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eBay 10% off Sitewide on Brand New Fixed Price Items ($50 Min Spend)


And the eBay June sales continue, this time $50 min spend. 14 hours only. Enjoy :)

Please note eligible products means all brand new, fixed price items listed on eBay.com.au excluding:

  1. Real Estate (10542)
  2. Coins (11116)
  3. Services (316)
  4. Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800)
  5. Tickets, Travel (11730)
  6. Other Lots More Items (88433)
  7. Gift Cards (172009 & 184609)

and excludes all items sold by the following sellers:

  1. Officeworks
  2. Fantastic Furniture

Up to 3 transactions and up to a max discount of $100 per transaction.

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  • +30

    so every other day then?

    • +3

      They are being very playful nowadays.

    • -1

      I think it's literally every day now. PICKY10 hasn't even expired.

      • +2

        expired on the 13th June

        • +1

          My bad, ozbargain's ebay page (when you search for ebay Au) has it listed as active until tonight :p

    • It would be interested to know if it’s gonna be the same after amazon USA has gone .

  • +9

    Sick of those exclusions. What does ebay have against coin collectors? :@

    • +34

      That hobby is too nerdy.

      • +3


      • +21

        Not as nerdy as stamp collecting. Find me a woman who wouldn't be impressed by a kilo of gold bullion. Now find me one impressed by a Moroccan stamp from 1930.

    • +1

      The new trend is bitcoin collecting, my friends

  • +6

    When is 15% off?

    • +2

      Some day

  • Ohhhh stop it!

    • +6

      Its foreplay for the big 15% off! thats why they are teasing us with their playfulness.

      • Love foreplay. Hate 10%off

      • +2

        D'oh if they do 15% off for I will have fallen into the 10% trap

  • +4

    Damn! Bought a $50 item yesterday, and had to add $25 worth of stuff to my order to meet the minimum spend (which was more annoying than usual, because the item was in GBP - can't mix currencies, so had to find other items listed in GBP!).

    Should have just waited until tomorrow, I could have just bought the item by itself!

    • literally was in the same situation yesterday but couldnt find anything to meet the requirements

  • +3

    whats the deal with these continuous sales?

    • +5

      Must have leftover marketing budget before eofy.

    • +2

      They're killing Amazon Australia.

      Australia is one of the few places where eBay, rather than Amazon, is the main "marketplace" for third-party sellers. eBay wants to keep it that way.

      • +20

        They're killing Amazon Australia

        I think Amazon is doing a pretty good job at hara-kiri themselves

        • +5

          remember when Amazon was about to open and everyone was hyping them up saying they’re going to kill ebay

      • +4

        Amazon USA traffic is high now before “closing down sales”, so Ebay is currently very generous to redirect traffic away from amazon USA to Ebay.

  • +20

    eBay is the new Kathmandu.

    • What does that means?

      • +2

        Never pay RRP at Kathmandu

        • +1

          Haha. by the way who pays RRP anywhere when you are in OZB :)

        • +1

          @Being Askhole: I pay RRP for food a lot :/

        • +1

          @ATangk: I was the same until I downloaded the 1/2 price app. Have been saving quite a bit from the supermarket.

        • +1

          @Hayo: If you mean groceries I buy bulk on any essentials during 1/2 sales. But I'm referring to eating out haha, hard to bargain for those only can pick cheaper outlets, but gotta balance that with quality of food too.

        • @ATangk: Coupons, Scoopon, Happy Hours, Tuesday specials, etc…

  • Ye Amazon cops a lot on this website, I think eBay is on par (or worse).

  • +1

    what happeed to the site wide including used items sales?
    all these new ones seem to be buy it now and limited to new items only, no auctions or used [email protected]

    • +5

      Even though it says New Fixed price items, it's included everything else in the last 2 sales, including; Second Hand Goods, Auctions, Best Offer etc.

  • +7

    lol officeworks and fantastic furniture

  • It keeps going

  • What is this new item BS? Make it sitewide.

    • See here and here

    • Yep, bought a 2nd hand gearbox last night with 'PICKY10' and worked fine :)

    • Looks like the web developer stuffed up and forgot to set the usage restrictions of the code to "New" only.

  • Holy… Professionals, GET TO THE CHOPPPAAAA, Now! We've being bombed by those Ebay deals!

  • I'm having trouble keeping up with this, its overwhelming!

  • +2

    $50 minimum spend is better than usual, and especially useful for those of us who have almost run out of things to buy from the last few deals.

  • +1

    Thanks TA.

    I need to make a purchase, can't hold off for 15% (or the miracle 20%) sitewide for any longer :)

  • TA TA.
    We should change the name of site from OzBargain to eBayBargains. Everyday eBay sale!

    • +21
      • +11

        Don't worry TA. Thank you for all your deals and your time. If I ever met you I'd shout you a few beers :)

      • +2

        haha, you must think you sound like a broken record TA. Im curious though, do eBay reach out to you directly, say "hey, we are having a 10% off sale on this date, here are the exclusions, it would be cool if you could put it as a deal on ozbargain on this date and time…."? Obviously from a business advertisement POV, the deal gets more upvotes and traffic to the site due to you being the poster, as opposed to joefirsttimeposter. Nothing wrong with it, I take it at face value that you dont get anything out of it, and are just a good bloke doing a great job finding deals which we all appreciate

        • -1

          Yes this is exactly what I was getting at. Thanks for expanding on it.

        • +5

          No it's nothing like what you were getting at.

          You basically accused TA of being associated, which is against the rules. You are meant to report the deal post to the mods and let them deal with it if you think a member is associated.

        • +1

          @WatchNerd: If eBay asked TA to post the deal (even if there were no kickback involved), wouldn't that mean he is associated with the deal?

          It's really a question of 'did you find this deal or did this deal come to you?'.

          But yes you are right on reporting posts to the mods

        • +5

          With TA being the rep for Cashrewards, and Cashrewards having a deal with eBay, it just makes good business sense for TA to promote discounts like this. I imagine the volume of sales for these types of deals is pretty massive, so it's win-win.

          For the record TA, I think you're a bloody legend!

      • @tightarse any chance you can work your magic with the Lego shop? https://shop.lego.com/en-AU/

  • wowowowowo!!!

  • Again and again £€¥$

  • +2

    Too bad the 5x flybuy ends tonight

  • +1

    Real Estate (10542)

    Aw man,I was hoping I could afford a house.

  • Again?

  • +6

    Any deals on a divorce? I'm going to need one if i keep buying things…

    • +2

      Good deal for you. Might come in handy ;)

      • +1

        lol thanks i will add it to the cart… along with my Makita grinder, CTEK charger and Acebeam flashlight. :)

  • Ebay had 18% off last year in September for its 18 years birthday celebration. It is possible they would have 19% off this year when Ebay turns to 19 years old. However, if you want to buy something now, 10% off is better than nothing.

    • Only problem will be if it's in September, and if you're buying from overseas… it will be effectively only 9% off compared to these current 10% deals…

  • +2

    Hopefully TA, you can secure another meaningful eBay flash sale of 20% discount site-wide. Looking forward to hearing from you again :). Cheers mate.


    • +8

      Pay it off and re-max it

      • Yesssssss

    • +2

      With bargains this good, you can't afford not to go into debt

    • Don’t worry - ask AMEX to increase credit limit. If countries, with expert public servants and consultants, accumulate insurmountable debt, why can’t residents share in the fun?

  • next one will be "beplayed" then "cheated"

  • +1

    eBay is really starting to PMO with these deals, im seeing a new trend where you buy with the promo, 2 days later the seller says no stock, sorry. I bought a heap of stuff a few days ago with the last 10% off promo, today I get emails to say orders have been cancelled. FFFFFFFFF!

    • +1

      Why would the seller care? Ebay pays for the 10%.

  • From the past couple of days I have spent way more than I should due to this continuing 10% thing… Good on ya TA,I think your next employment will move from CR to ebay very soon. Lol

  • I know it says fixed price items, would it work on auction items ending within promotion period as terms & conditions doesn't particularly says exclude auction items. Thanks

    • It works, I just paid my auctioned item last night with PICKY10.

      By the way, how can an auction item be fixed priced? 😉

  • $100 cap… 😠

  • +1

    Works for me. I couldn't find enough stuff that I really wanted to hit $75 last time.
    Did get above $50 though!

  • hoping that it would be works on used item fixed price

  • Thanks for posting these deals but the truth is 10% off no longer get people excited any more….

    • +1

      What if it was 11% then? ;)

  • Hey is anyone getting a "You've entered this code too many times." error when trying to apply the code at checkout?

    This is the first time I'm using the code.

    edit: ohh starts tomorrow… sorry my bad. Brain fart ~ ><

  • I thanked you ahead of time yesterday for 9% off, you gave me 10% instead. You're not getting the change.

  • a maximum discount of $100 per transaction.

    Think I’ll wait for a better deal soon as item I want is 4k.

    Thanks though TA, did I big purchase with the 11% deal other day

    • +1

      Yeah these 10% max discounts are getting smaller and smaller, I bought a $4k item the other day on the 11% which was max $500 and got me $450 discount.
      If we see a 15 or 20% anytime soon I recon it will be limited to max $100 possibly $300

      Thanks Again TA

  • +1

    Maybe it would be easier advertising when ebay is having a regular price day.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • If eBay wants better sales for EOFY before the GST in July they should do a 20% off for the very last time.

  • 'You've used this code too many times' wonder if thats because it's one of those items that has multiple options (can select from a few models)

    • It's not 10am yet :)

      • didn't realise. Can someone please slap me awake.
        I deserve it :(

        • +1

          Wake up you little… Slap slap slap!

          Stop dreaming about eBay! They will never give you 20% off

  • so if an item is $40 can you add a $10 item on to make it eligible?

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