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Xiaomi Mi Box 3 International Edition (Melbourne Stock) $73.85 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay (Via eBay US)


Oreo update now available

Shipping from Melbourne

1% cashback

Original eBay.com 15% off Sitewide (Up to $100 USD Discount) Deal Post

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  • Oohh what's with the Oreo update - does it update itself?

    • Go into settings > system > update
      Then look for new updates

      • Cool will give it a go :)

        • Avoid the Oreo update it virtually makes the device unusable when using an external HDD, exFat and NTFS will not work. Fat32 does but redundant for files bigger than 4GB which a quality movie is that and above. https://www.reddit.com/r/AndroidTV/comments/8ttq2z/updated_m...

          Wait until there is a patch. The box itself is/was great when I can get it to work again with external HDD.


          Oreo can still see the Network NAS drive so can still play. There is more flexibility with an external HDD however.

        • @thedmack:

          OK might give it some more condiseration - funny, have spent the last 1/2 hr looking for the remote - think the littlies have hidden it somewhere (maybe it's a sign)

          We only use it to stream from the Plex Server and Netflix so maybe will still be worth it

        • @urbancartel: Pretty sure Plex is the exception to the NTFS issue.

        • @urbancartel: Maybe give a roku streaming stick some thought as well if plex and netflix are your main uses. I use mine for plex all the time and it works well. netflix would be no issue as that's probably the rokus main use.

        • @redcreek200:

          I've got a Roku express sitting unopened but I really like the Xiaomi box and how easy it is to navigate - thinking of using the Roku on a spare tv so good to know that it also functions well

        • @urbancartel:

          I bought the MiBox to try after using a Roku 2 for a couple of years. I went back to the Roku 2 and ordered a Roku Premiere plus and the Mibox sits in the cupboard

        • @thedmack: More flexibility with an external HDD? Eh?
          It's literally the opposite of the truth.

        • @Deviner: When you travel to friends or interstate/overseas it is. Take the unit and plug into any HDMI port. Travels well :)

    • Some Redditors are reporting a number of issues with oreo

      • I've had Oreo on my Nexus Player for over a year. It's shit. I would avoid.

        • so have I, but with the last ever released public build of November security patch, it all works quite well and fluidly.

          bear in mind that the Nexus Player is actually faster on benchmarks and performance than the Mi Box - if you can find one, that is.

        • @adrianhughes1998:

          I meant from a UI perspective. The removal of the app switcher (and ability to exit apps) is beyond stupid.

          bear in mind that the Nexus Player is actually faster on benchmarks and performance than the Mi Box

          OMG really? The Nexus Player runs like a dog. This thing must be terrible.

        • @PainToad:

          the UI took some getting used to, but I've always been a minimalist so doesn't bother me too much now. but agree, was more logical before actually.

          yeah double on the single-core and bit more on multi-core benchmarks, its not suprising with the Amlogic and other crappy SOCs on the Mi Box and other chinese Android boxes. They pretty much run a bit faster than the crappy Mediatek SOC on my 2016 Sony 4K Android TV…..

          …and that thing runs like a dog, Nexus Player exhibits stuff-all lag compared to the Sony. TV manufacturers should be ashamed of themselves.

      • that's what they get for being redditors

    • Whats the benefit of Oreo?

  • These are great. They use the same power plug as the original psp charger, I've got one hooked up to the TVs USB, works a treat!

    • I've tried a few after market cables but they don't seem to carry enough power to the unit. Likely cause they're cheap eBay ones. The port carries power though as I can charge other devices on it.

      You don't have a link to the cable your using by any chance?

      • Can't seem to find the exact cable but it was from eBay seller av-supplies. I've got it plugged into a Samsung LCD tv in the port labbelled for HDD. Maybe it carries more power, I'm not too sure. Have you tried plugging it into a USB power supply?

        • Haven't tried plugging into a separate power supply but will try that before buying another cable.



    EU plug?

  • whats the difference between this and mi box 3?

  • Getting "We ran into a problem. Please try again later." when I try to apply the coupon code