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NSW Public Transport iPhone App 'Link' Promo Code Giveaway EXPIRED


Hey, back again with more promo codes for my app for those who missed out last time.

Here's the details from my previous post but with some changes to the conditions so I can send out the codes quicker:

Hey guys, I write an app for iPhone called ‘Link’ which provides an interface for 131500 that’s easier to use than their regular website but has the features that the mobile site does not. Recently, Apple has lifted the restriction on promo codes, and they are now available worldwide instead of just in the US iTunes store. As a result, I have a few codes to give away to you.

Anyway, check the link for more information. The direct link to the app on the iTunes store is http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/link/id383833328?mt=8

The first 50 posts in this thread asking for a promo code will be sent one via OzBargain. There are just a few conditions:
• As suggested by moderators, this competition is open to existing members of OzBargain only. Only users with an account created before today (1 Feb 2011) are eligible.
• Please post a new comment as opposed to replying to someone else’s comment.
• After you make a post here requesting a code, please contact me through OzBargain's contact form (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/32369/contact). This is because there's a limit to how many messages I can send.
• As this app is only relevant to NSW, please do not ask for a promo code if you live somewhere else and do not need it.
• If you got a promo code last time, please consider letting other people have a go. Thanks

I’ll send out the codes once all the replies are in so please bear with me if there’s a delay.

Please read the conditions carefully as they have changed since the last time I posted this (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/38291). Also a +1 doesn't hurt :) Good luck!

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    Can i have one? :)

  • me2, thanks.

  • Looks good, code please.

  • Excellent work, thanks.

  • Can I have one please

  • Supporting the developers woooo!
    thanks for the code

  • Great work and thanks for contributing to ozbargain's community.

  • Could I please have one? Thanks

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    puts hand up. :)

    • puts hand up cos your location is melbourne?

  • Thanks for contributing to OzBargain, may I also have a code?

    EDIT: Is this an iPhone only app or would it work on an iPad too?

  • Please don't forget to contact me through here after you post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/32369/contact
    Also I'm going out so I'll send the rest of the codes later when I get back.

  • Can I have the free code please

  • Me! Please, thank you :D

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    Can grab 1 please, thanks!

  • I'd love one too please :-D

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  • i would love one too, thanks!! :)

  • i would like one too thank you.

  • I'd be most grateful for a code too please :) thx!

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  • how do u even use this code?

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  • I'm using TripView but competition is good. Can I have one please?

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  • Code please :)

  • Live in Sydney - would love one thank you!

  • I'd like to try your app.

  • would love one please!

  • can i have a code please.


  • Lives in sydney, hates missing the bus! please hit me with a code! would be fantastic!!!

  • Can i have a code please.

  • Yes me too please.

  • Hi,

    Can I also have one. Thanks.

  • Me please.

  • can i have one too please I missed out last time,
    thank you :)

  • I would like one thankyou

  • could i please grab one?
    will ferries be included in the near future?

  • Am I missed AGAIN? : (

  • me too please. thanks mate.

  • Me please!

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  • Another keen user here!

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      lucky #50 :)

      • Ah well.. may as well make this line easier to see.

        • noo #53 :(

        • andolee90 you may be in luck as 1 person above posted twice and 2 others aren't in sydney…

          everyone remember to go Profile -> Edit -> check "Personal contact form"! otherwise you can't receive your code…

      • I didnt have my personal contact form active until about half hour after i posted… will that mean i wont receive my code, i was like number 20something…

    • lol

  • Would like code please!

  • Please code me :)

  • I would appreciate a code thanks :)

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    • Your e-mail address doesn't work.

  • hi can you please send me the code too thanks :)

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    could i please have the code? thanks

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    can i have one too … thanks

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  • Can I also have one code too :D Thankyou in advance

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    I hope that the people who asked for code but whose location is not Sydney or NSW have just forgotten to update it or something…

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      only 2 in top 50 (slow day at work today…so I took the liberty of clicking through)

  • can I have the code pls. Thank you.

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    Make one for Brisbaneeeee

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