expired Purchase a LG G7 ThinQ Phone from Participating Aust. Retailers & Redeem a Bonus LG ThinQ Speaker Valued at $299 from LG


Cheapest place I could find for the phone was here at ~$900 - in blue or black

Should be able to bargain it back from Officeworks, who are retailing it at $1049 - only in black

Note: this is the 64Gb version. There is also a 128Gb version, but not at officeworks.

Details for the speaker are here - which looks OK with 30W power, Google Assistant and upsampling to 96KHz and 24 Bit

Details on the G7 phone, compared to an iPhone X and LG V30, its previous flagship

Phone Review is here

Important Terms:

  • Claims for the speaker must be within 10 days of purchase

  • "'Participating Australian Retailers' means a participating Australian retailer who is authorised by the Promoter to make available the promotional offer during the Promotional Period.

  • 'Purchase' means the purchase of the Participating Product during the Promotional Period from a Participating AustralianRetail Outlet.

Purchase does not include: (i) rental payment plans (ii) lay-buys purchases; (iii) commercial or business transactions involving the purchase of more than three (3) units total of Participating Products; (iv) purchases via eBay or other online bidding or auction; (v) second hand products or ex display stock (vi) purchases from retailers not authorised to participate in this promotion or (vii) purchases made in conjunction with any other Promoter offer.

  • A limit of one (1) claim per Purchase is permitted.

  • Following registration, eligible claimants must provide a copy of the purchase receipt or tax invoice indicating the eligible claimants name and address, date of purchase, model number, IMEI serial number, photograph of the IMEI number on the packaging of the Participating Product(s) and name and address of the Participating Australian Retail Outlet by either (1) uploading a copy through the website; or (2) printing the claim form and posting both the form and the receipt or invoice to: LG G7 Promotion, PO BOX 607, Eastern Suburbs Mail Centre NSW 2004

  • The delivery of the Bonus Product will commence from 29th June 2018 and may take up to six weeks from that date.

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    Cheaper on ebay ~825 with proxy

    Ebay link


      ebay is not an authorised seller to partake in the free speaker offer. See T&C's in the post by the OP.


        They're an authorised partner of this promotion :)

        "Thank you for participating in the LG G7 Promotion 2018.

        Your claim has been reviewed by our promotions team and validated!"

        Having done a couple of these promos with LG before, they're usually not too fussy with validating claims. If you go back through previous bargains like the 360 Cam, they often paid out on people who had even purchased outside the timeframe, given they extended this already? Probably have a lot left to shift.

        PS: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjtOlVmhNGD/?hl=en
        (There's a whole extra pack of freebies if you sign up through the phone app)


          Good to know, thanks. Im quite sure they'd be keen in getting them into peoples homes before more consumers buy a Google Home or Alexa device.


    You sure you want to buy from a store whos warranty starts like this?

    Manufacturer Warranty Terms: You can be rest assured that your product will be covered by industry standard manufacturer warranty terms depending on the plan purchased plus the following benefits:

    No Lemon Guarantee: After the 2nd repair and upon the event of any 3rd repair We will under the terms and conditions of this PSP at Our discretion provide a comparable model replacement for our faulty product. Total accumulated repairs costs will not exceed original purchase price of product.

    $1200 Replacement: For faulty items that cannot be viably repaired up to the retail value of $1200 including GST, We may replace the product with a similar specification product. Product Health Check: During the period of Your PSP You will receive one health check contact to ensure Your product is properly maintained and in good working order.


    I wouldn't…just a case of getting a local price to Officeworks and buy from there…and missed the ebay pricing as well.

    Never heard of a "similar specification" replacement policy, after "X" repairs. If its a lemon, why aren't they swapping it back to LG for a new one, if within the warranty and a "not your fault" fault.


    Doesn't becextech sell grey imports? Their Australian warranty could mean they're service centre is based in Australia. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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