expired Nokia 7 Plus $524.07 (After 5% off Coupon) + Delivery or Free C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


Big, bright 6” Full-HD+ display.
Outstanding, 2-day battery life.
Android One. Designed by Google. Smart, secure and simply amazing.

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    • +5 votes

      Pretty much stock android, and fast software updates. :)

        • +1 vote

          @MasterScythe: Android IS Google lol. Google created Android and essentially the Android Ecosystem…Manufacturers get their hands on the stock ASOP coding and then add their bloat-wear to their product as required…Thats my basic understanding anyway.

        • +1 vote


          You're right!
          To be honest, I hadn't looked into who OWNED android since about 2004 (when it was Android Inc.).
          You learn something new every day.

          I guess what I was getting at, was I prefer to use an OS like AOSP (now that BBOS10 is gone) because the core is primarily licensed under the Apache License.

          I also notice a LOT of attempts to get out of my firewall to google servers, or amazon cloud servers.
          Basically I just find Android's behavior to be odd, unless you know what you're doing with it.

          I roll my own ROM where possible, including compiling the kernel (depending on where the dev is up to… I'm a geek, not a god; all hail Linus Torvalds).

          Also, don't you love how my original comment has been negged?
          I didn't claim anything was wrong, I voiced a personal concern to get education like this.
          Apparently free thought is to be negged around here.
          Ah well, the Internet\people usually don't understand how +/- works in a comment based environment. Most have never used a newsgroup.

        • +1 vote

          @MasterScythe: I think your message is more clearer here than in your fist comment.

          Anyway, I like the stuff you have pointed out in this comment.

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    Aus however gets the non-dual sim version of this phone :(

  • +1 vote

    Unbelievable phone for the price, highly recommend. Had mine for about 2 months a it's fantastic… EXCEPT it does not cast to TV! Nokia haven't deployed software for this. Big deal breaker for me and will probably have to offload the phone as this is something I always use and don't have wifi for Chromecast

  • +7 votes

    7 Plus $524.07

    So it costs $531.07?


    How do these compare to S9?


    isn't that Nokia 8 only $428 is a better buy? cheaper and faster, just sreen is smaller.


      Camera on 8 is supposedly crap and the Nokia 7 Plus has a really good camera for it's class


      I chose the Nokia 8 over the 7 Plus. The better SOC (Snapdragon 835 vs 660) was the key for me. The camera is reasonable, and the monochrome camera is beautiful. As a unit it seems to keep up well with the Galaxy Note 8 (my sister has one) in most conditions, but in low light it does struggle more. However, switch to monochrome and you are just wondering why you ever use the colour camera.

      • +1 vote

        "Better" is subjective.

        The 660 is significantly more efficient (More compute per watt, and can be further undervolted stabily).
        However the 835 computes faster.

        If you want the phone to last more than 48 hours, I'd be picking the 660.


      Nokia 8 has OIS which is a pretty big deal for anything you hand hold. Not sure on over all image comparison, but I imagine it would be similar. A low light video and photos comparison might be worth a look. Nokia 8 also has better audio quality.
      Nokia 6/7 plus had left my short list due to the colour tint that can't be adjusted, and I was ready to go Moto X4(Water proof and classy build). I better have a bit more of a look at the 8.


      Where's that bargain?


    Starting at around $500 on Australian Ebay.

  • -3 votes

    Link shows $551.65.

  • -3 votes

    Duplicate. This deal was already posted here.

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