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EB Games Managers Special: Little Big Planet 2 PS3 - $67


Our current "Managers Special" is LittleBigPlanet 2 on PS3 for an amazing $67! This deal is available at all our stores around Australia and on our website until the 15th of February, but only while stocks last. You can also trade your old games toward this deal to make it even cheaper. If you want to find out trade values for your games please call 133 930 from Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm or email [email protected]

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  • nice price for an Aus version

  • wow, that's a good price for a game that came out 2 weeks ago.

  • Anyone seen it cheaper from overseas?

    • Slightly cheaper from EStarLand and Axel Music according to GameCafe but it isn't completely correct, as shown by the EB Games price.

      Personally I would prefer this one, because shipping would be faster & you would be guaranteed no problems with DLC (not saying there will be, but you never know)

    • Approximately ~$57 from (inc. shipping) once you reach checkout.

      • Is there a discount code or something? 42 pounds is ~$67AUD…

        • Like I said, once you reach checkout, it'll come up with a final price of £35.55. It'll automatically deduct the VAT (UK Tax) pricing because we live in Australia. It'll take approximately £8 off because of VATs.

        • Ahh ok cheers, didn't know that they did that. I have been buying from Zavvi and they don't remove the VAT

      • $57.99 delivered from ozgameshop if you use the code INVITEONLY

        But this is a good price for Aus stock from EB!

        • Oh nvm it only works for whoever used their last code.

    • +1

      $62.99 from ozgameshop

      I'm not putting down this deal however, for a local copy that price is fantastic. This post was just a reply for the question by ozpanda.

    • Best one I've found is Ozgameshop's $63 - $5 coupon (INVITEONLY) = $58. Though this code was only for people who used a previous code last month. They might cross-check this with your account to see if you're eligible to use it. Take it to checkout to see if it clears before purchasing.

      • Yep, code didn't work for me - "This voucher code is only available to selected users"

  • If someone purchases and returns within 7 days, does that game get marked as used, or sold as new?

    • Sold as new.

      • Do they put plastic around them again?

        • +2

          In my experience I've never gotten plastic around my games from EB.
          Might be because they remove the games from the cases when they're on the shelf?

        • +1

          God no! They leave plastic only on games in the back-room. Often if it's out of the plastic you're getting a game game that someone has returned. Also the sleeves they put the discs in for display stock often scratch the disc.

        • Is that why you negged this deal??

        • -1

          That's not true, I always get brand new sealed copies from my local EB.

        • They only have sealed copies when they have a bunch in the store-room and even this is usually only the first couple days of launch of a popular item they took the time to over-stock. Everything else is… Put in the manual and disc in the case (which are stored in a little plastic sleeve in a big shelf).

          So yes, it's very possible that the 'brand new' copy of a game was abused thoroughly for 7 days before someone returned it.

        • -2

          I just want to point out to Maxamillion21 the every EB has a shrink wrapper out the back, so they can put the plastic on any game they like… The second a box comes in though the 1st job is to gut every case for the express purpose of not having anything being stolen, plus the second you return under the 7 day garuntee it gets a 2nd hand sticker put on it…
          The reason I know this? I used to work at an EB

        • +2

          Hey kennansoft, I Worked at EB too and probs longer than you. If you can't tell the difference between factory sealed and shrink wrapped I'm worried about you. Also I'd like to point out to you that's not how the stock system works. Only if it were returned under a GG would that be the case. I guess this is why you Christmas/mid-year casuals get fired at the end of sale time.

      • +3

        that's horrible practice

        • +3

          It's a great buy IMHO.

          The policy is a 7 day return on all brand new games as long as they are returned in the same condition (no scratches). You can't returned a scratched (abused) disc unless you paid for a warranted on the disc (usually $5) in which case they send the game back to be resurfaced and it then becomes preowned. I don't see how this is bad practice? It's a "trial the game" solution for the gaming market that has been flooded with rubbish games. If the person likes the game they keep it, if not they return it.

          Also you should check the disc if they pull it off the floor stock, they normally will show it to you..

  • +8

    Don't bother trading your games into EB. It is a waste of time as they give you peanuts for them.
    eBay FTW

    • True. Their rationale seems to be to offer 1/3 of the price they'll sell it for.

      Game has better trade-in deals (sometimes offering extra $$$ if you trade more than one game).
      JB has decent trade-in value.

      Ebay is not bad but it's a hassle. You pay commission and listing fees to ebay. If you accept paypal, you also lose a percentage to commission. Then you have to pack and post the games.

      • +2

        This is my sentiment exactly. With eBay, you have to set up everything yourself, monitor the sale, post it etc. Sometimes it's just easier to avoid the hassle and leave it at a local EB/Game store. Of course, you have to wait for good trade-in prices to bother, otherwise they'll buy your 2 week old game for $25, and put it back on the shelf at $95.

    • can not agree more148038

      PS3 120GB SLIM HW Trade In Price: $265.00
      142939 KILLZONE 2 PS3 Trade In Price: $9.00
      146905 GRAN TURISMO 5 PS3 Trade In Price: $40.00

      why bother?

  • +7

    @ EB Games REP

    Why not just give us the 'managers price' on ALL games?

    Tagged prices at EB are ridiculously high. Even some preowned games cost MORE than similar games at Game or JB Hi-Fi.

    The onus is then on customers to ask for a 'price match'.

    Why mess around? Offer the best price and we'll walk in the door. :-)

    • +3

      How dare they try and turn a profit :P

      • Indeed. If Big W, JB, Game can offer better prices, why can't EB?

        You mean, how dare they try to turn a LARGER profit. Or how dare they profit off the ones who are unaware of their price-matching policy (generally parents who are dragged in there by their kids). Out comes the wallet and $109 for a game that is $89 or $79 at JB several doors down.

        • Those other stores sell more than just games and can offset the lower game prices with other things in the store. For example, people can walk into Big W and get the game they want, and while they're there maybe even buy a few toys, some manchester and/or kitchenware. At JB, people will usually go in to buy DVDs also, and have you seen how ridiculously overpriced some of those DVDs are (especially if they're not the standard edition that everyone else sells)? And GAME don't really offer much better prices. Sure they have big markdowns on a few games occasionally, but generally a lot of their games are still at RRP.

        • +1

          I've read a few articles now regarding games at australian retailers Vs the rest of the world prices and just summarising, retailers blame high cost price from distributors (so they try and support their retail by trade-in business), distributors blame high shipping and low sales numbers for our region (due to trade-ins).

          Then when the question of Digitally Distributed titles on (such as Fallout: NV for example) which involve NO additional shipping than any other region commanding the full $89.95 while the US steam sells for ~US$45 (which is basically AU$45) Steam points at distributors controlling the region price point who in turn blame at retailers becoming upset about the possible loss of business to digitally distributed.

          From a local viewpoint, it's as it's been stated. Department stores that cater to a range of other things sell cheap to get sellers in the door in a hope they'll buy said other things. Might work with parents, but I doubt gamers wanting the game cheaply would buy a set of saucepans at the same time. EB have the option to buy in bulk as well though and I've been pushed towards pre-owned from salespeople for bigger profit margins. Basically, they prey on the uninformed that are happy to pay full RRP.

          Whatever the reason, australian gamers are screwed (although not as bad as a couple of other regions) and a lot of money is being made by someone, yet no-one wants to say who and just love pointing at someone else.

          Easiest way to sort it out is to import and show retailers/distributors australia won't tolerate it. Thankfully a lot more people are becoming aware of the savings to be had though sites like playasia, ozgameshop etc. and retailers have to drop their prices to move as much product as they did 12 months ago.

        • Big W can afford to sell a highly sought after items for next to no profit, because it gets you in the store and builds a positive brand image so you come back next time for everything else you ever need. It's called a 'loss leader'. EB sells only games. And they (sometimes) offer good customer service, and at the least, people who know about these games.

    • It's a Manager's Special not price. It's set by EB games hq anyway so it's not like the manager has a say in it at all. It's actually better than what you would get if you were the manager and it was at RRP.

  • It is great to see EB put out a decent price for a new release game for a change! +1 to EB my respect went up slightly.

    Also rep I have a question, I finished Dead Space 2 which I bought last Thursday and I dont want to keep it anymore. Can I return it and get my money put onto Bulletstorm?

    • +1

      If you can get in by the end of today, you can return it for the full price you paid, otherwise you'll be looking at trading it it.

      • i am going tonight at 8:30 to return it. its late night shopping in NSW today.

  • +7

    Just to let people know jb is selling it for a bit cheaper($64) but nevertheless its a great find at eb.

    • Great find. Is that also the in store price. Anybody know the trade in price at JB for Red Dead Redemption (360 version). Thanks.

  • Seeing "manager's specials" from EB always gives me the giggles now. I recall searching for Starcraft 2 when it was released and not surprisingly, the only place who had stock left was EB due to their relative pricing. There was a Starcraft 2 "manager's special" board stating to inquire within. I asked about the special and the chick behind the counter said that it only meant the game was "HOT" at the moment. Ridiculous.

    That said, the manager's specials in this case seems to be a price reduction which isn't bad.

    • Yeah so much for manager’s specials but beaten by JB now :)
      unless EB can come up with another special!?

  • +1

    JB (in Sunshine VIC) is selling it now for $64

  • +3

    Beaten by JB!

    • +1

      And you can get sealed copies from JB!

  • Can get from OzGameShop for $62.99 with free delivery..

  • Cheaper at JB Hifi, or OzGameShop. Not really a bargain.

  • Guys there is a JBHIFI rep here(he's secretive)

    • +3

      If it wasn't for this Manager's Special, JB's price probably wouldn't be $64, as they apparently check their competitor's prices daily to ensure they have the lowest price.

      You should be +'ing this deal.

      • +1

        …and we should be thanking Scotty and Ozbargain too. I reckon OzBargain plays a big part in the ongoing feud between JB and EB. It's a sort of love triangle, in a way. A bizarre love triangle.

  • jb does have it cheaper bought one today 100% sealed and new. Alot of times ebgames claims it's brand new but alot of the games are pre owned from the 7day return policy

  • +2

    Try returning the game to JB or any other retailer within 7 days if you clock it or don't like it. Who cares if the copy is sealed and pristine, only collector who will actually KEEP the game should care about that stuff. Other cheapsters (myself included) just want to play the game for a great price. Just enjoy the fact two stores are fighting over for the best price, it does't happen too often!

    • I gotta thank EB for coming out with the 'buy little big planet 2 and get DS3 controller for half price! deal first (then GAME matched it) I recently went into JB and they had jacked their prices up again after "beating" the competition for a short while - all stores do the same!! Pls just enjoy the deals when they come…

  • -2

    As commented on jbhifi listing: if you are patient and can wait 15 days for the game to arrive, a trusted Ebay seller has this for $56.55 including free shipping. On Monday our copy arrived from this seller:
    However, if you are impatient then pay more.

    • As commented on jbhifi listing: Asian version

      • -1

        The game is in English.

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