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(Possible Error Fare) Qantas Airways to Christchurch, New Zealand from $210 Return via GoToGate (Mar-May 2019)


These fares are ticketed as both Qantas and Emirates, but all flights are operated by Qantas (Emirates is a codeshare partner). As these fares are less than half of the usual price ($450+), there is a possibility that they are error fares.

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  • There is also a $194 in there via Virgin. I'd definitely say this is a price error. Don't know much about Gotogate but says they have an office in Melbourne? Wonder if thats legit or just a virtual office.

    • Looking at my email history, I used them for a flight from SYD to AKL last year. Had no problems. But that's just an anecdote, of course, not data.

  • beware they might let you in to the plane and fly for 10 mins then start demanding you to pay the full price up there on the sky.

    ** sorry watching movies too much **

  • From which cities? Should be in the title

    • +11 votes

      Since the poster appears ignorant of the existence of the rest of Australia, one can deduce Sydney.

  • I wouldn’t trust them and I’m dying to go Christchurch


  • Where do you guys see Go to Gate? It's linked to iwantthatflight? Am I missing something haha

  • I was tempted and then I read 100 odd customer reviews. Stay away lmfao

  • I just tried and it wouldn't let me process the payment

  • $170 for this itinerary

    Dep: Thu, 7 Mar19:10 SYD Sydney, Australia
    Arr: Fri, 8 Mar00:15 CHC Christchurch, New Zealand

    Dep: Mon, 11 Mar06:25 CHC Christchurch, New Zealand
    Arr: Mon, 11 Mar08:05 SYD Sydney, Australia

    Highly likely price error and I doubt they'd honour it based on the reviews. All other booking sites are showing ~$450, no real reason for go-to-gate exclusively to have such low fares.

    Looks like they'd probably take the money and hold onto it for a while. I'd steer clear.

  • If you think it’s a price error, I recommend trying to get Jetstar to pricebeat based on what is available and currently showing on GotoGate. Then you can lock in a price 10% lower with them.

  • I was very happy to found 1 adult AU$ 189.94
    but… then
    2 Adults + 2 Children comes up as AU$ 1,434.99

  • Wouldn't recommend GoToGate. Booked flights with Malaysian Airlines through them a couple of years ago. Australia —> KL —> Paris. Malaysia Airlines discontinued their KL —> Paris flights. We never heard from GoToGate so checking the flights a week before departure we discovered they'd simply changed our flight to KL —> London because that was close enough to Paris. Required ringing them multiple days to get the issue sorted.

    • "…because that was close to enough to Paris" whattttt in the world were they thinking

  • So many people are asking to take caution. I would stay away then, the deal seems too good to be true.

  • totally fake…

  • Wouldn't recommend GoToGate too.

    Check their reputation first.

    Keep screenshot in every step.

    They may send you wrong itinerary AND you lost your money

    • agree, and they will never refund. And its not an Australian company if I am correct.

  • Gotogate / Gotogate Pty Ltd, Level 2, Riverside Quay 1 Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne VIC 3006, Australia

    However,,,,, Link https://au.gotogate.com/trusted-choice reads

    Gotogate is a part of Etraveli AB (publ) one of Europe’s leading e-commerce group for online travel with a wide range of airline tickets, hotel accommodation and other travel related services. The company operates in 46 countries.

  • Just booked my flight

  • +13 votes

    Do not EVER EVER EVERRRRRRR use Gotogate!

    The dodgiest company I've ever dealt with. They owed me $700 for a flight refund and I had to employ detective Columbo to track down a phone number to them, and kept getting the same old "Refund will be processed in 2-7 weeks" line, which dragged on for 6 months.

    I had to contact Skyscanner on Facebook and get them to personally intervene, as I found Gotogate through their site, and only then did I get my refund.

    Stay the F away!

  • Dates are a long way into the future, not a particularly amazing time, and sale fares have been around $250 a bunch of times. I'd say this is probably legit…

  • I flew on an Emirates / Qantas code share to CHC last year for $225 return from ADL.
    It was chaos at the airport for the return leg. Got a notification at 4am saying "your flight has been ca" and that was it.
    Must have been overbooked/ double booked. Got to the airport, they put us on Virgin and AirNZ flights to get home. Virgin announcing their wasn't enough food on the plane for all passengers etc.. But got there and back!

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    Melbourne guys - Just booked 2 tickets MEL-AKL with Qantas for $142 Return over easter. Won't make a separate deal on it, but OP Feel free to add to post.


    Also thanks OP for the initial SYD-CHC deal which made me explore other options.

    • +2 votes

      Can confirm I have received tickets and I'm able to see the booking on the qantas website through manage my booking

  • Upvote for the deal. Having said that, unfortunately no love for Brisbanites unless you want a 9 hour layover courtesy of Air Sydney. No thanks.

  • Looks like it might be gone now.

  • This is not a price error. You can definitely book and get a ticket but the ticket probably won't get you a flight. At least, not the one you booked for.
    You might be better to swim if you're that keen to get there on a budget.

  • didn't follow my advice, took the plunge on flights over Easter long weekend. SYD<->AKL with LATAM. 2 Adults, 1 infant. Tooooo cheap & I can always do a chargeback.

    It would only let me pay with a Visa credit card, mildly annoying +$20 more expensive, and I have rec'd the booking confirmation email from go-to-gate & the airline has my booking when I check the booking numbers online. HOWEVER the LATAM site says my fares haven't been paid for yet…. so I'll need to watch that closely, not sure if that's normal.

    EDIT: the payment message has disappeared, looks like a complete booking as far as I can tell. awesome.

  • I was unable to process the payment. Not trusting that site again

  • it seems the site only allows you to book one adult ticket at that cheap price, if you change the passenger to 2 adults or with 1 child, the price jump back to even higher then normal price

    • I booked 2 adults & 1 infant with LATAM SYD<->AKL $360. Higher than the quoted $58 when I searched for 1 adult, but still really good over the Easter long weekend.

      Everywhere else was 750-850

    • Question is really whether you can book another after the first IMO. Killer deal if you can..

  • Damn deal not live anymore boys :(

  • Got cancellation email:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    For technical reasons, unfortunately your both trips (//) has been cancelled.

    We will refund you the entire cost.
    The money will be refunded to the original form of payment.

    Please confirm that you have received this information by replying to this mail.
    We recommend that you book your tickets through the airline directly.

    Kind regards,

  • I’ve got the cancellation email and some official looking refund receipt they’ve cooked up.

    Thought this would happen, oh well

  • +1 vote

    Just got cancellation email. Too good to be true

  • Cancelled too.
    Going to start immediate request for refund through my credit card, not waiting for these guys.

    Wish I'd read the reviews first :( Lesson learned!

  • Neg for dodgy deal

  • Rec'd my refund already