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Intel Core i7-8086K 6-Core 4.0 Ghz (5.0 Ghz Turbo) CPU $587.03 or $567.03 with New User Code @ Newegg with Express Shipping

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  • Is this worth getting over the 8700k?

    • Slightly better than 8700k

    • Pretty good summary here: https://www.anandtech.com/show/12945/the-intel-core-i7-8086k...
      "A downside to going up and over 5.0 GHz is the power consumption. Overclocking to 5.0GHz improved performance by 16% in CPU-bound scenarios thanks to the matching frequency gain, but it increased the chip's power consumption by 68%."

      "It is possible to get a nice Core i7-8700K for overclocking within the silicon lottery, but these processors are binned slightly better, so the chances of a full flat 5.0 GHz are much higher. If removing that risk is worth another $65+, then the Core i7-8086K should be on that list."

      • It sounded like only one core would boost to 5ghz, any other amount of cores would be the same as the 8700k, Im sure you can overclock due to the better binning but this seems like a money grab by Intel :( I was devo when I read about it the other day, was soo looking forward to for upgrade to my 2600K

        • Yeah that's right, but if you need that extra 16% you have a better chance of getting it running all cores flat at 5ghz.
          "Intel’s binning process means that for one core to be able to run at 5.0 GHz at a reasonable voltage, all of the other cores are practically guaranteed to do this as well."

          Definitely not for everyone, but I think an excellent CPU for the fastest consumer single core/multi core speed combo without going crazy on overclocking

      • Here's another way of removing the risk, but also voiding the warantee.
        This shop delids and checks CPUs up to 5.2GHz. You will need to know what you are doing with cooling etc. but you can get the speed you need.


  • I thought these were meant to be rare. Only 8086 units will be made.