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SHARP Aquos S2 Mobile Phone Blue 4GB+64GB, 5.5", Android 8.0, NFC, B28, USD $150 (~AUD $203) Shipped (China) @ Joybuy


It's US$150 if apply the $5 off $35 welcome bonus (top right corner of opening page). Joybuy accepts Paypal making it a risk-free purchase. If the triangular screen corners bother you:

This app is perfect for rounding the corners. It's custom made for the Aquos S2, and makes the screen look so much better.

A repost of the previous deal but now with a slightly better price as part of a 18.6 sale.

This is a mid range, dual SIM handset with better than midrange features such as 87.5% screen/body ratio (5.5 inch display in a body that would previously had a 5 inch display), power efficient Snapdragon SD630, NFC, Nice bright IGZO display, F1.75 camera and very good battery life. 140g and the small size make it easy to use one handed.

As a bonus you get Android Nougat 7.1.1 (and can update to Android 8.0 Oreo (third tab)) microSD support, Band 5 and Band 28 LTE support!

Downsides are that it has "the notch", Smile UX is not the best launcher, the 630 models have a plastic back, it is shipped with Chinese firmware, you need to install Taiwan firmware for Google Services, which seems straightforward and is explained on the Joybuy page.

Other models available
Snapdragon 630 6GB+64GB US$190/AU$255 AQUOS S3 mini, no cutouts, no NFC, better selfie cam


Detailed review video (in Russian, in youtube, turn on auto caption, then click on the settings gear and select auto-translate to English)
There is a review of the camera from 25:07

Great close up images showing detail of the 6/128 glass and 4/64 plastic backs, as well as the anodised (for non-white models) aluminium frame

Sharp Aquos S2 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 -> turn on CC and auto-translate Russian->English

Whirlpool thread

xda developers thread

additional info in Russian
Check out the (huge) 4pda forum thread where the Aquos S2 4/64 appears to be very popular.

Protective case? Phone ships with one. Here's some alternatives
Shockproof cases:

Or as from whirlpool:

I ordered this cheap case (grey) which is suprisingly a perfect tight fit, accurate cutouts for buttons, mic holes etc, as well as having a frosted surface (fingerprint resistant) on the back, smooth (more grippy) around the sides. The downsides – there is a very faint moulding seam where the frosted joins the smooth surface around the perimter, the frosting seems to get smoothed/polished over time, maybe another colour would have been a better match with the blue. IMO it is lighter and much better in the hand than the included hard case, and around $2.


Q: When if ever is the black model likely to go on sale?

-Black and white are sold out. Blue is the only color with remaining stock.

Can get black or white for US$190 from geekbuying. Instead of paying more suggest install a black grippy case and all you'll see is the blue outline around the camera & ports.

Q: Can the battery be replaced? Yes, follow this youtube vid to fit one of these:

AU$16 SHARP Aquos S2 HE332 Battery Brand New
US$25 SHARP Aquos S2 HE332 Battery Brand New

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  • I recall this from last time and again, looks like an absolutely great phone for its price.

    Still wondering if LineageOS can go on this. This is the closest I can find from a google search.

    Lack of 3.5mm headphone jack is also a shame!

    • I think someone called Heineken or similar was doing some good work over on the xda for the s2 but as of a month ago I don't think they'd managed a Los build yet.

      If there is a new one I expect it will be very buggy to likely to be stuck on the phones rom for a while.

      • both the latest AICP from AndroPlus and Sharp S3 port from heineken78 are working pretty good here. Good battery life and stable, have been running the S3 port for two weeks now.

  • They also have Bose QuietComfort 35 Bluetooth Noise cancelling headphones for US $239, or $234 with $5 coupon
    Which is a pretty good price.

  • Only if they had it in white or black :/ Good price though

  • What's the $5 off coupon code?

  • Hah, I ordered last week for fear of missing out. Now it's $20 cheaper, go figure.
    Good deal. Hope mine arrives soon

    • Thats life mate. I ordered a second hand xbox for 170, new one was available for 190 at Amazon. There is always gonna be a better deal, just gotta let it go and enjoy what we got.

  • One thing I like and use quite a bit in my Xiaomi Note 4 is the Second Space feature. Is there an equivalent in the Aquos S2?

    • What is the second apace feature?

      • Basically, multiple profiles.

        I can set up two independent profiles and specify which apps are installed on which profile. I can also associate the SIM and contacts with a particular profile, so sms messages from certain contacts are only visible in one of the profiles.

        It's like a hidden phone within the phone.

      • I assume he is talking about the App clone feature which allows you to install two same app on one phone.

        • No he's talking about Second Space which acts like a seperate Android installation on the same device. You have a seperate desktop, Play account, apps etc

    • I have read somewhere that it does have something similar but is also limited to limited apps only unlike Xiaomi which allows us to clone lot if apps. I am still waiting for my Sharp to arrive but I can confirm if that's the case once I have it, assuming the deal is still running. I also have Redmj Note 4 and I think what I am going to be missing out is the split screen option and quickly switching apps by double tapping the button as I am not sure if Sharp has them built-in.

      Not sure what Nougat has got to offer though.

    • It's called App Twin in Sharp ROM so it's there.

      • Reading through what App Twin is that is not exactly what Second Space is. Second Space is a fully fledged second profile. It has its own password, which takes you to a completely different set of apps, images, videos, SMS messages, etc. App Twin seems to just clone some apps but the icons for the cloned apps are in the same window as the main app.

        • sorry, did not even think about the multiple profile scenario as Work Profile are built in by almost all android devices I have used over the past few years.

    • I don't know if it's the same, but there is a private space function on the S2 where you can hide apps in that private space. You have to use the passcode to get into the private space and you can add any apps.

  • Front fingerprint sensor is a definite downside for me.

    • I have the Sharp. I much prefer my wife's Xiaomi, which has the fingerprint reader on the rear. It is very fast accurate and his recessed. The Sharp less so. The front position is handy when checking the phone in a desk without picking it up.

    • front fingerprint reader is a bonus for me ….
      easier when phone is on my desk
      i keep my phone in a flip case so rear fingerprint reader is trickey due to thickness of vase.

      moto,all has front reader which is why one of my spare phones is a moto.

    • Why is rear better?

      You need to physically pick up your phone to unlock it. With my OP5 it just has to be facing me and I just touch on it. Or it's facial recognition unlocks it for me.

    • The Oreo release has face unlock also.

  • Very good description, thanks OP!

  • Has anyone used one that can comment on the heating?

  • Very good price, will this incour GST if it arrives after 30th?

  • Repped for the effort :) cheers OP

  • Man I just bought the ZTE Nubia z17 mini! Loving it so far but heard good things about this phone. Would anyone recommend me buying this and flogging of the Nubia?

  • Which is better this OR Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Global Version) ?
    I know this has B28 and NFC, other than any reason why this Sharp would be better choice? like battery perf? better camera?

    • Xiaomi has faster SoC, and 3.5mm jack

    • B28 and nfc are features most chinadroids lack in this price point.
      in melbourne they are trialing using phones for transport ticketing (android initially) so nfc will become a feature commuters will want.

      band 28 for coverage in some black spot areas, usually rural but also metro if sourounded by concrete flats and townhouses which i am ….also i think tpg with their cheapo internet uses band 28 for those on tight budgets.

      it’s a problem when you want global faeutures in a phone designed for the chinese and indian markets which the redmi notes are , we have a note4 , used to have a note 2, now have the A1 ….. global in xiaomi doesn’t mean global like an iphone or samsung or nokia global …. just means software for selected markets outside of china, you get playstore , not enhanced hardware features for other markets eg band 28 for taiwan, australia, and parts of europe or nfc for countries where institutions use it for payments.

  • I got mine running Android oreo. Paid more earlier but definitely worth the performance per dollar

  • What is the best approach to the rom? Do i install Taiwan and let it OTA?

    • I haven't done the OTA route for oreo but if you master the USB I stallion route of Taiwan firmware then Oreo via the same method is very simple.

    • Yes although you should know that v8 cannot have bootloader unlocked (yet).

      • Can you elaborate on that please? Are you saying you can't install Oreo if you've unlocked the bootloader?

  • This is probably the best phone you could get for under AUD$250, small size for a 5.5 inch phone, B28 Band, NFC. The only downside is the Smile UI but the new oreo based UI not not as bad as the original 135F.

  • Thanks - ordered one and showing up at around $192AU on my bank statement (used the coupon).

  • What are options for headphones given lack of 3.5mm jack?

    • It come with an Type-c to 3.5mm adapter. Howeverm, I recommend you to get a HTC adapter which makes noticeable difference in SQ.

      • Cool. But why would the sound quality be better with the HTC?

        • I believe something to do with the chip built-in. NOTE that normal type-c and 3.5mm adapters don't working with the Sharp S2. Bought a couple from Ebay and none of them worked. So far only found the HTC and original ones working well.

        • @xmchen:

          So Sharp also did not include Digital to Analog converter (same to Google Pixel 2)?

        • @batrarobin: It does come with one but the sound quality is not good.

    • Buy Bluetooth or a USB C dongle and leave it attached to headphones. Yes, I know, life is ovr when you have a slghtly longer headphone cord, it was such a bad move to have no headphone jack.


      • Are there any reasonably priced and decent bluetooth headphones? Yeah I have a BT dongle for my favourite headphones, but they are another thing I need to keep charged and it can be buggy in operation.

      • Real men use bluetooth anyway.

  • very tempting as a spare phone for australian conditions …..or do save up and get nokia 7 plus when a deal comes up ?

  • I was keen to order this and still have it in account to be paid, but the shipping times are putting me off