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SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB $59 + Shipping ~ $10 @ Shopping Express Epic Hour


quite a decent price.
shipping cost varies.
Only 100 units available. 1 unit per customer. recommended to place it in your cart so that when time comes you can just check out

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  • $69 for a 240gb ssd isnt good value

    maybe 24hrs ago it was ok but now?

  • yeah, that intel 360gb killed this

    • before it was born.

      Is this a glut and a time to buy
      Or are prices going to go lower
      Yes there is something you can send back to me
      Spanish boots of Spanish leather.

  • Got the A400 240GB with 16GB USB drive for $70 from Umart yesterday, not the best price for the ssd alone, but I just need a quick fix after the optane memory driver fail. So the USB drive is sweet for me to make the system image.

  • time to stock up more SSDs!

  • I bought this few years back. Still running smoothly with windows 10 in my Vaio.

  • I thought my Crucial mx500 purchase for $90 two weeks ago was a bargain.

    Can’t believe what’s happened to prices since then.

  • Why are prices dropping? Thought Ram and SSD are most expensive?

    • I thought SSD had been slowly creeping down in the price since they were introduced. Only know of ram and GPU being inflated.

    • prices of ssd has always been creeping down. its just ram because rams are really important for a computer therefore the manufacturers jack up the prices. gpu on the other hand used for mining and therefore there are more demand than supply.