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The King of Weapons - Chinese Spear - 4 Weeks Free Course

FREE Chinese Martial Arts Weapons Course - Learn the Spear - known as one of 'The King of Weapons’
4 Weeks Free Course - Includes a Certificate of Completion

Duration - 4 Classes x 1.5 Hours each class
Training Venue - located next to Highpoint Shopping Centre
4/18 Sloane Street, Maribyrnong, Vic 3032

The Spear - known as one of 'The King of Weapons’; is widely recognised.
It works defensively or offensively in both sharp long range techniques to short range blocks; it is a quick, light and agile weapon.

There are approximately fifteen different techniques within the spear, to be practiced, drilled, applied and mastered. This consists of long range attacks and strikes, and short range reflective blocks to counter attack.

The spear is a beginner's weapon but consist of intermediate and advance techniques which are a core component in developing key skills to learning the next exponents. Core compenents within learning the Spear includes;

Thrusting outwards and basic applications,
Development of blocking techniques,
Blocking, defecting, and thrusting drills,
Development of Ging Lik power of the Spear,
Stance alignment, execution and positioning,
Spears flow of movement, speed and reflex,
Practicing Form in Four Gates/Corners,
Accuracy, and long range drills,

Please message us to book a class below times, each class has a limited number, located next to Highpoint Shopping Centre - Sloane Street Maribrynong.

Monday Class - 6:30pm - 8pm
Tuesday Class - 6:30pm - 8pm
Wednesday Class - 6:30pm - 8pm

Saturday Classes
- 2pm - 3:30pm - FULL
- 3:30pm - 5pm - FULL

Sunday Classes
- 12:30pm - 2pm
- 2pm - 3:30pm

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