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eBay 10% off Sitewide on Brand New Fixed Price Items ($50 Min Spend)


Another 10% sitewide sale for your pleasure. Offer ends at eBay’s discretion. Enjoy :)

Please note eligible products means all brand new, fixed price items listed on eBay.com.au excluding:

  1. Real Estate (10542)
  2. Coins (11116)
  3. Services (316)
  4. Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800)
  5. Tickets, Travel (11730)
  6. Other Lots More Items (88433)
  7. Gift Cards (172009 & 184609)

and excludes all items sold by the following sellers:

  1. Officeworks
  2. Fantastic Furniture

Up to 2 transactions and up to a max discount of $100 per transaction.

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  • Omg I need more amex

    • But how will you afford Sydney property with more?

      • +4

        Hope that the realestate category is not excluded next time?

        • +1

          I keep scouring random categories hoping someone mis-categorised a Sydney penthouse or gold bullion 🤣🤣

        • +9


          So you could get the max discount of $100 off the penthouse?

        • +1



  • +9


    Offer ends at eBay's discretion

    Well that probably won't be long. They don't want to deal with the professionals.

    Cheers TA

  • Cheers tightazz

  • 20% would be excellent given this is last week for EOFY 2018.

  • Hoping for 20% PC Byte (or even better, sitewide) in July. Please TightArse / eBay Gods

  • -1

    Amazing , i started to think that MORRISON is truly affiliated with Ebay , as I nearly spent my $580 and tempted to spend another $580 of my wife’s ……

  • nice. hopefully the big bang at the end.

    it looks to me that their marketing team is testing which promotion variation drives the most sales and also they are preparing for a dive in sales in july due to import taxes starting.

    • +1

      That'd be a poor testing strategy, as people run out of money!

    • +1

      They don't need to do testing. My guess is the Australian eBay team have a revenue target to meet. They want a big revenue to keep shareholders happy.

      • I agree but i'm thinking testing because the number of variation with different caps on discount changes each time.

  • -1

    God They are so evil! Are they planning us to spend all our money???

  • -1

    Anything better than officeworks $83 on a Chromecast Ultra with PULL5?

    • +4

      Type "Chromecast Ultra" into the search bar then set it to lowest price.

  • +1

    Literally spent $1000 on the PULL5 from the other day (-_-)

  • +4

    What a dream it would be if you could get 20% off real estate

    • You just need the USA/China to have a conflict and you'll get 50% off real estate.

      • It's Free Real Estate

  • +6

    ebay has been killing it lately. and by it, i mean our wallets.

  • -1

    Code doesn't work. Says "You've entered this code too many times"

    • +28

      Congrats. You indeed tested that it doesn't work before 10am.

      • +2

        Ahhh…rookie mistake. My bad 😆

  • whats with the annoying max discounts lately? Items over $1k aren’t that great because of it.

    • Buy 2 $500 items instead.

      • You would spend $1000 per transaction to get the max discount. My point was that any single item over $1000 only gets a discount of $100 which is annoying. Better when it was set at $300.

  • Why is it new items all the time now?, used to be any items.

    • They figured out where the real bargains were

    • +2

      FYI I just tried it with a used item - code worked and was applied in checkout. that's as far as I went though.

  • -1

    ozbargain ====> homelessbargain???

  • +1

    On the hunt for a PS4 Pro. Any EBay sites other than EB games selling them for a decent price?

  • +1

    clicked on an used item and Ebay tells that the code working on the item. So potentially it may working on all fixed price items.

    • +1 Worked for me on a large lot of used items from the US.

  • why so many ebay deals lately. it can't stop

    • Once you pop you can't stop!

  • Nice to be able to clear out the non-plus items in my cart too. Not expecting a 15% sidewide for non-plus items until Ebay's birthday in September (if even then). And many of these are likely to get GST in a week too.

  • -3

    any LG V30+ deals?

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Pretty good price on this Citizen Eco-Drive BM8475-26E, $127.00 - 10% = $114.30 shipped

    • But then only 1yr warranty instead of 5yr because from Overseas?
      Should be easy enough to attach metal band to make more suited for wet environment?

  • why pizzazz not other azz?

    • I'm not sure if you are trolling or just actually that dense lol..

  • +1

    Need to get a new electric mower….anybody knows good deals and don't mind sharing? thanks for your time!

    • +3

      Oh another electric mower enthusiast … so I am not the only one! (Yes, I have copped my fair share of teasing in the past … but yours truly has the nicer lawn).

      We purchased our replacement elec mower, Ozito, from Bunnings, for about $130 I think. Wasn't on sale but very happy with its performance for past 2 years. Light as a feather with stronger, bigger wheels than previous mower. Maybe see if there are any mid-year sales happening. Hmm someone (Ballarat) selling a "new" one for $50 pick up on eBay.

      • +1

        [email protected], didn't know electric is out-of-fashion!;-) Ozito the go huh? I'll check it out. Also saw Bosch unit at Mitre10 for $210..not sure about its performance though.cheers

        • +1

          We don't have a large lawn (although much bigger than these average new houses) and son a bit sensitive to petrol fumes etc. (although tolerates things much better these days). Since my back ops he decided to do the mowing (although I can do quite well myself, just don't like the leaning over emptying the catcher bit). Son wanted me to buy a battery model (fair enough) but they are about $350 and replacement batteries can be expensive (about $100). Have a few other battery operated garden tools, as I find petrol ones just too heavy for me to use without back pain. My old elec mower developed wonky wheels after 10 years, but my current model seems far better designed and much stronger wheels. Yes, I copped a little teasing about elec mower years ago but it is not like we have a bush paddock to mow. We don't live in the tropics so we also don't have to mow in the rain. I nagged son about being careful about not running over the power lead but yours truly did the deed lol … say no more!

        • +1

          @JediJan: thanks for the info. The other day I decided to put to use the hand-push manual unpowered mover that's been sitting in the garage. It did the job alright, just took about 2 hours for my average-sized subarban lawn, and having to clear the clippings that get caught in the blades! A bit of a hassle, but keeps me "active", I suppose. I'll resist spending on a new mower, although one of the recent deals very tempting, a Honda electric heavily reduced! cheers!

        • +1

          I remember my parents bought a used had one of those in the 60s. My eldest brother had to collect it which was quite a hike away. We saw his "tracks" for several weeks (on our train journeys)… he pushed it over every grass verge and nature strip on the way home he could find lol.

          Yes, the push mower will indeed keep you fit. My mother was going to purchase a self-drive mower for me!

        • +1

          @JediJan: haha! that's a funny story… would've been quite a sight, that mown track! I need all the exercise I can get… gonna mow once every 2-3 weeks if necessary.

  • Tks OP, got a Philip diamond vision 5000K light bulb and a gunpla model kit, great timing before they start charging GST.

  • Would the code work with "Make an offer" E.g - Have my eye on something with a $800 fixed price (with "make an offer" box) Thinking of offering $700. Can I use the code and get it for $630?

    • +1

      My experience with previous 10% sitewide codes is that it works for everything, Offer, Buy It Now, New, Used, Auction, despite what it says.

  • Stupid question. Does the coupon work with "buy it now" items? Can't seem to find a voucher/coupon space before I commit to buy.

  • Noooo, I just bought stuff last night with PULL5.

  • Thank you TA, would there be some codes that grant 10% off but up to $300 or more?? This is good but not good enough if you are purchasing something more than $1k..

  • Thank you TA.

    Find I am fascinated with the exclusuon of category #6: "Other Lots More Items."

    Must say I have never noticed that kind of exclusion before. Have not been fond of eBay for some time though, with their over enthusiasm for seller fees.

    • Bought some (10) 1kg prepaid post satchels that Post Office wanted $138 for. Paid $106.20 (inc post) from eBay, with this deal. Thank you TA. 🖖

  • +5

    Code is valid until 27 Jun, 2018.

    Got an email from Ebay today about an item I was looking at

    "Don't forget - enter PIZZAZZ to get AU $xx.00 off this item. Valid until 27 Jun, 2018"

    • Little dropdown menu also says this on the items I was looking at.

  • +1

    Works on used and not working items also. Have just confirmed that with 2 purchases.

    • +1

      Or this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gigabyte-nVidia-GeForce-GTX-1080... $25.44 cheaper…

      I bet these are actually used and thrashed about for a good bit(therefore not technically brand new…) - no way they're this cheap without a good reason….

      • Condition mentioned is
        Brand New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging

        • I've contacted the seller and requested pictures of stock on hand…lets see what their reply is….if they even reply at all..

        • @Zachary: can you let us know if you get pictures? If it's legit I'll buy some of his stuff, but I don't believe any of it is for real

        • +1

          @sssx: …sure if I get a reply back……with pictures….

          Oh it would seem he has removed all he's listed items……..or ebay removed them for him since you reported all of it to ebay as fraudulent….

    • i reported all of this users current listings as fraudulent, as they all look suspicious; use stolen images, no descriptions, $1000 products for $100, etc.

  • Can't wait to get me some of that azz

  • Any good knife sets you guys recommend from this deal?

  • Thanks OP.

    Just added this to the "TP-Link HS100 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Smart Plug - packet of TWO" posting and the price comes down to new low of $15.78 each, assuming that you buy 4 units and that you have eBay Plus for free shipping. A bargain, assuming the posting by the seller is correct.


  • +3

    Just an FYI, My eBay (Summary page) is showing this as expiring today;

    Redeem Coupon
    10% off your purchase of AU $50.00 or more, up to AU $100.00 off. See conditions
    Redemption code: PIZZAZZ Expires 27/06/18

  • +1

    anyone managed to use this code while paying with ebay gift cards? The T&C says code cannot be used with any other voucher or redemption codes. I believe ebay gift cards uses redemption codes?

  • $20 delivery if you don't have Ebay Plus. Ebay Plus is a scam. They've just started charging a lot for shipping, and if you don't like it you better pay for the privilege of being their customer. spit

  • +1

    RIP PIZZAZZ! You we're awesome :)

  • +1

    oh come on…i was just adding a few more things to check out!!!!!!!!! nobody said anything about it ending tonight so I took my time. FFS!!!!!!!

    • RIP pizzazz

    • Same. Saw that it had no end date and thought I'd be ok for a day or so. FFS.

  • Is there any other code except pull5¿

    • +1

      PULL5 is the only sitewide code at the moment, see here for all codes.

      PICKSMITH 20% off Dick Smith 11/07/2018
      PULL5 5% off ($30 Min Spend) 31/12/2018
      PRIVATE10 10% off Selected Pre-Owned Tech Items ($20 Min Spend) 29/06/2018

  • How are we looking for 15% off or at least another 10% off?

    Only 2 days left till eofy and I feel like ebay would have to run something Friday and Saturday.

    What are everyone's thoughts?