expired Seagate Expansion Portable 2TB Black $84 Shipped ($64 for New Users) @ Amazon AU

Seagate Expansion Portable 2TB Black $84 Shipped ($64 for New Users) @ Amazon AUAffiliate

Pretty simple, portable HDD suitable for consoles / backup / pr0n etc

I believe these are shuckable (ie the drive can be removed and placed into another device), but I'll have to wait for mine to arrive to confirm.

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    Same price at Officeworks too (If you're not a new Amazon user)


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    I reckon that in around 6 months, there will be over 25 million amazon new accounts as new users……more then the population of Australia!


    I run a pair of these as my primary system & photo library backup drives, and have been very happy with them.


    "portable HDD suitable for consoles / backup / pr0n" … I'm going to need a larger capacity drive


    Can this be opened up for PS4?


      That's what I bought this for. According to my research yes, thought there's a chance some batches might be different?

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      Yeah, these are the usual drives people shuck and put into their PS4.

      Alternatively, you could just save the hassle of backing up and restoring and use it as an external drive for your games (sacrificing one of your USB slots though). I've just had one of these die in my PS4 after only about a year and a half of use and kinda wished I could just pull the bad drive from the port instead of internally replacing it (that's just my experience though: from what I've read, there's not a huge amount of similar stories, so could have just been a dud drive).


        I second this. I have one of these drives as external storage on my PS4 and it works great. Didn't have to worry about shucking, backing up and replacing drives, just bung it into a USB port and set it up in about 1 minute.

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    Seagate?! Run Away!!!!!!


    I had a 3Tb Seagate the same as this; I shucked it to stick inside my PC so I'm expecting no issue with this one.

    The ONLY drive I've had an issue with was a Western Digital USB2 portable HDD; it had the micro USB directly on the motherboard. Everything else I've encountered has had the discrete USB to SATA adapter.


    Price seems to $100 when I clicked on it


    Back in stock.


    Just tried to checkout, got an error message stating there was no more stock. Price in shopping cart reverted back to $100 with the order being fulfilled by Tramu computers.

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