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amaysim $10 Recharge Vouchers $1 (Voucher Expiry Date 20 May 2019) @ Woolworths


Amaysim $10 Recharge Vouchers have a $9 discount at the self serve checkout so you pay $1 each.
Each voucher prints on a separate receipt so you may have a wad of paper to carry when you leave :)
I bought 10 for $10 this morning spread over two purchases.
The expiry date on the vouchers is 20 May 2019.
Couldn't see it advertised anywhere.

Appears to work in Woolworths supermarkets and not in Metro shops

Update. Too good to last. The deal is effectively over as people are getting out of stock errors for the eVouchers.
Comments indicate that the $9 discount for $10 recharges may have been intended for $10 starter kits.

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  • can these vouchers stack and be used for a $30 recharge? as in use up 3x $10 vouchers to recharge on a $30 plan?

    • I would like to know as well…

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      I just confirmed via their support that staff that vouchers can be used to pay for monthly renewals. I bought 14 of them and I am good till December now.

  • Price error? Which store?

    • Karmduit commented that the deal expires today so sounds like it must have been advertised somewhere and isn't a pricing errror.

      • Turns out the expiry was for a different deal.

  • How does this work?

  • Cheapest "plan" is $10 and gives not much inclusion. Now if you already have an amaysim sim with your number on it, you could get say the $40 plan by buying it with $40 recharge credit (4x$10) for 4*$1 = $4. If you don't alreay have the sim and there's no way to get one sim only like for $2 or whatever like optus sims, this is much less of a value proposition. Is there a way to get a sim from them cheaply?

    • buy a gourpon deal?

    • 7-11s sell $2 sims

      • Nevermind guys answered my own question - there appears to be an awesome cashback deal from shopback still going on where you can make $20 by gettign $60 cashback for a $40 plan - ends July 15th. You could get that, turn off auto renewal then recharge the account with these cheap credits. Could be good to add to the post OP? Cheers.

        • is this confirmed to work though? we bought that cashback sim and this would be a great way to keep using that number. thanks!

        • With all these Amaysim deals at incredible prices, Got to have some concern that maybe they are cashing out before doing a runner. At least maybe building up subscribers for a buyout.

          Then again there maybe an "innocent" explanation.

          I guess for a dollar a sim there is little to lose. But banking on a cashback that doesnt make economic sense ($40 back for $20 spend) might just end up painful.

        • +1

          @RockyRaccoon: Huh? Do you really think this ASX listed company are quietly using Groupon to cash out before doing a "runner". I can see the headline in the Fin Review - "AYS staff vanish with moolah"

        • @Ruckmauler: Many listed companies have gone bust. DS for example.

  • How can you made the purchase from self check out?

    I means do you need to search in the screen?

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      There is a recharge button near the bottom of the screen. Select $10.
      Keep repeating the process until you have enough or reach the transaction limit.
      Check to see that you have selected the one with $9 discount and they are $1 each.

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    This is one of their $10 deals.

    1GB data and unlimited calls/sms for 28 days.

    Not bad for $1

    • +1

      With unlimited calls/texts, this deal works great for anyone who doesn't need much mobile data. My mother gets by fine with 1gb month, I just remind her not to watch videos or listen to music streaming.

      • This deal was also great for anyone needing lots of mobile data as the recharges could be stacked and used for higher value plans.
        $5 for 20GB instead of $50 for 20GB.
        You could add a nice pool of credit to your account for one tenth the usual cost.

  • I'm a little sceptical…

    Also note - this can only be redeemed for prepaid Amaysim services.
    Not valid for postpaid numbers.

    • I don't think Amaysim has any postpaid plans, right??

      • Well, not any more (for new customers).

        For existing postpaid customers new services can be added as postpaid but recharge vouchers cannot be used for non-prepaid services.

  • can voucher used on internet plans?

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    Don't forget your free 15¢ plastic bag to carry all those paper vouchers. Offer extended indefinitely.

  • I have an Amaysim number PAYG as backup number, but have to recharge it every six months. It would be fantastic for me if it works.

  • I assume you can recharge early if you use all your data before the 28 days is up? My wife probably uses 1.5 gig (thats what she gets now, usually ends up using it up a day or 2 before her credit would normally expire). Given the recharges are so cheap no reason she couldn't recharge every 18-20 days for the next 1 gig.

  • +1


    Will go well with the 4 'months' free SIM that I got using a code a fellow Ozbargainer gifted me.

    That deal expires today if anyone is interested.

    Thanks OP!

    • Thanks, will go back for more.
      Discovered you can stack the recharge credit to make purchases later and the balance has an expiry date 365 days from now.
      How did you find out when the deal expires?

      • karmduit's expiry comment is not for your deal, it is for the free 4 months deal (targeted).

        • Thanks. Removed the expiry date.

  • Didn't work at Southern Cross (Melbourne) Woolworths self serve. $10 recharge went through for $10.

    • Don't think it works in Metro shops. They miss out on some deals only available in supermarkets.

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    i wonder if its nationwide or specific store. did anyone else tried it Except OP ??

    • Heard that it only works in supermarkets and not in Metro shops.

    • +2

      Worked for me at Ermington NSW

  • God damn I REALLY regret getting that Kogan year long deal now. Holy shit this is some good deals.

    Almost too good.

    They better not be going out of business or something.

    • I'm kind of happy, becomes a once a year transaction, not scrambling through deals and setup to make it work.

      Cost about $12 a month for 12 months for me, 7gb plan. At 11 months in I'll keep an eye out for cheap recharges.

      However my girlfriend is on amaysim so I won't say no to this.

      • See, I'm happy with it too, but I have an Amaysim account open right now, I'm waiting on my latest month to expire in about a week before I activate my Kogan SIM, so this would have worked perfect for me.

        I'm not one to jump between deals all the time like some dudes on here, but at this price, until May next year, I could stack almost a full year for 10 bucks or so, that's just plain great.

  • How do you buy mobile recharge voucher from self serve check out? There is option on screen to select mobile recharge voucher?

  • Picked up a few at Kingscliff and Tweed Heads

  • The expiry date on the vouchers is 20 May 2019.
    but after recharge to phone it can last longer right?

    • Yep it lasts until whatever the plan ur on. So 30days on the $10 cap or 365 days on payg

    • After recharge, your phone will last until it reaches 0%.

      After recharge, your credit will be valid for the duration of the plan you are on.

      • I am on 365 days payg, so if I recharge right after my current plan expires, will it give me another 365 days?

        • On that plan you will get 365 days expiry from the date of every recharge.

  • Didn't work at met centre sydney cbd wynyard woolies

    • Goto town hall station. I got mine there

    • Sure it's not a Woolworths METRO?

      Often they don't have the promotions.

  • gotta love amaysim.

  • Can I ask two questions here: When does this deal expire? And, I am currently on a $10 amaysim plan. Can I buy a whole bunch of these and recharge my account to be fully paid for a year or more?

    • The expiry for the deal is not know at this stage. Haven't seen it advertised and just going by what shows on the screen at the self checkout.

      If you add too many vouchers to your account the PAYG balance may expire in 365 days.
      Adding more vouchers later may extend the balance expiry but haven't check to see what happens.

      • +1

        Thanks mate. I'll try 12 for me and 12 for my wife then

  • Just bought a bunch and realised the expiry was 10 July 2019, so got a few more.
    1 year of Amaysim for $13 :D

    • Can we recharge them altogether at once,and Amaysim deduct monthly plan fee automatically?

  • Anyone know of Woolies in Melbourne this will work? Big W perhaps?

    • seems to work in multiple states at normal supermarkets but not Metro stores. Wouldn't expect it to work at Big W, but you never know until you try.

  • +1

    Stupid question probably but can I use these to pay for my $40 15 gb unlimited plan?

    • +2

      Yes you can.

      • Thanks mate. Just got some

  • +9

    The machine kept spitting the vouchers out. I felt like such a high roller


      woolworht much better. at coles they do 1 long voucher instead of cutting them into each

  • any one tried Woolworth chatswood?

  • +2

    Hope Amaysim are still in business for another 12 months? I purchased 14 at self checkout Greensborough VIC. Transaction limit of 7 so 2 separate transactions. Expiry date 10 July 2019.

  • Can anyone help with how these recharge vouchers work?

    I just bought the Groupon unlimited 1GB for 6 x 28 days plan.

    • So if expiry of the voucher is 20/05/19 then can I purchase 5 or 6 vouchers to keep the plan going for a year?
    • Do I need to recharge the plan every 28 days or can I just add the recharge vouchers in my account all in one go? If this is possible then theoretically I could by a heap of vouchers and keep the plan going indefinitely (i.e., more than a year)?
    • And can I upgrade to another plan (e.g. unlimited 5GB plan for $30) and use recharge vouchers to do the upgrade and then keep this going for a year (or more)?
    • Yes to all except vouchers expire 12 months from the date added to the account. So you could redeem the vouchers on the expiry date of 20/05/2019 and they will be valid till 20/05/2020. My vouchers have expiry date of 10/07/2019.

  • Alrighty, I've just received my new amaysim 6 months for 8 dollar sim. Obviously 6 months means it runs out in early Jan. These vouchers are valid until April next year.so if I get 4 of these, I'm good? Can I add them immediately, or will I have to preserve them in carbonite until next year?

    And they guy above must have been typing as I did… :)

  • Can we recharge them altogether at once,and Amaysim deduct monthly plan fee automatically?

  • No problems purchasing at Kingston Tas. Max 7 per transaction. In the process of applying 12 to my account and 12 to my wifes account as I write this. Expiry is July 2019. My assumption is Amaysin will just deduct the credit monthly instead of deducting paypal like it currently does. Thanks again OP, you just saved me $216 for the next year.

  • +1

    Out of stock as it was processing activation, not even one

  • Apparently you can put all vouchers at once


  • Out of stock nationwide and have to explain self serve cashier as it flashes the red light when it finds there is no stock during online verification

    • +2

      Seriously, a negative vote? You'd rather I don't take the time to explain how it works so others can benefit?

    • Same here - red flashing - I just shifted to another till and bought my $1 choccie there (to recharge me after dashing to Woolies on foot)

  • Thanks OP, quickly left my lunch and poped to nearest WW. Seems as though I was the last ones that able to get a few

  • +2

    lollll out of stock for an electronic voucher

    • Ha! Exactly! It's not a real physical thing, it's a infinitely creatable resource, up to their capacity to add new subscribers. Oh well, there goes my plan to pay $2/month for the 2.5 GB unlimited plan (as 1 GB is just too low) for 3 months after the $20 cashback for 1 month of service offer ends…

    • +3

      Guess they had to end the promotion before they ran out of receipt paper for those buying groceries.

  • Just tried at Miranda, Out of stock.

  • Discount loaded but transaction wouldn't process, error out of stock.

  • Wow .. Even virtual goods got brodened

  • out of stock

  • +1

    shit. missed out by literally minutes. so pissed

  • +1

    dam its gona be a pain to take photos of each of my 50 receipts cuz they will fade after a few months.

    • Poor you! lol

  • +4

    Chated with amaysim, they said it would be out of stock for that specific woolworths (get a quota). Either ozbargainers were at ur store before you or it is in fact nationwide. Anyway I'll Prob try 2morrow incase its restocked.

    Edit: Further they said the only offer they are aware of is 10$ starter pack for $1 at both Coles and WW….maybe someone can try at Coles too???

    • +2

      i tried coles. no deal

      • Bugger. Think it might be a ww error?

    • +3

      I tried Coles….no joy.

    • Woolworths must have offered the $9 discount on the $10 recharge instead of the $10 starter pack.
      No wonder they pulled the pin on the deal when it became popular.

  • -1

    Saved closed to $220.00 thanks OZbargaiers….2 no for an year with 10 months between then from 6 months at$8.67 and 4 free months with another no and rest 14 months with $14.00 in total instead of $240.00 for 2 no for 1 year…got it for $19.00…thats a bargain…

    • +8

      nice of you to not upvote.

    • +1

      Reading that hurt my brain.

  • Bugger, I was just about to leave and get this. Thanks for sharing though OP

  • Got a few from coles (scanned at $1) and woolies. The Coles lady said they come activated but receipt has many numbers hopefully they are all not activated today can someone confirm

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