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4 Free Renewals UNLIMITED 1GB Mobile Plan When You Add a New Mobile Service @ amaysim


Luckily I didn't jump on the groupon deal

This is targeted and you should get a unique code by email


*New service must be activated by 31 July 2018

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Referral: random (453)

$10 credit to both the referrers on Unlimited Plans and referees. Referee needs to provide referrer with their email address.

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    Don't know how it works to get 4free renewals can't find were it says that any place from the link.

    • If your an existing customer, you should get an email

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    I don't really get how/why an existing customer would add a new mobile service but I'm disappointed to have parted with $8.95 prematurely.

    • eg. mobile for a family member with another carrier.

    • $8.95 / 6 months vs ($0 + whatever next deal you find x 2 months) / 6 months. They look to be about the same imo.

  • OP can you provide a screenshot of the email for reference? Thanks.

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      I'll do that when I get home tonight

      • We are getting reports from users that the deal is unobtainable.

        Has anyone else on OzBargain received the same email from amaysim?

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          Yes I have just received the deal via email for 3 different accounts that I had with Amaysim recently. I do not currently have an active service with Amaysim. In order to get the deal you need to sign up with them on an unlimited 1GB plan, enter a unique promo code from the email during checkout and then they will send you a SIM. Need to sign up by 12th July and the SIM needs to be activated by 31st July.

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          Indeed, here's a screenshot of my email.

        • @UKn0Me: Thanks @UKn0Me and @Rodo!

        • Yes. See a copy of the T&C in my post below.

        • Received this offer in email at 15:30 today. So emails may still be sent out.

        • Ported out a few days ago in order to get the groupon deal, and got this email yesterday

        • Yes got the email after port from amaysim to kogan.

  • Received same deal from vaya. Because we cancelled the service with them last month, vaya offer 4 free months to get customers back.

  • I don't understand what it means by adding a new mobile service? Does that mean I would have to buy another $10 sim? In that case it would be the same as the $10 I spent for the 6 months.?

    • It would mean porting/getting a new number. You order online, $0 is charged (but must have an approved payment method) for the $10 unlimted plan and sim delivery is free.

  • Jumped on the groupon deal for my mum and so happy I held off for myself! Got the email, interested to know if there's any upfront cost or if it's 4 completely free months - will check now but from the T&C it sounds like it's completely free.

    My email is a bit different, it says 'we miss you' as I ported out from them some time ago.

    • isn't groupon deal cheaper? this is $10 for 5 months instead of 6.

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        It seems to be completely free for first 4 months. I just signed up and didn't have to pay any initial $10. After 4 months I'll port elsewhere… Arguably groupon one is still pretty cheap, but free is free!

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          I can confirm it is free.

  • Awesome deal. Just received the email for an inactive Amaysim account. If only I had not signed up for recent Kogan and Amaysim deals…

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    got the emails today.

  • Does anybody know if the spare voucher codes are transferable to a different person than whom the email was addressed to? Am referring to the 'we miss you' emails. Just got another email of a slightly different kind, those ones can be used up to 3 times apparently.

    • I've recieved the email and at the bottom it says:

      Don't want this great mobile deal for yourself?
      Share this promo code with friends or family so they can enjoy the offer instead. The code can be used up to three times.

      So going off that, anyone can use a code up to 3 times.

      • Yes, I saw that. I'm referring to the ones in the 'we miss you' email, they're probably not tied to original recipient details. Just wondering how many codes in total I can give away to family and friends (and ozBargainers if there's any left over) if I count the ones in the 'we miss you' email, but to be safe perhaps I'd better only give away the codes in the non-'we miss you' email.

        • I received the ‘we miss you’ email and can confirm that the code is transferable. I redeemed the code under my own name and email and have just tried again using different details and it still works :)

        • +2

          @headphonejack: fab! If anybody needs a code please PM me, I have 2 left to give away.

  • We miss you, Reveen

    Hey Reveen,

    We've missed you. That's why we're gifting you 4 free renewals of our UNLIMITED 1GB mobile plan as a treat on us (normally $10 per renewal).

    This sweet deal ends 12 July.

    how to redeem

    1 Select the UNLIMITED 1GB mobile plan on our website

    2 Enter promo code XXXXXX during checkout

    3 We'll send out your SIM

    4 Make sure your SIM is activated by 31 July

    Offer available until 11:59pm on 12 July 2018. Eligible customers who place a new order for the UNLIMITED 1GB mobile plan using the unique promo code above will receive a free SIM and 4 free consecutive renewals of the UNLIMITED 1GB mobile plan. Only includes plan renewal costs. Excess usage will be billed at our usual rates. Promotion does not apply to existing mobile services. New service must be activated by 31 July 2018. Offer not available with any other promotion, is not transferable and can’t be exchanged for cash. Full promotion terms and conditions apply.

    • Promotion terms and conditions PDF:

      Special terms and conditions - amaysim mobile - 4 free renewals on UNLIMITED 1GB mobile plan

      Promotion Period

      12.01am (Sydney time) on 2 July 2018 to 11.59pm (Sydney time) on 12 July 2018

      Eligible Plan

      UNLIMITED 1GB ($10/28 days)

      Eligible Customers

      Customers who:
      place a new order for an Eligible Plan at amaysim.com.au;
      enter the applicable unique promo code provided via email when signing
      up; and
      enter an approved payment method when prompted;
      are eligible for the Promotion Benefits.

      To avoid doubt, existing amaysim mobile customers must place an order for a
      new (additional) mobile service. The Promotion Benefits cannot be applied to
      an existing mobile service, but can be redeemed a maximum of three times.

      Promotion Benefits

      Eligible customers will receive 4 free consecutive renewals of the Eligible Plan
      upon activation. The promotional code is valid for redemption until 11.59pm
      (Sydney time) on 12 July 2018 . The new SIM service must be activated by 31
      July 2018. The Promotion Benefits do not include excess usage charges.

      amaysim reserves the right to withdraw the Promotion Benefits for any Eligible
      Customer who has not activated their service by 31 July 2018.

      What happens when the Promotion Benefits expire?

      The ongoing renewal price will be as per the Critical Information Summaries
      current when the Promotion Benefits expire.

      General Conditions

      Not to be used in conjunction with an existing amaysim service.
      All other conditions of the amaysim Standard Form of Agreement, Fair Go
      Policy and the Price Table apply to the Eligible Customer’s agreement with
      All amaysim plans are for use anywhere in Australia and for personal use
      only. Excess data charges, other inclusions and exclusions can be found
      in our Critical Information Summaries. Additional data is $10/1GB.
      The Eligible Plan includes unlimited standard national talk and text and
      auto-renew every 28 days.
      Not to be used with any other offer, upgrade or voucher.
      Promotion subject to change without notice and may be withdrawn at
      amaysim’s discretion.
      Not redeemable for cash.
      Promotion Benefits may be withdrawn if payment fails at any stage.

  • Can you stack referrals with this to get free credit?

  • got a few of these codes, but unfortunately already bought the groupon deal

    • Hi mates, would you kindly share the spare code if you are not using it? thanks so much

  • I have a Xiaomi dual sim phone. Is it possible to use two Amaysim sims at the same time?

    • last time i was with amaysim (probably applicable to all optus mvno) it won't work on 2G. if your phone supports at least dual 3G, dual active sim card may work.

      • 2G is finished in Australia.

  • I have 3 spare codes available if anyone’s interested.

  • I have plenty of codes available. PM me if interested

  • I also have spare codes, PM me if interested.

  • +2

    I also have spare codes if anybody is interested

  • Free burrito. Still works.

  • could anyone can send me a code

    Big thanks

  • +2

    Got 3 spare codes, if anyone needs it.

    • Could you pm me the code. Thanks.

      • I just realised that you and I have incoming PM disabled. I fixed that, waiting for you now :)

  • I have 3 codes available. Bribes accepted.

  • Oh wow i got it cheers

  • can you use the same promo code to sign up to 4 times as stated ?

  • Does anyone have any codes left that I can use? THANKS

  • Got spare code for 2 more activations. PM me.

  • My code is 8QEDTR. "The code can be used up to three times."

  • Seems like these codes can be redeemed more than 3 times each. I’ve shared a code with 3 others and it still works.

  • +3

    my code: XBH8NV (2 remaining)

    • Thanks T-man, used your code once.

    • Thanks T-man, used your code once.

  • I have 2 spares, PM me for codes

  • My code:TND9LH (2 remaining)

  • Another code, new never used: T7UE93

  • Another code, new never used: WYU82G

    • just realised i have another code :)

  • 36Q323

    • how come you have so many :)

  • +3

    offer extended till 16th July

    • Our latest offer has been so popular that we've extended it for a limited time!
      There's still time for you to take advantage of a free SIM and 4 free renewals of our UNLIMITED 1GB mobile plan (normally $10 per renewal).
      Don't miss out, offer ends 16 July

  • I redeemed just now (after midnight) and it still worked.

    Still have one more code if it's still working during the day today if anybody wants it.

  • Can anyone advise what would happen if I change payment type to "Prepaid, BPay" and turn off auto-renew and then use up my 1GB of data? Will the service just stop like a prepaid service or ?

    • I changed payment to Bpay as soon as SIMs arrived.

      Will turn off auto-renew in the 3rd month, as it might not use the next 3 renewals for 4 x 28d otherwise! Set reminders.

      Watch out for excess data charges - easy to exceed with only 1GB!! They will bill you.

      Then it just changes to pay as you go SIM (with $0 credit) for a year. That's what happened to each of my Amaysim SIM in the past.

  • How do I active the sim? Thanks.

    • +1

      Try this link or activate from within your account.

      • I have tried both. If I go to the link, what should I do when come to the payment page? I also went to my account. After I pressed "active the sim" next to my number, it went to "plan" but nothing says the sim has been activated. I have inserted the sim to the phone, on and off and few times now. Still not working.

        • +1

          Hmm… I have had this happen once before with Amaysim, where I 'activated' a SIM but it didn't seem to do anything. Then a few days later it magically activated all by itself. Maybe wait a couple of days to see if it activates on its own or contact Amaysim if you can't wait or it still won't activate.

    • +1

      Just live chat with them and it will be linked and activated instantly.

  • +1

    Thanks for your help. Still no luck. Will live chat with them tomorrow.

  • +1

    Thanks for everyone's help. Had live chat and done.

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