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Lenovo Watch X OLED Screen Smart Watch - Milanese Version US $59.99 (AU $79.50) + Tax & Shipping @ Zapals


Here is the Lenovo Watch X (10) announced about 4 weeks ago.
The watch has six sensors - Geomagnetic sensor, Barometer, Heart Rate scanner, Blood Pressure sensor, Gravity sensor and Gyroscope.

Price AU$79.50 + Standard (7-45 days) AU$4.94 + Tax AU$0.45 = AU$84.44


45 Days Long-lasting Duration

Electromechanical integration structure, 600mAh battery allows up to 45 days long-lasting standby. No longer requiring frequent charging and free you from trouble of looking for your charging cable again and again.

Milanese Wristband with Mesh Design

A modern representation of Milan in the late 19th century. Woven into a silky stainless steel mesh, it can be wrapped gently around your wrist. With its magnetic properties, the Milanese band can be adjusted freely to ensure it fits your wrist well.

Medical Grade 316L Stainless Steel Case, Anti-erosion and Wear-resistant

Imported premium 316L stainless steel adopted, high precision molding technology, combined with excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, creep resistance, through multiple fine polishing, makes the surface texture silky smooth.

OLED Display Screen

All your interaction can be viewed at the monochrome OLED color screen. Raise your wrist, the screen would present more beautiful moment.

Luminous Pointer, Your Guider in the Darkness

Classic traditional pointer design, crafted from high-end copper, with machine carving process. Luminous pointer enables you to check time even in the darkness.

Built-in Advanced Sensors

Built-in heart rate sensor, G-sensor, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, and blood pressure sensor, track your health and exercise data in real time.

Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity

Lenovo Watch X is a lightweight smart watch based on Bluetooth 5.0 technology, low consumption and faster data transmission.

80M Waterproof

Waterproof sealing process ensures normal use under 80m water pressure. No longer taking off your watch even while washing hands, taking shower, surfing, etc.


Brand Lenovo
Model Watch X
Material Sapphire Mirror (glass) + 316L Stainless Steel (case) + Stainless Steel Milanese Mesh (band)
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Waterproof Depth 80m (8ATM)
Battery Capacity 600mAh
Standby Time 45 Days
Product Size 42.5mm (dial diameter), 12.2mm (dial depth)
Package Contents 1 x Lenovo Watch X Smart Watch

Youtube Lenovo Watch X and Watch X Plus introduce

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  • GST on a $80 watch is not $0.45. What tax is Zapals charging?

    • CGST - C for chinese

    • GST is 10% for everyone.
      But if the package shows value of $4.50 then?
      That's how things come from China.
      Australian government is stupid they should have added tax on out going money points.

  • I am actually from Milan.
    I am really curious to understand why this is "A modern representation of Milan in the late 19th century".

    • +2 votes

      it refers to the mesh type bracelet. not being from milan, i'm not sure if they had a special fabric woven this way. These types of bracelets usually are refered to as milanese.

      does this watch actually measure blood pressure as described?

      • That is the first time I hear it but thanks for that. There are always new things to learn :)

    • its either the woven silk or, (and I can be off here….) Milanese pizza

    • During the Renaissance and baroque eras, goldsmiths in Milan made mesh from hand-wound wire spiral coils, which they fashioned into bracelets and necklaces. These jewelry pieces made of woven metal material were named for the place of their birth. Since then, the word milanaise (sometimes seen as milanese) has been used as the technical term for mesh within the watch industry.

  • whats the plus is different from the normal? so little info maybe someone can read chinese and let us knows?

  • is the battery rechargeable ?

    • Nope. You have to buy a new watch every time the battery runs out. That's how they get ya.

      • Well pretty sure the previous one doesn't https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/381381

        • I bought one of those. Very impressed with it. The app is so-so but the watch looks quite nice. The face seems extremely hard to scratch (I do a lot of work on bicycles and watches typically get scratched early and often - a few weeks in and this one's still blemish-free). The one in the OP is probably similar.

    • Yes, unlike the "9" Lenovo, this appears to have contacts on the back - so you need to recharge once every 45 days or so (assume once a month), depending on how much you use it.

  • Maybe put the actual final price in the title.

  • Do we get slugged with gst when it reaches custom?

    • it's paid at time of ordering. Shipping charge does not seem to attract the GST.

      So those "freebies" that Zapal does where you only pay postage, theoretically should be exempt from GST.

  • A +1 from me, just for making me aware that the thing exists. A quick search and there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what the differences may be between the two main variants (Watch X and Watch X Plus - also known as the Explorer Edition).

    According to this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9EWEOciKXM) the more expensive "Plus" variant has an additional air pressure sensor. Some sites say that the Plus will have temperature and blood pressure, and the standard won't have those. According to theses guys (https://www.gizchina.com/2018/06/05/lenovo-watch-x-is-a-mech...) the Plus/Explorer version has barometer and blood pressure, and the standard version doesn't have those.

    Looking at the spec sheets at 0:18 on the video above, it looks like gizchina is closest to being right ie the Plus adds in temperature and pressure sensors (the line under the AMO led bit basically indicates the watch is targeted at people who do outdoor living, with the next line saying it provides elevation estimates, pressure trend (could be blood pressure although it could also be barometric), and temperature. All missing in the standard watch. As I'd only be interested in it if it also does blood pressure, I might hold off for now until the Plus is available and the specs are more certain.

    FWIW No idea how the heck it would be able to measure blood pressure as to do that with any accuracy I'm pretty sure you need one of those cuffs, so I reckon it's barometric pressure. Happy to be proven wrong, but for now I remain sceptical. I've also had a watch in the past that measured temperature - it was not so great as it would be thrown off by body temperature so you needed to take it off to get a semi accurate reading. Just saying.

    • Agree with temperature measurement. Maybe one day they can put the temperature sensor on the glass so body temp won't interfere

    • Sounds perfect as an internal thermometer :P

    • Blood pressure can be measured with the same sensor that does pulse.
      Accuracy should not be relied on for blood pressure, as it is an extrapolated estimate not a direct measure

  • Hope this is a good Smartwatch, been angling for a decent looking one, let see how this one goes

  • i get Au $98.94 at check out?