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Fisher & Paykel Condenser Dryer 8kg $719 @ The Good Guys eBay (C&C or Delivered for $50)


Great deal for a condenser dryer. I have been waiting for a deal on this for a while.

More information on product in Fisher & Paykel website.

Thanks to the original post. Original 20% Off Selected Stores on eBay Deal Post

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    Have you looked at a heat pump for way more efficiency?

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      Spend the extra $300ish for a heat pump dryer and you'll save that in electricity pretty quickly depending on how often you use it. We use our heat pump dryer (Siemens) at least once a day and it hasn't made a difference to our power bill compared to when we had no dryer at all

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        So it runs for free?

        • If you were already using a reverse cycle air con to heat your house then yes it is effectively costing you nothing extra to run

        • Ha, fair call. I re-read what I wrote and it does sound that way. There must be something else that we are doing differently compared to last year, but our consumption hasn't gone up and we have never owned a dryer in the past so I was ready for a bit of a shock.

  • Does anyone have this? How do u find it? Is it quiet? Does it heat up the laundry?

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      I have this exact model. Our laundry is just part of the garage so I can’t comment on heat.

      What I can say is that the bloody thing has broken down twice in the 2 year warranty period (same components failing each time) and it’s starting to make the same noises again that it usually makes a bit before it’s about to go. I will be asking F&P for a refund/replacement this time around.

    • Have it, love it. Probably takes a bit longer than a conventional drier, it does still create "some" heat and humidity in our tiny laundry.
      The clothes are still heated, though you can choose which heat setting and there is a non heated option we have used for very sensitive fabrics. We use the condensed water for pot plants, it seems like a lot of water to me. I wouldn't call it quiet, middle of the road noise wise.
      The heat pump version would be great I'm sure, but we got pretty much this price in-store. They wouldn't come down far on the heat pump.

  • Got the heat pump version for $1102.40 (click & collect), now I got to figure out how to get it home. Probably wont fit in my Hyundai i30, maybe I should have had it delivered…

    • Hahaha. There's probably a bunnings next door where you can rent a ute

    • Air tasker?

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        Ended up getting a trailer from Bunnings. $25 for 4 hours, I'm now sitting here trying to figure out what do to with my remaining 3 hours to get the most value out of it!

        • Air tasked your services

        • You have a trailer hitch on a i30? Never seen that before…. Offer your services to OzBargin?

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    Heat pump is much more efficient and does not require an open space in order not to steam up the room. You can yet a lesser known brand cheaper, in fact you can yet the Esatto 7kg for $673.55 on eBay using the code PULL5. The price includes delivery.

  • I have this dryer, does not really heat the room and is a great unit. My only gripe, and it is a big one, is that mine does not reverse cycle. This means that sheets or big towels roll up into one huge ball and do not dry, there was supposed to be a fix on later models. Just make sure the drum goes both ways or it will drive you insane.

  • FYI, this was in 9th place on the Choice Dryer review, but 2nd place for Condenser dryers. All but one of the dryer's that ranked higher, were heat pump dryers.

    CHOICE SCORE - 73%
    The overall score is made up of energy efficiency (50%) and drying time (50%).
    Drying time score 78%
    Energy-efficiency score 68%
    We measure how long it takes to dry 3.5kg of wet washing and how much energy is used. The energy efficiency and drying time scores are based on the amount of energy and time used per kg of clothing.
    Cost to dry 1kg of items $0.28
    This shows the cost per kg of drying a load of clothes, irrespective of the dryer capacity, and will give you an even comparison regardless of the total capacity of the appliance. It's calculated by multiplying the energy we measured for a run by the cost of energy (currently $0.30), and dividing by the 3.5kg (dry weight) of our test load.
    Cycle time 115min

  • I have the F&P heat pump fryer and it's fantastic. Get that one instead. You can't mount it though, too heavy

    • Do you use a fryer so you don't need to use Crisp ironing spray?

      • I can skip that step by deep frying my socks

  • Have the exact model. It is excellent while it works for a condenser (no steam, but gets the laundry hot, plumbable) unfortunately we were hit with the infamous heating element error that plagues a lot of the productreview complaints so can't really recommend it for longevity. This cannot be wall mounted as well according to the manual.

    We will be replacing it with the Bosch heat pump dryer in the same sale :)

  • Can anyone please explain what is the difference between a heat pump dryer and condenser dryer?

  • For a dummy like me, is a heat pump dryer a traditional one that pumps out heaps of moisture like my current dryer or some sort of new tech?

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