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ArtsCow - 1200 FREE Photos over The Course of a Year!

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Got an email earlier this morning.

We’re in a good mood and feeling generous ahead of Chinese New Year. Simply validate the code below to get 1200 free photo prints credits for you to use within the next 12 months. So whatever the occasion coming up, you’ll have prints ready in the next year.

What we have for you is a “red pocket” consisting of 4”x6” and 5”x7” prints (600 each) spread over 12 months to use. So to celebrate the arrival of Year of the Rabbit, tell your friends about this fabulous deal.

You must have an account with artscow or sign up.

NOTE: 4”x6” prints will be spread over six months (100/per month) and 5”x7” twelve months respectively (50/per month).

Log onto your Credit & Discount page and validate the coupon code.

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  • +5

    how much for shipping though

  • Pretty sure It's $1.99

  • +2

    Prints 4" x 6"

    1-10 $1.99
    11-20 $2.49
    21-30 $2.99
    31-50 $3.99
    51-75 $4.49
    76-100 $5.99
    101-150 $7.49
    151-200 $9.99
    201-250 $12.49
    251-300 $14.99
    301-350 $16.49
    351-400 $17.99
    401-450 $19.49
    451-500 $20.99
    +$0.04 for each additional

    Prints 5" x 7"

    1-10 $2.49
    11-20 $3.99
    21-30 $4.99
    31-50 $7.99
    51-75 $9.99
    76-100 $11.99
    101-150 $14.99
    151-200 $18.99
    201-250 $21.99
    251-300 $24.99
    301-350 $27.99
    351-400 $29.99
    +$0.06 for each additional

  • If you get 100 prints a month (4x6), they cost you 0.059c. That's less than 6 cents a photo delivered to your door. Damn great price!

    • that if you take into account that you will print 100 prints in a month all in one go. I find that I usually print maybe 10 - 20 in one go.

      if your printing habits gives you 100 print each time then this is a great deal.

      • +9

        You could slowly create a giant mosaic photo using 6"x4" pics? Print off 100 new components of the large image each month and build a giant image which is 28 photos tall by 42 photos wide.

        All you'd need is a blank space 2.8m tall x 6.3m wide to mount the pics…

        • i did that with the kodak one last time :P definitely a great thing to do!

  • +1

    Artscow have lots of great deals - especially the deals they e-mail you about. Have used them a number of times and pretty happy with quality, timeliness of delivery and very happy with value for money.

  • +4

    Great deal but not really a "freebie" as you need to pay for postage.

  • Seems like a good deal to me, though I doubt most people will print 1200.

    Slighty off topic - does anyone know where you can get printed metallic gloss photos larger than the usual 5x7 for a decent price?

  • -7

    pppfftt arts cow they have got me twice

    I am still waiting for my free mouse pad and personalised post its from 6 & 10 months ago told they had been dispatched a few times.

    maybe if you get prints for Haleys comet back in the 80s you MAY just receive them in time for next time it comes around for comparision…

    Arts cow = con to sell your details on.

    • +1

      really i never have had an issue with artscow

    • +2

      Nah, they are pretty good.

    • +1

      I've gotten a notepad before.
      Don't have a whinge just because you didn't get something that you haven't paid anything for. Why would a legit company sell on details?

      • -1

        thats my point they are not legit

  • Not that great a deal because of the delivery fee, but they did send my free personalised mouse pad last time so thumbs up for that.

  • +1

    Never had an issue with artscow, great company. All products I've ordered (free or otherwise) have been of impeccable quality and delivered in a reasonable time.

  • Sorry to hear that Bidsta, I got mine long time ago, best mouse pad ever. THe quality is really good. Also their prints too.

    • the mousepad i did not really care about but the personalised notepads they spammed me about after i ordered the mousepad really annoyed me.

      i spent an hour designing it and than i had to pay 1.95 for it or some crap because it did not accept the code it gave me with the facebook like thing after spending so much time designing it i just paid it and 10 odd emails and 6 months later its still coming apparently.

  • +2

    free books at the moment too…..

    In an attempt to bring back the tradition, we are giving away 15 free 6" x 6" hardcover photo books to each and every member. You’ll have 3 to use each month for the next five months, so spread the word to family and friends.
    Coupon Code: 6X6BKS3X5
    Expiry Date: 2/8/2011
    Effective Period: 5 months
    TIP: Validate the code now and use the free credits on saved projects. Free credits will be automatically applied to your order.
    Log onto your Credit & Discount page and validate the coupon code.

  • Thanks for sharing this :) Even with postage, this is a fantastic deal. Thanks, again!

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