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Dell XPS 13 9370 (Latest Model) Laptop 8th Gen i5-8250U 256GB SSD 8GB RAM Intel UHD620 FHD 1080p $1574.25 @ Dell eBay


Cheapest I've seen it so far, could be wrong though.

Fully featured eGPU support (the future of portability and value gaming) unlike the previous model.

Was looking at this, but decided to stick with an eGPU for now and swap my laptop out next year sometime (I'm broke XD)

Original 25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for non-eBay Plus Members Deal

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    I wanted that XPS 9570 listed on their website but they said they will not add it to the eBay store in the near future.

    Would have loved that i9, 32GB, 1TB and UHD for video edditing while travelling.

  • Tempted with this one.

    Can we upgrade the RAM ourselves? Anyone knows how much it will cost roughly to replace bump up the RAM to 16GB?

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      RAM is soldered on the board.

      The SSD can be upgraded though.

    • you really want the 8550, especially if using with a eGPU

      • True but the i5 is still quad core so it should manage fine

  • The battery life has been reported as no where as good as the prior model 52w vs 60w.
    Still lasts for a whole day but a ~3.5 hours less, and far worse again if you leave the resolution at 4k.

    • Who knew that 8Wh could account for about 30% reduced battery life..

      You sure you go that right? I know it's battery life is a bit less, but 3.5 hours sounds off.

    • Mine lasts me around 10-11 hours a day

    • This is the 1080p model

  • $300 more gets you i7-8550U, 16gb Ram and 512gb SSD

  • Just remind to google 'xps13 battery swelling' and look into the problem before you buy

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