expired CHINA SOUTHERN. Beijing Return from MELBOURNE - $385, SYDNEY- $420, BRISBANE - $443


Don't normally post Chinese airline deals, but I thought I would share this one that I found few days ago.

Destinations: Beijing

Airline: China Southern

Departure Dates: 3-10 August 2018

Valid: Till sold out

  • Melbourne – $385

Not as cheap, but still decent -

Why Book This Flight:

  • Cheap flights below $500 return (below $400 from Melbourne).
  • Flights are via Guangzhou with short transit times (1-2 hours in most instances).

Frequent Flyer:

Sky Pearl Club (Sky Team Alliance).

This deal books itself “T” class and earns 25% of miles flown.

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    "Don't normally post Chinese airline deals"
    what??? you must post them….


    I don't understand the hate for China Southern, it's usually seating leg space (which is standard) & quality of fellow passengers that keeps getting mentioned.


    Wei shenme bu

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    I've flown china southern a few times. If you are not short try to book extra legroom. If you are wide in the shoulders try and book aisle seats - it is miserable otherwise (this is the best you'll get without springing for a class upgrade which sort of defeats the purpose of flying a budget airline imo). If their online checkin system fails all hell breaks loose tho (they don't have many staff at checkin and most of the chinese passengers going to china for business/family etc usually checkin online) - think several hours in checkin line for a big flight. My biggest criticism is their website is awful and hard to use (crashes, not translated well into english), and the checkin times when said website goes down. Food is generally good - unless you're averse to it get the chinese option, have found it to be better than the "western option" every time. In flight entertainment is generally good, they do have a weird rule about not using mobile phone on board (not for calls data but for everything - camera, music, video etc) - this rule is heard in the pre flight briefing and enforced by the cabin crew. Baggage - on some flights they give you 2x20kg bags rather than 1x32kg - something to check if you are going to bring a lot of weight in only 1 checked bag. Guanzhou airport is boring (but luckily in this deal you won't be there long) - but can be slow to transit! From my experience 1hr is dicey, 2hrs is generally ok.

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