account.

  • Does anyone know if the offer date been extended to the 22 June? Just visited the deal link posted and it says the upsized cashback ends 22 June. But not sure if this refers to the $50 MBB starter.

    Also the $50MBB starter panel is also confusing it says $15 standard cashback on top and $24 cashback below.

    • Same here; seems to have changed today,

    • Update: Offer page has now been corrected to show the deal ends 14th June. I placed an order and got confirmation from shopback for the pending $24 cashback.

  • My cashback was rejected.

    First it didn't track. I followed it up with them, and they rejected it. They gave a generic list of possible reasons (transaction did not go through, or it was canceled, or an unauthorized code was used). All of these did not happen.

    And they just rejected the cashback. Just like that. Total bait and switch.

    • Thats not good. Did you try reaching to any of reps ? They may be able to help & look into this. Give a try

  • Has anyone successfully gotten theirs tracked with shopback?

  • I had a click registered, had to contact them with my order number for them to look into it. now it says rejected. not happy so far

  • Sane with me, cashback was not tracked. I followed up with an enquiry and it was rejected but they didn't email me about the rejection, I had to log in to find out.

    I emailed them again about the cashback and why it was rejected because my order didn't fit any of their generic explanations. They again requested the order details and basically the same things as they asked in the original enquiry. I sent them everything including shipping and welcome emails as well as a screen shot of the my usage page on Vodafone. If this doesn't work I don't know what will.

    In any case I'm seriously rethinking using them again in future. Just not worth the effort.

    • Exactly the same experience I had. I emailed them about it again and no response.

      When I got it with $22 cashback with cashrewards, it tracked successfully.

      I definitely would not have bought another one if I wasn't going to get cashback for it. I thought it was only going to cost me $1. But since I already got one from CR, I didn't need a second one. It was redundant.

      I normally have more problems with transactions being tracked via CR than these guys. This is truly a bait and switch.

      Both have been pretty unreliable. They reject claims without valid reason. The problem is that I make purchasing decisions based on the cashback, and when the cashback doesn't happen, it's not even the retailer who is at fault, so I can't get a refund for it.

      • Now extremely nervous about the cashback; has anyone managed to get the cashback successfully approved by Shopback on this deal?

        • +1

          I followed up with rep here and now my cashback has now been tracked and pending validation. it is due in august.

          have to say he was quick to respond and helpful

        • @nerd1: Thanks, that sounds great, will get in touch with the rep

  • Shows me only 10 GB data. Not 35 GB

    • Is it longer than 3 days since activation?
      If so, have you contacted Vodafone??

      You got me worried as I have 2 to activate this week.

      But from Vodafone t&c:
      Prepaid Mobile Broadband
      35GB data (10GB+25GB bonus)
      Bonus data (25GB) may take up to 72 hrs to appear.

      180 days
      Must be activated by 14/08/18

    • Got 10+25GB with no problem. Shows on MyVodafone as 2 separate amounts.

  • Anyone know how calls are charged?

    • Calls on a data only plan?
      Vodafone Mobile Broadband Starter Pack

      When trying to call I get a message "outgoing calls cannot be made on this service…"

    • They don't charge you for calls 🤣

  • Cashback didn't happen here. All of the larger cashbacks have failed for me over the years. But at least Cashrewards have honoured failures each time (with proof supplied). Here (shopback) just sent it on to VF. Oh well.
    Just sharing the experience.

    • They would need to confirm with vf before anything could be done.
      (TA as CashRewards Rep is very responsive & proactive.)

      I'm waiting on approval… But only activated SIMs days ago (within 30d of order). Still shows Available by 7 Sep. Expecting a long wait.

  • +1

    Just received email for 2 of us on separate ShopBack accounts: Your Cashback is now confirmed! $24
    Get ready to withdraw when you accumulate minimum Available Balance of in your ShopBack account.😀

    Activated both on 5/7 (within 30 days of purchase).

    My $10 welcome & $5 perks credit will take another 5 days to be available.
    Will wait for those before requesting payout.

    Asked Mods to open comments as it has been a longtime coming!

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