expired Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch 4K Gaming Monitor $323.91, Samsung Evo 860 500GB SSD $148.41 Delivered @ eBay Shallothead


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    Nice "Go to Deal" link - thanks.


      I want one just for wordprocessing , cad, etc on my desk …. TN vs IPS, I don't need the speed but view angle and colour saturation would be consideration …. but for this money it's not bad.

      There are a few reviews and they talk about the limitations e.g no height adjustment, etc but cap off with "4K for very little money, and not much in same price point"

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    Good value for the price, but not a great product. Bear in mind that it has a verrrrry loose definition for "gaming" when it comes to the monitor.

    A TN panel capped at a 60Hz refresh rate is pretty poor for competitive gaming - and AMD freesync will only be of benefit for rigs with an AMD video card. I'd also wager that few people here have a rig powerful enough to run a game at 4K resolution @60fps.

    I'd honestly argue that you buy a TN panel with a 2K resolution, it's cheaper and the refresh rate will be 120Hz+. If you really want to splurge, buy a 2K, 165Hz IPS panel with G-Sync/Free-Sync for ~$750 on special.


      For 750

      why not just get an LCD TV?


        How about 489?

        Also u cant use tv as gaming monitor due to ms aka lag

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        If you want to game on a TV, buy a console. PC monitors are a different breed of screen technology.

        LCD TVs have terrible gtg refresh rates, generally >16ms unless you buy premium. Couple that with input lag and human response time (e.g. controllers) and you will likely get destroyed in a competitive PC games.

        Additionally, I assume you'd want a 50"+ TV? Pixel density is trash compared to a 28" monitor and unless you're on a couch with a keyboard and mouse it'll become VERY clear how blocky the game is.

        Another point is that a lot of TVs have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which again, is terrible for PC gaming unless you stick to single player games. If you come up against someone with a 165Hz monitor then very roughly (this is a very course analogy), in one second, they have triple as many frames being displayed as you which means they have that split second advantage over you. Again, unless you buy premium, most equivalently priced TVs have a refresh rate between 30-60Hz.

        Lastly, Freesync. I'm not aware of any televisions that have integrated Freesync or G-sync, but these built in modules are a wonderful means of reducing screen tear without adding extra strain on your hardware.

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          So how come console gaming like PS4 Pro and Xbox One X
          can do 4k gaming on a 4K TV?

          Does it suffer input lag?

          Also what if you got a 4k TV?
          Would PC gaming be good enough for 4K TV?


    Pay $489 plus delivery and get this 2K 144hz Free sync 35 inches curved



    Is there any 24inch 4K Monitor at a similar price?


    with the monitor can we play games in 1080P if our graphics card is not that good? would the aspect ratio look weird?


    Any feedback on seller? Are we able to deal with manufacturers directly if seller ever gone…thanks