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Apple iPhone X 256GB - $1223.10 @ Shopping Square eBay (HK)


iPhone 256GB - Black or White.
Sent from HK. Aus Warranty.
If bought today before midnight - $1223.10 or $1359 - Still a great price for 256GB model.

Original 10% Off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • Is it X?

  • What does "Aus Warranty" entail? If it breaks, we take it to the Australia Apple store and they will be able to fix just like if we bought it in Australia?

    • Negative, means items are shipping from HK but they have an australian warranty centre in house which you send it to.

      • Mixed answers here, haha, I wonder who would be correct. It is an awesome price for the handset though (and waiting for those people to complain about stupid paying $1k+ for a phone). In relative terms its a good price. Worried about the warranty.

        • See the official warranty agreement here


          Apple may restrict warranty service for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV to the country where Apple or its Authorized Distributors originally sold the device.

        • @doweyy: "may restrict"

        • @doweyy: You are right in saying that. But the key word here is 'may'. Everything in this world is protected by disclosures to protect companies. This is one of them. I have experienced 2 occasions where family/friends who bough their iPhone overseas had their units replaced by Apple Highpoint, VIC. no questions asked on where the handsets were bought.

        • @doweyy: Thanks for the clarification, so in other words, it would be "lucky" if Apple Australia were to honour for warranty repair, but they have no obligation to and this shouldn't be an expected benefit.

        • @maximus117:

          All good :) I've heard it happen both ways, denied unless sent back to original country and also now replaced here, I guess it comes down to the discretion of the store.

        • @doweyy: You are absolutely right. However personally I haven't experienced or heard when Apple has denied to look at the issue.

        • @maximus117:
          I was at the apple store a few months ago. While waiting for the Genius to see me, the lady opposite me had her warranty repair denied because it was bought overseas.
          She had the option of having her phone repaired at a cost

    • From experience, iPhones bought overseas are eligible for 12 month worldwide warranty. So regardless where you buy you will have atleast 12 month warranty. AU stock will have 24 months due to AU consumer laws.
      I am sure because I had family visiting from overseas and they had their iPhone 8 replaced by Apple as it was within 12 months period.

    • I can make sure this is US Model. Model is LL/A, it mean US stock.I bought it from them last time. It may not have AU warranty.

    • It probably means 1 year Apple international warranty +1 year useless Shopping square warranty.
      Don't tell apple staff you bought it from Ebay. Tell them you bought it in HK airport. It should be all good

    • My brother bought an iPhone 5c from Kogan. The battery started failing between the 1 and 2 year mark, going from around 30% to 0% suddenly, on a daily basis. He took it to Apple Southland who initially wanted to replace his battery at no cost, but since they didn’t have any, they opted to replace his phone, also at no cost. I was very impressed and surprised by this. Of course, I’ve heard if ozbargainers who have had their warranty requests rejected in similar circumstances. I guess it depends on who you get on the day.

  • What about GST?

  • If there is customs duty, then you are basically buying this without the code.

  • for those who tempting to buy it, pls consider the extra 10% tax.

  • still 500 savings vs local prices.

  • Great price, even if it is grey stock

  • As my roommate experience, it may be the Japan version that when you taking photo the phone can not be mute.
    But at least it's super good price though.

  • Really conflicted between getting this or the Google Pixel 2 XL deal that is on at JB Hi-Hi at the moment https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/381110. Could anyone please help me out? A bit of background on my situation, I've used iPhones in the past and have recently been using android phones over the past 4 or so years. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S7 and that isnt holding up like it used to. I want to change it up and experience something I haven't before from a phone. Any opinion on which phone to get would be much appreciated. Thank you guys in advance!

    • Tough decision. I thought hard about going for iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Google Pixel 2 XL. I came from an iPhone 5 and my partner has the Galaxy S7 for reference.

      My take on the iPhone X is it’s finally something different from Apple (LED screen, better resolution, different design) compared with iPhone 6-8. My philosophy on iPhones is that you’ll never be blown away or amazed, but you’ll also not be disappointed. I went with the iPhone X after playing around with the Google Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X, and since I know an Apple store employee who gave a discount. The iPhone X is an all-around great phone with a nice screen, decent battery life and a beautiful camera. It feels quick and iOS runs seemlessly. I would recommend it.

      The Pixel 2 XL is equal if not better in most regards, and cheaper. The only major downside in my opinion is Android OS, which arguably runs best on the Pixel but is still not as refined I feel.

      I think you’ll be happy with both phones. The main reason I went with iPhone over the others is I got great longevity from my iPhone 5 (5.5 years), with the phone receiving the latest updates until only very recently. There was a systemic issue with the power button, requiring a replacement, in which Apple were more than happy to replace my phone, outside of the 2-year warranty period. Given this great after-sales support, I chose to stick with Apple

  • i thought iphone has 2 years warranty because consumer law

  • is this the best price so far this year for the x?

  • Should I get this over the pixel 2 xl?

  • Sooooooooo tempted to buy it at this price! Must resist!

  • Anyone receive shipment notification yet after purchasing this?

  • Anyone got that?