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Kingston SSDnow A400 120GB $30.40, 240GB $55.20, 480GB $111.20 | WD Green 240GB $58 Delivered (Plus Members Only) @ PC Byte eBay


SSDs at Low prices. Check the discussion below for even lower prices. Update 26/6: Price Drops

More than 10 of each at time of posting.
Free delivery maybe for PLUS members only.

Link for 480 is the same as above

Link for WD Green 240GB

Thanks TA for the original PASSCODE.
Price track from TAs post for 480gb.


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    If you have an eBay Plus subscription/free trial, then the Kingston SSDs can be purchased for slightly cheaper here;

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      Wow. after MicroSd cards looks like the SSD are falling.

      Thanks for adding that.

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        No worries :) Just saw the inclusion of the WD Green SSD, and this can also be purchased for a slightly lower price if you have an eBay Plus subscription;

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          Thanks. Have updated the description.

  • Whats with 1TB capacity? No deal yet.

    • Crucial MX500 Series 1TB 2.5" SATA for $67.62


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        That's got to either be fake or an accidental price.

        • the sellers feedback history does not suggest he can shift that kind of item at volume

        • @RooAvery: Look at the 5D Mark 4 price, something is fishy with this seller - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/123211492573

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          @bargainaus: Price on the Nintendo Switch is impossibly good too.

          Just looked, they're a 13 year old member and only their new listings have dodgy prices. Probably had their account taken over.

        • @BradleyDS2: I guess his account got hacked and scammers will try to siphon the money out (whatever they get).

        • @bargainaus: Yeah, just edited my comment to say the same.

          The account will probably be taken down in a month when nobody is receiving their orders.

          A shame, as the guy seemed to be selling stuff at reasonable prices for a long time.

        • @BradleyDS2: The world is unfair my friend…

      • Placed an order, fingers crossed.

        Good one musical mighty mouse!

        …on second thoughts, he has a GTX 1080 for $98.11, not looking good.

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        …and it's gone

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    Since when was MSY on eBay :)
    Managed to snipe 3 x 120GB WD Green Drives from Futu while it was still $35 as soon as the code came live at 10am. Worked out to $28 per drive, not a bad price.

    • Next task is to find out what to do with them?

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    Has eBay Plus jacked up the shipping costs? Heaps of items now have $19 shipping - were they like that before the introduction of eBay Plus

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      Yes, eBay Plus actually encourages the sellers to shift more of their product cost as shipping cost. Before Plus was introduced, everyone offered 'free shipping' but they jacked up the prices of the item to compensate.

      Now with eBay Plus, they can lower the prices of the items but can instead jack up the shipping fees (which is covered by your eBay Plus subscription)

      Since everyone is taking up the free 30 day trial offer anyway, the retailers are probably taking advantage of that fact and are greatly increasing shipping costs to squeeze as much $$ out of the sale period.

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        INB4 Shipjack?

        • Arrr me matey.

          We'll see how long this practice continues, before ebay says "enough is enough, we're only going to handpick eBay plus items with a reasonable shipping cost".

          Or they might force sellers to go through an approval process to prove that their listed shipping fees are indeed accurate.

          Then the party is over.

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    Kingston A400 120GB is now $30.40 after discount. Nice deal!

    • Thanks for that. Updated the post

  • 240GB OOS

    • I just checked.
      seems like fresh stock has been added and now even cheaper. $55.20 .


  • Unbelievable $30 for SSD… bought WD green 240gb ssd during previous deal

  • Thanks.

    Picked up the 240gb to use as a gaming SSD.

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    GET THE KINGSTON over the WD Green.
    The A400 is actually quite a resonable drive for the money, the current model WD Green is one of the worst SSDs on the market.
    Ive had quite a few of the A400 drives. I ended up getting a WD green on the weekend and wish i didnt, if only i knew the A400 deals that were coming!

    • how about Samsung 860 EVo?

      • Its better, but it costs quite a bit more.
        Evo's of any sort still have their limits, you dont want to write more than a few GB at a time to them, or make sure you get the 500 or 1TB models. Try and avoid any 860/960/970 Evo at 250GB if you are expecting performance.

    • Agreed - I looked at benchmarks for both and the Kingston A400 is a decent amount better for a similar price.
      That being said, the A400 is still quite average - I ended up getting a Crucial MX500 250GB SSD for $79.20 shipped from the same seller.
      The extra performance gain is worth the $20 - $25 extra.

      • Yes, better drives are better.
        Its all about picking your drive for the task. This will matter more and more now we are heading deeper into a time where an SSD is not just an SSD. Wait till we throw QLC NAND in the mix, top to bottom the SSD market will be full of disks at all difference price/performance points.

        I have a 280GB Optane drive and a number of Samsung 950/960/970 Pros.
        Ive also got 850/860 pros & Evos, Crucials new & old and finally Kingstons. Oh, and a WD green i have no idea what to do with.

        No prizes for guessing which ones run VMs, 10Gb data caching and which ones hold my old Steam titles…

  • It keeps adding $19.95 Delivery to XXXX(post code) when I go to the shopping cart page even though I keep selecting click to collect.

    • The seller still has to pay money to ship the drive to your collection point.

      "Click and Collect" has different meanings — for big retail chains like Bing Lee / The Good Guys, Click and Collect means you pick up the item from one of their shops. The item that you purchased is just the stock that's already located at that store.

      But for small sellers who operate out of a warehouse, when they offer such an option it usually means they ship the item to a collection point rather than to your specified address. However, the usual shipping costs still apply.

      you too as a seller, can also offer click and collect, but you must still pay the shipping fee to ship it to that destination.

    • Free delivery is possibly fro Ebay PLUS members only.
      Are you an Ebay Plus member??

  • These are cheap. Noob questions. Can I use this as an external drive to my son's Wii U? Will I need additional cables then? How about getting away without any enclosure? Thanks.

    • "Getting away without an enclosure" is impossible, these are SATA, not USB.
      Technically you dont need the platic to hold the drive, just the electronics from the enclosure. So you have to buy one and break it, then likley break your drive over time without protection…..

    • Get the orico hdd enclosure for $5 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/382853

  • So has anyone actually got their SSD from PC Byte? I'm still waiting, these guys are slow as hell!!!

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      Mine just arrived (WA). Ordered quite late, too…

      • Oh great good news! Hopefully mine is there today aswell, thanks for the update :D