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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Card, 75K Bonus Qantas Points, FF Platinum, 50K Bonus Points $0 Annual Fee for The First Year


Found these while randomly changing the URL syntax from this deal Much better for those who want Qantas perks.

UPDATE: Multiple people including myself have confirmed they have received this offer and where not existing ANZ customers.
If your still not sure, open a transaction account with ANZ beforehand (free with a $2000 deposit or meet their fee waiver conditions) then apply for the deal, then cancel after you receive the card.

ANZ FF Black:
75K Bonus Points - $2,500 spend in the first 3 months
Complimentary Insurances
Free For the First Year
2 x Qantas Lounge Passes
Minimum 75K Income

ANZ FF Platinum:
50K Bonus Points - $2,500 spend in the first 3 months
Complimentary Insurances
Free for the First Year
Minimum 35K Income

25K Bonus Points - $2,500 spend in the first 3 months
Free for the First Year
Minimum 15K Income

Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, or when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card or where you currently hold or have closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card within the previous twelve months. This offer applies only once per eligible customer.

Personally from reading a lot of credit card's Insurance PDS's recently, ANZ have one of the better complimentary insurance sets for their premium cards. Some other banks cards do have slightly higher payouts in some areas but ANZ's are still higher than others and include more (Interstate Inconvenience, Domestic Rental Excess etc..). Which is more than Westpac Altitude Platinum and Commonwealth Golds. Everything goes through Allianz these days anyway.

Note: This appears to be an outdated webpage and the application may or may not be honoured.

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  • "This offer applies only once per eligible customer." - anyone was rejected bonus points because had same card more than one year ago?

    • +4

      I think it is standard, lest someone with high income apply for 2 or 3 black cards. I applied for ANZ QFF Black for 3 times before (every 13 - 18 months), always got the points.

      If it is "only once" per lifetime, T&C can simply delete the "within the previous twelve months".

      • did it have the 'offer applies only once per eligible customer' when you last applied and got granted points?

        • Fair point. But usually most banks only put limits at 12 months. The only exceptions are ING (I still cannot apply for the transaction account cash rebate for being a former customer in 15 or 16), and the most nasty is…drum roll… Bankwest: the Qantas bonus transaction account is not available to old customer in ANY year.

        • @JWang: Coles told me that you would never be able to get the same credit card again when I was cancelling one of their cards.

        • @wdmhbbbwctcdlbc:

          Often that can mean you cannot get the exact same credit card and offer again in the future. However it may not mean you can't apply for and get a credit card with the current offer..

      • Is there a way to know the date that you have closed the previous card? I did mine a while ago but can't remember the date or even month.

        • if you still have anz login, sent a webmail to confirm, otherwise just call the helpline

    • +1

      Confirmed with online chat that it is ok as long as you haven't held an anz rewards card within the last 12 months.

  • $65 per additional card holder seems expensive. Is that a normal price to pay and are there ways around it?

    • +3

      Footnote 16:
      The Total Annual Fee, and any Additional Cardholder Fees and Rewards Program Services Fees applicable to additional cardholders on the account, will be waived for the first year.

      • Ah, fantastic, I completely missed that part. Thank you

        • +1

          Just make sure you add the 2nd card holder on application. I tried to add a card holder post approval and they wanted the fee from me.

    • +2

      Are you going to keep using this card after one year? If not, then just apply as many additional cards as possible, it’s free for the first year.

      • At $425 fee, highly unlikely. I did miss the part about extra card holders being free for the first year too, so that's great. Thanks

  • +24

    Found these while randomly changing the URL syntax from this deal..

    You win ozbargain

  • I don't like your chances of getting them to honour the deal just because you were able to find an old page they still had up.

    • +1

      Fair point, this is a bit of a concern

      • +4

        Actually just had look in my ANZ internet banking and was able to see these offers, so should hopefully be ok.

        Not sure how those without access to ANZ internet banking would be able to explain how they got the offer however.

    • Have used this deal for the past 2 years for both the wife and I and no issues applying or getting the points. Points just came in last month for mine so I wouldnt worry.

  • +17

    from reading a lot of credit card's Insurance PDS's recently

    Upvote just for this

  • Don't think this will be honored. This page is from 2015:
    "These fees are current as Tuesday, 24 February 2015 and are subject to change. "

    • I had this exact deal payout for the black card less than 3 months ago, so I believe it still works.

    • Found this in my ANZ internet banking as per @djkelly69, so this deal should work (for existing customers at least…)

  • Going through the application process the last page confirms no fee for the first year.

  • Fee after first year?

    • Footnote 16:
      After the first year for ANZ Frequent Flyer Black, a Total Annual Fee of $425 applies which includes a $370 Annual Account Fee and a $55 Rewards Program Services Fee, for additional cardholders an Additional Cardholder Fee of $10 and Rewards Program Services Fee of $55 will apply per additional cardholder on the account.

  • just applied, lets see what happens :)

    • just got approved. And i am not an existing ANZ customer.

  • +1

    So this card is more for apply then get point then cancel and rinse and repeat ?

    Not worth keeping for long term?

    • Yep

    • I believe it is one of the highest earning QFF cards on spending, so could be a keeper if you need a daily card and want to earn QFF (for a year anyway, not worth a $425 annual fee).

      But most people go with the apply, cancel, repeat as ANZ has had this or a similar offer for a number of years, so you will hopefully be able to take it up again in 12 months.

      • Yes it's 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to and including $7,500 per statement period. This is the highest for a Visa/Mastercard I am aware of but the fee is very high.

  • Anyone know what's the process if you are already with ANZ? Do you just call them and say you either want the deal or just cancel and re-apply. I mean you basically are telling them you are 'gaming' the system but I'm hoping this would be just more time efficient and less annoyances.

    • +1

      “Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, or when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card or where you currently hold or have closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card within the previous twelve months. This offer applies only once per eligible customer.”

      • Thank you, missed that!

  • +2

    Does anyone know how they verify your income?

    • Usually u have to provide 2 recent payslips

    • You'll need to provide your 2 most recent payslips. In some cases they may also contact you/your employer to verify a few things.

      • Thanks. What if you are self-employed? I guess, they may want to see your last tax return…

        • Hmm I would assume so, as they are assessing your annual income that would probably be the case. Perhaps ring up or chat to an online rep and see what they say.

  • Does this card have an overseas transaction fee?

    • yes there are overseas fees

  • 75K points how far can you fly return trip?

  • So to avoid the fee, you just cancel before the end of the first year? And you still get to keep the points?

    • Yep….spend the qualifying amount within the period stated and then the points are usually credited within a few weeks of that.

      Then once the points are in your QFF account you can cancel and the points remain. If you really wanted to you can use the card for 11 months as it gives a decent return on QFF points per $ spend. and then cancel.

      Or like many, once you get the points, cancel and reset the clock for the next 12 months so that when the offer pops back up you can re-apply.

  • black https://www.anz.com.au/promo/personal/credit-cards/ib-reward...
    platinum https://www.anz.com.au/promo/personal/credit-cards/ib-reward...
    rewards https://www.anz.com.au/promo/personal/credit-cards/ib-reward...

    For the ANZ Rewards version of this offer instead of Qantas FF, these are on a separate 12 month exclusion period.

  • Repeating cancelling your card before the year and then signing up elsewhere, does this affect your credit rating?

    • +1

      Everything impacts the rating. Even closing a card.

    • +2

      According to Canstar:

      Here are 10 things to avoid in order to maintain a healthy credit score:
      Missing a repayment
      Maxing out your credit limit
      Applying for balance transfers too often
      Closing credit cards that have a good repayment history
      Applying for several credit or loan products at once
      Getting a judgement
      Ignoring errors on your credit report
      Not alerting creditors when you change your name
      Borrowing money to boost your credit score
      Not regularly checking your credit report

      • +3

        Closing credit cards that have a good repayment history

        But if you have too much credit it will increase the risk to banks…..

        • Yes I closed a card and my credit dropped 200 points, nothing else had changed.

        • @Yola: oh that explains why my credit dropped aswell when I closed my ANZ QFF black.

      • Maxing out your credit limit

        Damn.. Didnt know that. My cards are constantly maxed

        • I would've thought that would increase it if you pay your statement on time. Strange how credit gets calculated.

        • I think we’re reading credit scores backwards.
          e.g. Person A always pays bills on time in full, the lender makes nothing from them (apart from glorious spending data). Person B has defaulted on a couple of payments and only pays the minimum balance, the lender gets a steady income stream from this customer. If you’re a lender who’s in the business of making money, you’d take your chances with Person B right?

        • @muncan:
          As ppl have mentioned its not as simple.

          I always pay my cards on time so ive made them no profits on repayments.
          But they make money on merchant fees.

          Sometimes they treat me like im their number one customer. Sometimes the opposite

      • +1

        Honestly what I've learnt from reading about credit scores is that you simply can't win. Sometimes even having a good score doesn't guarantee that you can get approved… So IMO, get a job that pays well, then that will maximise the possibility of getting approved.

        • define "well"?

          over 50K?

        • @Homr:
          I'm thinking 80…

        • @clse945111: ….i'm not living my best life then :(

  • Got my points on the last offer nice and quickly but the wife hasn't got hers yet - applied separately for her own card (not a secondary card). There didn't seem to be anything in the terms and conditions that the deal was only one per household, just one per person. Anyone successfully got points after their partner applied?

    • +1

      yes. My partner and I both got our points. Although we applied at different time of the year

  • -1

    can someone please explain how this works?!

    how many points do i need to upgrade return business class from ADL to SYD ?


      • 18,000 (36k return) one way on an already over priced Qantas deal…

        so basically its worthless then?

        and thats if you are lucky to be approved the upgrade!

        • I wouldn't upgrade a domestic trip, collect more points and upgrade a international flight.
          But usually Ozb's sell their points and earn money.

        • Rack up 140k points and redeem a RTW trip.

  • +1

    for those who had experience with applying and the insurance cover.

    Q: When applying for additional card. Do you end up having 4 Qantas Lounge access? 2 for yourself and the other 2 for partner?

    Q: When travelling with partner and kid (under 3), do you just use the 1 pass?

    Q: Travel insurance - what are your experience with them? Are they a good replacement for your 3rd party travel insurers? I previously use InsurenGo.

    • +1

      Q: When applying for additional card. Do you end up having 4 Qantas Lounge access? 2 for yourself and the other 2 for partner?

      You only get two passes per Main card

      Q: When travelling with partner and kid (under 3), do you just use the 1 pass?

      One pass per person .. I'm not sure about a kid under 3 though ..

      • In regards to passes, you'd need to use 2 for the adults. I think you are able to have up to 2 kids (under 18) per adult for free.

    • what about the participating lounges? I read the fine prints - it's probably safer to apply additional card for the spouse so you both effectively wouldn't face issue getting in (albeit it does say you can bring a guest in).

      When it comes to taking the kid - i guess this is very much at their discretion. Again - i'm referring to participating lounges and not Qantas

  • Applied last night and got approval this morning.

    • Were you an ANZ customer before applying?

  • Internet Banking offer… I'm not an ANZ customer so I wonder if I'll be hit with a credit check then ultimately rejected as it wasn't a specific offer directed at me… Those who aren't ANZ customers and signed up, let us know how it goes… Don't want to wait too long because there isn't a specific end date to the offer, unlike Westpac's Altitude.

    • +1

      I got mine a few months ago and wasn't an ANZ customer - you will be hit with credit check but you'll get the card if you pass and can verify your income

    • Goes through damn quickly. Good luck.

      • My credit check took 8 days

    • +1

      Have had this card 4 times now and yes you will get a credit check on each application whether you are a customer or not. And CC companies check your score before approving the card.

  • Can someone confirm that this will work?
    Modify the URL may give ANZ an excuse to not honour the deal?

  • Will council rates, water bills and rego count towards eligible spend to meet $2500 ?

    Just applied online.

    • No, most card providers have changed it such that any government & utilities transaction no longer counts.

  • I had an online chat before apply and here is the response I got:

    As this offer is an internet banking offer offered for targeted customers, you are not eligible for this offer, as usually before the rewards could be given, we would match your account profile and the offer to determine if you would be eligible for the offer.

    • That would be annoying to get a credit hit and a rejection if you don't qualify for the offer but @vk2him mentioned they received this last time - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/6139023/redir

      • +1

        But the offer at the time was publicly accessible via links on the ANZ website….it only changed to partial fee rebate back in June when the no Annual fee offer was removed (which had been going for ages ). Note: I’m already a customer and can see this offer thru internet banking.

        This is similar to the October 2016 offer, which people still got, mind you I opened an account before applying. - read here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/270113

    • Open a bank account first then apply for the card?

      • Well I am buggered, looks like I will have to wait and see the outcome as I applied without opening account. Mind you I have previously been an ANZ customer with Internet Banking access so hopefully it works out. Spoke with someone on the phone and they said it should be ok.

  • I called them up to see if they would accept balance transfers and the rep said that the first year fee was no longer being waived and that it was a previous deal that was.

    So im not sure they'll honour it. Can anyone confirm? Its either this or the AMEX Westpac Altitude one. This one has less spend so its better. If the fee is actually waived

    • Maybe do what some other people have suggested - open a bank account first, then apply for the card via their internet banking site?

  • Just had a look on my Anz internet banking and I have this offer. I just applied for the Westpac offer though… I think it’s time to get access to my credit score to see if it can take another hit :p

    Note - the link I have says 75,000 REWARDS points. Not sure what the conversion to QFF points is but it says 75k rewards = 37.5k Velocity points

    • you're looking at the wrong offer. keep scrolling.

  • +1

    Question : does it have to be payg income of 75k

    Can it be 65k payg plus 10k rental/share income

    • I was approved with income of 65k payg income shown. Didn't bother proving alternative incomes.

      • Thats reassuring thanks.
        Ive just applied with total incomr at 75k.

        Now theyve asked for last tax return. Which doesnt shoe the incomr as ive only been employed there for a year.

        Will be interesting

  • Has anyone who is not an ANZ customer managed to get this credit card deal?

    • +2

      I did, yesterday morning and got a message after lunch. Receiving the card in 3-5 days

      • But no confirmation if the promotion is honored thought right? I rxpect to only see it in the mailz

  • I closed my previous card last Jun or July..can't recall exactly. Was wondering if there is a way to call ANZ and find out the date of last card closure?

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