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Xiaomi Mi Box 3 (Int'l) EU Plug $67.50 / AU Plug $74.66 Delivered (Melbourne Stock) @ Gearbite eBay (eBay Plus Members)


Greetings everyone, Gearbite have decided to run a great special alongside today's 10% off coupon for this popular product :) I'm under the impression that this is the cheapest ever price for AU stock of this product, and close to the cheapest price achieved overall.

Please note: You must have an eBay plus membership to achieve this price. If you haven't signed up already and want to purchase, please go and sign up for a free trial as per here.

Two choices to choose from here, the AU plug version comes with a C-Tick approved Australian compliant cable which might be better for some, but also a cheaper option available also if you have another cable lying around :)

Main Features: (Thanks to batraobin)

  • It runs on Android TV 6.0 (updgradable now to Oreo) which is easy to enjoy your entertainment time.
  • A high performance of Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU can play a wide range of games.
  • A Bluetooth voice remote control: Just speak into the remote control and Mi box will search for what you want.
  • HDR 4K H.265 VP9 Profile-2 4K Decoding will provide you with a scene in vivid contrast, color and clarity.
  • HDMI 2.0 is a faster way to send video and audio output to your TV.
  • It also supports both Dolby and DTS encodings which create you smooth and surround sound.

Thank You to TA for the Original 10% off $50+ Spend @ eBay Deal Post

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Keep in mind this doesn't have Ethernet, so you may also need to get this:


    • Yep - I have that and it works flawlessly (on Oreo, too)

      • Same here. Have my all in one keyboard/mouse USB dongle plugged into one of the USB ports and run ethernet, doesn't skip a beat.

    • Btw, you don't have to use ethernet if planning to connect via wifi. I've got no issue using wireless connection

    • Also works with Simplecom NU301 (after upgrading), grabbed the NU301 cheap from MSY during a sale.

  • Can these play 4k HDR from a USB stick?

    • It supports 4K so yes. It might be slow to start/skip though.
      Even my 1080p can be slow to buffer when I skip. It's still better than any android tv or rpi3 i've used though. Well worth the price

  • +4 votes

    Great deal!

    You can use the cable below with a USB wall adapter (or a USB port on a Fetch box or gaming console etc) to power the Mi Box if you go for the EU plug:


    • I tried these on mine, the best I could get out of them was enough power to display the boot splash screen then would just boot loop.

      Using every 5v 2-2.5a USB adapter I could throw at it. It's not the cables as I had these tested using an oscilloscope.

      Mine seems to be VERY PICKY on what adapter it will accept. The US plug one supplied works perfectly using a travel adapter as does the adapter that came with my other generic Mecool Android box. Anything else will NOT power it.

      Oreo update transforms the unit. SO MUCH better. Uses less ROM space on the device too.

      • What a bummer. I got the Mi Box on two of my TV's and I literally power it from the USB port on my TV.

      • I had the exact same issue trying that converter cable. I thought it might be that the unit says it requires 5.2v, whereas usb chargers are 'only' 5v; perhaps it just needs that extra 200mv to come alive heh

        Works fine using a power plug adapter though.

    • @kirt
      Do you know what the current draw is? I can't see it in the specs anywhere.

      I like your idea and the other suggestion of powering it from the TV USB, but the TV USB has a max of 1A. Most of my existing adapters are also 1A but have a couple 2A.

  • i was looking at buying
    2017 Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 + Alexa VOICE Enabled Remote Streamer w EXTRA USB from EBAY which comes down to $81.90AUD

    all i want to use is mobdro (APK file) to watch sport (F1 particularly)

    anyone have this xiaomi box or a fire stick? just want to hear some feedback on what you use it for and what you think..

  • Got Oreo for mine. I personally have no issues, but those using an external hard drive have found it to not work due to the system file tables.

    It is a completely different machine now - so much better than Marshmallow. So much so that I am no longer after an NVIDIA Shield (although retro gaming with an N64 emulator is tempting)

  • Does this one do AirPlay?

  • which one is newer Xiaomi Mi Box 3 or Xiaomi MI BOX Android 6.0 Smart 4K

  • Great price for this, was just about to grab a 2nd one from Chinese site, but will get this.

    I only have a basic stereo setup, so those with dolby, 5.1 etc might want to look into the Oreo update to check everything is working.

    Was going to get a more powerful Android box but now this has Oreo it's great, the home-screen is more customisable and much neater.

    • I have PC monitor with external analogue speakers. Can it do HDMI to monitor and 3.5mm audio out to speaker at the same time? I see it has 3.5mm audio out but unsure if this works.

      • Yes, it should , you an set the audio output in the menu.
        I have hdmi to a projector, then 3.5mm audio plug to my hifi.

  • Good Find doweyy - appreciated.
    I was not sure if I should get the MeCool M8s Pro L or this one, later got the MeCool… still waiting for it to be delivered.
    If I knew I probably would have picked this one instead… lets see how the MeCool performs against my good old Beelink GT1.

    Can somebody please recommend a good air-mouse/remote to operate Android TV boxes?

    • Was going to get the mecool as well but grabbed a 2nd mibox due to good price.

      Did you get the mecool BT remote? Id just use that , ive found generic airmouses to be a bit of a pain.

      There's a cheap android app called Mouse Toggle that should work with the Mecool remote, lets you toggle a mouse cursor for non Android-TV apps that need it.

  • I have this and it just received the Oreo update.

    Major issue that I've had with both boxes that I ordered is that it refuses to play Netflix, it places for a few seconds then flashes an error. Apparently its something to do with the HDMI encryption and the TV, but its definitely a MiBox error because it refuses it play on the multiple TVs I've tried it with.

    • I found for me it’s because it is far from the router. Try to bring closer

    • Try changing display resolution or refresh rate in system settings eg 1080p50hz <-> 1080p60hz. I get an error screen after a few seconds of Netflix playback, but swapping resolution immediately fixes it. At least for another week or so until it occurs again. Easy fix though.

  • one more silly question can i set this box up without an android phone? you dont need a phone to run it right?

  • Thanks Op ordered two more (I already have two) for family. These boxes are brilliant.

  • Ohh well, couldn't resit so bought one for our 3rd TV - thanks OP :)

  • These things are seriously great.

    Was previously using a NUC, but for swapping between Kodi/Netflix and other apps, this is so much easier for my wife to use.

    • Been running Kodi on NUC for years. Have always wanted to try an Android box for comparison and have ability to use APK (when Kodi addons fail). Worth it?

      • I haven't done much tinkering yet, literally only added the subtitle plugin and changed the skin, although I do intend on playing around a bit more.

        I think for the price it's worth it (paid $300ish for my NUC that I'm doing similar stuff on). If you don't like it, gift it to a technologically impaired relative :p

    • Curious - what makes it better than a NUC?

      • For a wife who is technically challenged, it is much easier for her to get her head around.

        I was looking at Netflix and all that on the NUC via Kodi, but that seemed like it was a bit hit and miss. The other option to use a browser would involve a separate keyboard (NUC was used with Logitech remote) as well as just a few other small niggling issues.

        On the Mi Box, it just seems to all come together nicely (albeit a bit limited in areas).

        • Ah ok, we just use Kodi not Netflix, with a Harmony remote. My main issue with the PC solution is sometimes Kodi loses focus, or hangs, or says the show is not in the library when it is. Not sure if this would be better for that?

        • @fredblogs:

          or says the show is not in the library when it is

          Ah yes, I use to have this a bit due to how I set up the network folders (I think it was how I set them up). Sometimes I would have to go to My Computer and open up the network folder for it to "connect".

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • Wow thanks OP. I literally was just browsing for an Android box yesterday!

  • How do these compare with a chromecast ultra?

    • This has 4K and you can cast to it so my understanding is it does literally everything the Chromecast Ultra does (plus more) for cheaper.

  • Thanks just bought my 2nd one these are great. Does anyone use a paid iptv subscription thinking of going that way as the free iptv apk's have been a bit hit or miss for me?

  • C-tick = China Tick?

  • for those with this does the voice search work in youtube & netflix and how well does it do at interpreting your voice?

    • After Oreo, I need to speak like Stephen Hawking to get each word out

      • username checks out

      • Are you being serious? Is it worse under Oreo?

        • Much much worse. It was great before I updated. I would avoid the Oreo update as menus are more sluggish not to mention the issue with the HDCP 2.2 HDMI for those that want to connect to an amp or sound bar as a passthrough to TV. Stay clear of Oreo for now at least (my opinion only)

  • I keep getting we ran into a problem error whe. Using the code?

    Nvm - address was still US

  • Anyone having a problem on oreo where the sound is gone after a long sleep and only option to fix it is to reboot the box?

  • Can I watch Amazon Prime Video using this box?

  • I am currently have a Boxee Box. Would this be a great replacement?

  • I have a Hisense 65n7. Will this box provide additional features?

  • This or the Vodafone TV at $144?

  • Hi guys, I had noticeable stutter/judder in Youtube and Netflix the last time I purchased one of these and had to return. Has this been addressed in the latest update, as most of the comments around here seem to be positive? I tried changing the refresh rate, auto adaptation, factory reset etc. with no luck.


    Saw review somewhere that even with this latest model most 4K videos and some 1080p still stutter.

    There was a long list of each video file tested publicly available for replication purposes. Wish I'd kept the link.

    Think I will stick with my $15 chromecast 1

  • I just had a brain fa$rt and forgot to put the coupon code in….

  • Does sbs and abc app along with other channels work on this?

  • whats the benefit of these boxes over just plugging in a usb stick directly to the tv? I have a Samsung series 8 mu8000 and it seems to have everything on there already, working fine. I can watch Netflix, plug In my usb no problems at all?

    • Can you load kodi/terraria/mobro etc on your tv? If you can no advantage, except remote works really well compared to other Android boxes

  • Anyone know if we can get Foxtel play and Prime Video apps on MiBox?

  • Can I connect it to the projector (hdmi) to mirror/cast contents from laptop or mobile? Also can I power it via usb on the projector? I have BenQ1090 projector. TIA.

  • How do these compare to a Chromecast? I'm getting tired of my phone disconnecting from the Chromecast during a movie, so I have to unlock my phone and reconnect it just to pause. Or it not being able to switch apps, e.g from Stan to Plex without having to use the Home app to disconnect first. Thinking having something with a dedicated remote might be nice.

    • Well I have two of this boxes and mostly use it for YouTube/Netflix/ terrarium/kodi.
      When I want to switch app is very simple I just press the home button and pick new app.