This was posted 2 years 6 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Buy 1, Get 1 FREE offer on Universal Studio Japan Passes. 2 Adult Tickets ~ $50


Got this in my inbox. Expire today.

Exclusive USJ Promo Code Offer
⚡️ Buy 1 get 1 FREE
⚡️ Use promo code USJB1G1AN at check-out
⚡️ Booking date: Until July 15th, 2018
⚡️ Travel date: Until August 31st, 2018
⚡️ Limited offer for Australian members
⚡️ The promo code can be used repeatedly

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  • +1 vote

    damn, going in September.

  • Thank you!!

    For some reason it worked out to be:

    Tickets x 2 :JPY15,934
    Discount :JPY11,223
    Total: JPY4,701

    2 adult tickets in mid-August for ~AUD50!

    Edit: just got the vouchers, it says:
    台湾AGT FDパス-大人
    Date of Entry(入場日): Jan 30, 2018 ~ Jan 9, 2019のうち1日
    Age Group(年齢区分): Adults [Aged 12 or over]
    Name(氏名): KKday-0160

    Does this mean I can enter anytime before Jan 2019?

    • Thanks for doing the math. I have updated the title.
      It's best to contact KKday directly on the validity of the tickets

  • I recall these types of theme parks where for kids. How things have changed.

    • As in no adults were allowed in?

    • Actually not bad now, go on a good day/ quiet day

      There is some impressive rides.

      I'm generally an adrenaline seeker myself.

      The Flying Dinosaur is good, Backdrop Hollywood Dream is impressive and even the Hollywood Dream is too.

      The others are also entertaining but not as adrenaline seeking.

      I went on a day where you i never waiting more than 40 minutes a ride.

      Universal Studios have definitely upped there game since 10 years ago

  • So sad going in October

  • On the site if you scroll down it says:
    - Important Info-

    • Good for a day at the park within the valid periods.
    • Adults: Ages 12 - 64
    • Children: Ages 4 - 11
    • Valid until: Adult ticket : December 22, 2018; Child ticket: December 22, 2018
    • Service Hours: 9:00am - 9:00pm
    • Location: 554-0031 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Konohana Ward, Sakurajima, 2 1 33
    • How to get there: Take the JR Loop Line from Osaka city, stopover at Nishikujō Station, take the JR Sakurajima Line and get off at Universal City Station, from here it's a 3-minute walk to Universal Studios Japan.
    • Please note: This ticket is only available for non-permanent residents of Japan and travelers from abroad.

    Can anyone confirm the validity dates please?

  • I’m taking a punt

    The price worked out to be $20 usd for one adult and child

    read online park entry tickets are open dated

    Only express pass are set datss

    Thank you op!!!

  • Also going in September and keen for someone to report back on the validity dates!

  • We are currently in Japan. Is this place any good?

    • It's pretty good, I'd definitely recommend it if you have the time!

      • Thanks, may make the effort to go. We are currently in Takayama, in the Japanese alps (gorgeous area btw) but have some time back in Tokyo

    • +2 votes

      I went last year. kids really enjoyed it and want to go back this september. I liked it as well.

    • I was there in February. Would highly recommend if you like movies. There are some really fun roller coasters too if you're into that kind of thing.

    • I enjoyed it even though it was pouring rain when I went. Harry potter area is pretty cool and the rides are fun. Enjoyed the spiderman 4D ride and the rollercoasters aren't too bad either.

  • Compared to Singapore any different

    • +2 votes

      yes, larger and better than singapore. -also, more modern.

    • Heaps better, plus it has a Harry Potter area. Gets crazy crazy busy though!

  • Hi

    I just got my ticket and can confirm it is valid till jan 2019

    The voucher states a open date for single entry

  • What a lad. Good work.

  • When you go back into your booking on the website after you ordered, it says in chinese under "Important Booking Information":
    指定效期區間 2017-04-06 ~ 2019-01-29 ,逾期失效。

    Which means, tickets valid from 2017-04-06 ~ 2019-01-29

    • Yes thanks I saw that too. But Flymetothemoon above said his tickets are only until 9 January in his booking? I was keen to know as Aceboy884 booked 31 August the last day of offer whether his dates are further out like the 29 January 2019?

      • Haha still waiting for the vouchers to come in my email…… how long does it usually take for the etickets to come?

        • It does say up to 2 hours on the website :( Although it says instant booking? Will be great if you could let me know exact dates on your tickets so I can book too?

  • When we purchase it, do we have to give them an exact date when we would go? or is it just a show up whenever and scan the code?

    • Sounds like you have to pick an exact date but the ticket is open and valid until a certain date. Question I am trying to work out is what is that last date?

    • You have to choose the date before 31st August,2018
      But the ticket seems to be valid until next year!

  • Wish they are going to have a promo for disneyland Tokyo!!!!!!!!
    We are heading to Tokyo not Osaka this year ;-(

    • Yes we are going to Disney Tokyo too. Let us know if you find out a promo and we will do the same. Just trying to work out whether Universal is until 9 Jan or 29 Jan as we will be there in between those dates :(

    • Tip for Tokyo Disney. If you are teen / adults then go to Disneyland Sea. Where as if you got smaller kids, then go to the original Disneyland.
      Big kids will usually find original Disneyland alittle too childish.

  • First post so please don't bite.
    I'm going to Japan in September with 5 people. Just bought 2 for August 31 to see if it works.
    Waiting for the tickets to be processed and it says 2 business days.
    Anyone actually received their tickets yet?

  • Message from supplier:
    Dear guest,

    Thank you for your message,
    Validity of the voucher is 2017-04-06 2019-01-29.
    However, we suggest you to select the date that you would like to enter the park.

    Best wishes,
    KKday Customer Service

    Bringing the world to your fingertips.
    Browse and book anywhere.

  • no actual ticket until 2 business days . finger cross


    took a punt for my trip in september 2 adults + 2 kids USD$40 (2 separate transactions of 1 adult + 1 child)

    US$40 for 2 adults + 2 children is cheaper than ~A$95 for 1 adult.

    thanks for posting OP.

  • Does anyone know how you get express passes on top of these?

  • Enjoy the lines guys. This Is peak season, you'll need a fast pass which is about 3-4 times this depending on which ones you get, if they're not sold out. Having said that. I've been there twice it's that good.

  • Amazing timing, thanks so much!

  • Received a call from KKDAY to confirm my booking. They said they will forward the order to their supplier with the details and email us back the tickets.

  • This is the kind of niche deals I’m on this site for, great post (assuming everything is valid)

  • Just got an email - see below;

    Thank you for choosing KKday.
    We would like to confirm the booking information via phone call, however, your mobile phone was not reachable.
    Please call us at

    Please reply before 7/15 15:00 (GMT+8) to process your booking; otherwise, it will be cancelled.
     To reply this message, please log in to KKday website, click on “My Bookings” in your profile, and click “CONTACT US” on the related booking.

  • Just want to say, make sure you go on a Wednesday. Friday to Monday is peak during the weak and nuts.

    and check websites and blogs, Especially check the Ticket buying forecast.

    I used that and the longest ride was 100 minutes( which i avoided until it was only 20-30 minutes long)

    There are alot of good guides out there which give you updates on how to do USJ without spending express passess and wrist bands etc

    I paid standard entry fee but i closely watched the ticket numbers sold for the day. So it was very quiet.

    Buying tickets are also very easy through Lawson if you are there.

    I know it seems cheap to buy half price tickets but sometimes its actually better to just wait for good days.

    If you book a busy day, you will feel like you waited in line all day and regret not getting an express pass or something.

    Btw, it is insaely busy on busy days. talking 3 hour waits

    • What site did you use to monitor park numbers?

      • To really enjoy you USJ Trip when its quiet and spend minimal money. (I only spent $90-95pp)
        Also, usually quiet days bring your own food it can't hurt. Food inside is insanely expensive and worth the risk if they don't check.
        Bring a bottle of water. There are Cold water stations everywhere on the ride lines to every toilet.

        Best chance is to read guides. So many guides out there, most outdated.
        Don't listen to everything or every guide saying you need express pass or wristband. They are sponsored by the companies half the time i reckon
        You only really need it on the quiet days ie below average/normal

        Pre traveller is the most helpful.

        Crowd Estimating Link

        just translate to english, I went on an under average Normal Day. (not the lowest one which means rides are usually no longer than 100 minutes)

        There are links and apps with also ride updates telling you the waiting time (SUPER helpful) helped us know where to go next.

        I went on a day which was quiet and the Harry Potter ticket machine wasn't out. I was walking around like an idiot until i asked an attendant and they said theres no machine today, Just wait at the lines. i did that ride 2 times waited no longer than 30 minutes each time.

        My Gf and I were about to buy express passes and i spent hours working out everything.
        Gf eventually said don't do it including wrist passes ( half hour to an hour early entry).

        Went half an hour early (probably best to go a bit earlier we lagged it)

        We did every decent ride and left the park by 4pm. Even did a few rides twice ( didn't bother with the night parade, we were too tired)

        I think the most important thing for people to realise is, on a busy day is it really not worth your time unless you have an express pass which is an extra $50 -100 If you have flexibility on your itinerary, Calculate the quiet days using the forecast link and you will have the cheapest and best USJ experience (with the coupon especially)

        If anyone needs help, gimme a yell.

        PS: i went about 3 weeks ago.

  • Yes got the same. No missed call on mobile and no Australian number to call back?

  • Awww man, this post makes me want to go.

  • Got a call then my ticket came through, valid dates of entry shown on ticket is:
    Jan 30, 2018 ~ Jan 9, 2019

    • Just got an email as well when I asked them about the dates:

      Dear Customer,

      Thank you for your message, this is open ticket, you can use during 2017-04-06 ~ 2019-01-29 , thank you.

      Best Wishes,
      KKday Customer Service

  • This is a great deal, thanks OP.

    Just booked twice (4 tickets total) for 2018-08-31, tickets were issued instantly. I didn't receive any confirmation phone calls.

    Date of Entry on the PDF ticket is Jan 30, 2018 ~ Jan 9, 2019. There's no name printed on the ticket.

    What did surprise me is the tickets are actually billed in Taiwan Dollars (TWD), so 2x tickets cost TWD 1,279. The authorisation amount appears as $56.79AUD on my ING Visa card.

    • Wait. So you have 2 adults and 2 kids at $56.79Aud?

      I must have done it wrong. Aud$190 for me

      • No, sorry. 4 adults total across 2x transactions.
        $56.79AUD was for 2 adults, so $113.58 total for 4 adults.

        Sounds like you might have forgotten to add the promo coupon code? It's kind of easy to miss it on the checkout page.

        • That is still a win!

          I think I was supposed to do this in two batch transactions to get a maximum of USD200 off.

          Hahaha… I'll hand my OzB licence back for this indiscretion!

  • Wow. Wanted this for Singapore !!!

  • How fo you get 50?

    I got 41 usd after disc?

    What does it mean when it said skip the line? You dont have to que?

    I am thinking of getting express, any idea how to get it? I am travelling in january 2019, will it be busy?

  • Got my tickets!
    They did comment they needed to contact me by phone but couldn't.
    Answered the ticket on their website and they sent through tickets with 30 minutes.
    Ordered a second batch which I received quicker.
    Tickets are bitmapped PDF with generated lines and QRCode from KKDay - no mention of traveller or dates ordered - only the date range.
    Valid till Jan 9 2019.
    Also, paid on Bankwest FF Mastercard - price was $56.54AUD - beat that ING Visa!

    • Damn, wasted 25c by using my ING Visa. 😢

      (According to the rates at authorisation at least)

  • According to USJ website, ticket reselling is prohibited. Also online reviews for kkday is not exactly stellar.

    Please share your experience for reference and to avoid disappointments.

  • cant use it, says Number of coupon is not enough.

    • Huh? They give you a PDF which looks like a e-ticket from USJ, so you just print it off and show it to them.
      They do not accept "Any ticket cut or modified, and an image of the ticket cannot be accepted for admission".

      I would say since kkday is listed as an authorized agent of USJ which they are listed on USJ website, then it is trust worthy and can be used.

  • • Good for a day at the park within the valid periods.
    • Adults: Ages 12 - 64

    Really there is an age restriction for adults?

  • I am trying to decode this- USJB1G1AN. Universal studios Japan buy 1 get 1 adult N…..?

  • When I enter the promo code, it says "Order should be more than USDorder amount not match".
    The original price of one ticket is AUD95.

  • It seems that all coupons have been used. I got the error message "Number of coupon is not enough".

  • I am getting: This promo code has already been redeemed.