Sydney / Melbourne to Hohhot (Inner Mongolia, China) $522 / $465 Return via China Southern (Late October & November)


Fly with China Southern to Inner Mongolia. These fares are usually around $900 return.

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Rare bargains to Inner Mongolia. Watch out for long stops when searching - we recommend you restrict the flight time in Google Flights to avoid these. FYI dates for Melbourne are pretty limited.

No bag fees, etc. All prices for return flights.

China Southern Airline

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    Good place to vacation?


    This looked good as an option to get to UB with another flight, but its too expensive. Going through BJ is much cheaper.

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    Good price - I am Hohhot to trot!


    That is a crazy cheap deal… Especially if you were trying to get to (real) Mongolia.

    Just a short train or bus to the he border… then a night train to Ulaanbaatar.

    Yes, a bit cold that time of year but still scope to get up to a few adventures.


    Temperatures can drastically start to drop below 0°C in late October, and cold biting temperature of to -30°C in January and February and remain below freezing till April. July to September is pleasant, but it can still turn cold

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      If you dress well, you'll be fine. I lived in Ulaanbaatar for a year and Mongolia is pretty fun in winter.

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        Whoa. What was it like living in Mongolia for a year? That's incredible.

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          I was there for 2 years. If you live like a foreigner there, I'm sure it's great. If you live like a Mongol, it really just does your head in. Crazy. Winter is the best because it is cold. But, because of the cold, the city becomes the worst place in the world to live (probably).


          I enjoyed Ulaanbaatar and the wider Mongolian country.

          Ulaanbaatar - just like any capital, plenty to do in terms of nightlife, bars and restaurants (across all types of cuisine). Plenty of museums, opera, ballet from the Soviet influence/days and it is good quality. The city is pretty small (a few million) compared with the rest of asia and it doesn't take too long to get into the middle of nowhere/countryside. There are plenty of day hikes easily available from the city (Bogd Khan mountain is adjacent to the city).

          In terms of getting out of the city, Terelj is a favorite for locals and tourists alike - a national park with beautiful nature (animals, nomads, rivers, lush with trees and is typical of traditional life in many respects). Just a few hours drive.

          Down south you have the Gobi desert which is nice to check out. In the far west, there is Bayan Ulgii province, which is a part of Mongolia but is a province predominantly lived in by ethnic kazahks. Up north towards the Russian border it is also has beautiful nature and is easy to get to by train (Selenge).

          In the capital, many people speak good english, especially the youth. The country is very liberal, buddhist, non communist and is very pro-western. Their women are very smart and beautiful!


        Yeah. Would love to hear more.


        Can you suggest some things to do/check out there?


    Been to Hohhot when I was little with parents. Became addictive to Yang Za Sui Tang (Mutton Soup) there. It was so good!!!

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      Became addictive to Yang Za Sui Tang (Mutton Soup) there

      Woah, didn't realise soups could get addicted to humans ;)