expired Dell Latitude 13 3000 2-in-1 at $792.01 / Latitude 5280 at $832.01 @ Dell

Dell Latitude 13 3000 2-in-1 at $792.01 / Latitude 5280 at $832.01 @ DellAffiliate

First post please go easy :) Not the latest models but the clearance price coupled with the touchscreen capability seems worth the look:

Dell Latitude 13 3000 2-in-1
Spec: Intel core i5-6200U – 8gb Memory – 256gb SSD
Current Discounted Price: $1072.21 incl GST
Exclusive OZB Offer: $792.01 incl GST ($280 off) – Use Code: OZBPROMO1

Dell Latitude 5280
Spec: Intel core i5-7200U – 8gb Memory – 256gb SSD
Current Discounted Price: $1072.21 incl GST
Exclusive OZB Offer: $832.02 incl GST ($240 off) – Use Code: OZBPROMO2

Qantas business reward customers can still earn points per dollar spent after the discounted price. Limited quantity and valid 13-15 Jun only. Enjoy!

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    Dell Outlet has some Latitude 7490 and 7480 at low prices.

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    If you pick Windows Home Edition for the Latitude 3000 you can bring the price down to $681.21. Which is actually pretty decent considering it has backlit KB and a touchscreen.

    The Dell Latitude 5280 with a 1366 x 768 display… not so great, even for $832 dollars.


    Hi OP,

    Can you get special deals on other laptops? I'm looking at getting an XPS 15 (9570).
    Send me a PM if you can!



      Get a latitude not that joke of a laptop


        Why? I'm interested too

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          IMHO I was recently looking at an XPS 15 9560 but decided against it because there seems to be too many issues/defects with the XPS. You either get a really well built one or a lemon. Might be poor QC at the factory? Of course this might not apply to the XPS 15 9570.

          I understand that people tend to whinge only when they have issues with their machines and not say anything if theirs are working well. But judging from how many people are having problems with theirs turned me off the XPS.

          I eventually settled for a T580 due to the:
          a. Swappable battery (T580's internal 4 cell 32wh + swappable 6 cell 72wh vs XPS's internal 9 cell 92wh battery that takes up the second M2 slot)
          b. Tank build (Have a X220 that is from 2012 and still looks new)
          c. Similar weight (1.99kg vs 2kg) and only slightly bigger dimensions than the XPS (T580 365.8x252.8x20mm vs XPS 357x235x17mm)

          Although I'm sure I would regret missing out on the:
          a. Bright, beautiful, colour reproduction capabilities of the XPS screen
          b. GTX1050 in the XPS vs IGP in the T580

          But for my purposes (business/travel/throwing into bag rough handling), I think the T580 will serve me better and longer.



          That's the problem, I have a Latitude 7280 for work and the screen is terrible to say the least…
          It's the matte HD version but the colours are really terrible. That's why I am leaning toward the XPS.

          Ot. Why I don't get OZB notifications but I have to manually check in the post? anyone knows?



          Get a latitude with a FULL HD or QHD screen


    Thinkpad e470 (https://www3.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-edge...) vs latitude 3000 2in1. Which you think is better? Also does 3000 use intel graphics 620? Doesn't say in dell's website. Thanks in advance guys!


    Sorry for newbie question but what is the diff between the 5280 and 3000 2 in 1

    Do these both fold over like a tablet?

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    If you change the OS to Windows 10 Home, it reduces the price significantly and if you shop with ShopBack you get an extra 5% Cashback. Keep in mind that it will take a while to process but I just purchased the 2 in 1 system and technically got the price down to $583.65

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      How did you get it down to $583.65? With Win 10 home it's $683, with seaship $646.01. 5% off is $613.7095.

      Unless it's 5% off the online price $2111.01(-105)?


        I am sure either but when I ordered I got $587 with cashback. go figure….
        I wonder how long the slow yum cha boat from china will take to delivered it.


          Online chat said seaship gonna take 2,3 months, don't know if truth


          coupon is still valid but I still can't it down to that price - any idea why?

          It's still showing $646.01 as the final price as per @noxas (before cashback)


    Anyone received any further updates from the initial confirmation?


      Nope don't even have a pending transaction in bank account

      edit: you may need to talk to dell sales support (don't talk to order support, can't help you if payment hasnt went through)

      I paid through Paypal and it hasnt went through due to some pending fault


      unfortunately this unit is now out of stock, and no loger available, Hence the order did not go through.
      The unit was on a clearance sale and now sold out.

      This is the response I got. Lousy service and system.


    I ordered as well with Windows Home and Seaship at $646. I received an invoice but no other action. Paypal showed as "Pending" and there was no aknowledgement from Cashback who had increased the discount to 10% by the time I finalized the transaction. I contacted Dell chat support and they told me it was on hold and to cancel and do again to which I said the cashback would change. I find Dell tough to deal with with lots of site errors and a convoluted way of doing business. Maybe they don't want to deal with cheap skates like me?


    Dell would honour my purchase through Paypal and made me purchase again by credit card and to forego cashrewards of about $55.