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Alinta Energy Electricity+Gas Usage Discounts - NSW 33%+18%, VIC 45%+25%, SA 28%+12%


Found an old link from my work that seems to be updated with new offers, I don't know if these represent good value but in NSW Alinta's rates seem pretty good. You can do it all online so no proof required for "Cricket Aus". I signed up previously to a 30% off deal and the process to change has been easy.


SA -

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  • seems to be usage only.

    so what is the final price? is this actually a bargain?

  • Hate to hijack, but anyone got a deal for QLD (Cairns)?

    • Only Southeast QLD has competition.
      Other parts of the state have Ergon as a monopoly.

      You can't choose your provider if you live in Cairns

  • [SA]

    Rates and deals look the same to my recent comparison earlier this year….
    Their supply charges are 16 cents/day more expensive ($1.06/day vs (0.89/day)…. rates are only a few cents lower than the average deals out there.

    Solar feed in (for some reason not listed in this deal) is way below market value 0.068c/kWh whereas you can get 12-18cents from other retailers

    Also on principle, i dont support Alinta, they left Port Augusta with unsecured coal dust when they closed their power plant there and put an offer on AGL's Liddell plant to keep it going

    • What's wrong with them wanting to keep Liddell running?

      The country needs cheap and reliable baseload generation. AGL is only interested in shutting it to manipulate the market and drive electricity spot prices up.

      • I'm willing to pay extra to get those dirty coal station closed down. You might sell your soul for cheap and unsustainable energy for now but over long term it's gonna come back biting you. Just look at how Japan taking the shortcut to go nuclear and taking consequences after the fukushima incident. I'm not the greenie type that celebrate when Colesworths stop giving out free plastic bags but you gotta be pragmatic to accept how the world has been changing, it's about the trend not whether it's scientifically proven or not.

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          You sir are an idiot if you think Japan took shortcuts considering it was an American company that commissioned the plants in question

        • I didn't say that there isn't a place for renewables in the grid, but the fact of the matter is they are expensive and unreliable sources of energy generation. So the balance needs to be right.

          Battery storage is not all that feasible at a transmission or distribution network level yet and even then the whole industry behind manufacturing them is in itself filthy.

          The other option is pumped hydro, but that requires flooding valleys and damaging ecosystems. Not to mention it is highly inefficient.

          Gas or coal fired synchronous generators on the other hand provide reliable supply of electricity onto the grid and help stabilise the grid in the event of faults occurring. If SA had more synchronous generation on their grid, it would have stopped the whole start from blacking out.

          Now lets also consider this, rising costs of energy will only force more manufacturing jobs overseas. In which case we will be shipping the raw materials half the way around the world, a second or third world country will do the manufacturing (using even dirtier power) and then ship the items half the way back around the world.

          Now tell me how this situation is better off from a sustainability perspective or from an economic perspective?

    • [SA]

      If you use more than 7kWh per day, Alinta 28% seems to be the best (ignoring solar feed-in) going around at the moment. Below that is marginal benefit for Origin Maximiser.

      With Solar Simply Energy 18% off or Origin Maximiser seem to be the best.

  • Be aware that Alinta only has 2 stars on the Green Electricity Guide

  • I note for NSW Endeavor distributor that only 3 of the 4 plans have a solar rebate 6c. The one that doesn't is the single rate which is what most people will be on.

    BUT on the actual fact sheet, there is no reference to solar rebate for any plans, in fact it states ** This offer is not available with solar** for all distributers

    I'm currently on Origin 25% off, though I could have chased the 28%, but too lazy. With 9c solar feed in

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    Nothing wrong with nuclear energy if implemented well.. clean as.

  • Good deal for Vic electricity rates. I'm currently on the same rates as this except 43% discount instead of 45, which was one of the best I could find at the time of signing up.

    If signing up online, just make sure to check your service address vs your actual residential/postal address on your current bill. If there are any minor differences at all (like there are with mine, and like I imagine there are with a lot of subdivided properties) the automated online process struggles with these. My initial signup failed because of this, and I didn't get any kind of notification about this at all so I sat around waiting for a welcome package/bill and just ended up getting more bills from my last provider who was ripping me off shockingly. Worth the effort in the long run to just call up and do it over the phone and make sure they understand the reason for the address differences and get every detail right.