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Xiaomi Mi Box 3 International Edition $49.99 US (~$67.39) Delivered @ Banggood


OzBargain's favourite Android TV box is on sale for a limited time. Good for those who missed out on doweyy's deal and don't mind waiting a little longer.

Since there is no coupon you can combine with Cashrewards to get an additional 3.50-4% cashback. Making it that little bit extra cheaper!

AU$ based on current exchange rate.

Features (Thanks to batraobin)

  • It runs on Android TV 6.0 (updgradable now to Oreo) which is easy to enjoy your entertainment time.
  • A high performance of Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU can play a wide range of games.
  • A Bluetooth voice remote control: Just speak into the remote control and Mi box will search for what you want.
  • HDR 4K H.265 VP9 Profile-2 4K Decoding will provide you with a scene in vivid contrast, color and clarity.
  • HDMI 2.0 is a faster way to send video and audio output to your TV.
  • It also supports both Dolby and DTS encodings which create you smooth and surround sound.)

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    • I literally only worked that one out earlier this month and forgot.

      doweyy had to correct your tag though :P :P

      • Yeah, Xiaomi products are notoriously hard to tag. They have way too many product lines and variations and naming schemes.

      • I find checking past deals of the same product helps, I just copy the tags as I know they have already been checked and should be correct.

  • Wow this is probably the cheapest I've seen. I bought one for $79 around a year ago. It's running Android O at the moment and never regret buying it. I already have a Chromecast +this +Apple TV and this is probably is/was always worth the money

    • I have this and it doesn't seem like Freeview, SBS on Demand, or Amazon Prime Video can be installed on it. Am I doing something wrong?

      • Haven't tried installing sbs on demand app but Amazon prime won't be available simply because Google and Samsung are not friends. But there are lots of apps which makes it an awesome device to use.

        • I just Chromecast sbs and abc from my phone. Apps are clunky for browsing anyway, and remote works for play/ pause/etc

      • I've got both on mine. Had to dig around whirlpool forums for links to apks. PM me and I'll send you links to the apk files. For Amazon you'll need to upgrade to Oreo otherwise it plays trailers only.

        • I've got ABC sideloaded and working OK, but SBS keeps quitting as soon as I start it. It started out portrait and I loaded an app that forces everything landscape but no joy. Don't know if running Android 6 Marshmallow has anything to do with it.

          I think I got the APKs using APKmirror.

          Which build of Oreo are you using? Lots of people reporting bugs with WiFi.

          My general tips;
          * USB Debugging needs to be off to use USB sticks /drives
          * Get ES File Explorer through the built in market for first APK installs (might need a mouse), but better free one is MIXplorer, which can be found on XDA Developers and can do FTP servers etc
          * Google drive is useful in the long run for transferring files easily - get from apkmirror
          * Get sideload launcher from the app store

          Also some useful links;
          * This thread in general - https://forum.xda-developers.com/android-stick--console-comp...
          * Tool to mod stuff from the above thread - https://forum.xda-developers.com/android-stick--console-comp...
          * For anyone wanting to backup fully (first few steps only) or downgrade to 6.0 and
          keep drm for Netflix and Amazon etc. (translated from Korean) -

        • @rygle: some of these links are old or contain incomplete information that's irrelevant for people using Oreo…

        • @jasswolf:

          Do you have better ones? Please enlighten me…

          The xda discussion goes from Marshmallow, which the boxes still come with, all the way through Nougat to Oreo. It's relevant to all variants. I have read the whole 50+ pages,which is why I know. Sounds like you didn't even read the first page… ;)

        • @rygle: The DRM backup is utterly irrelevant unless someone wishes to downgrade specifically from Nougat beta to MM. There is a possibility that Xiaomi will offer a downgrade from Oreo in the future, but that's something they have to agree to due to the locked bootloader. The mod tool is also useless now. That's 2 of your 3 links… not sure what you're smiling about to be honest.

          These devices run stock Android TV, and only need tinkering in terms of running Apps that do not support Android TV OS. The rest of the tinkering is cosmetic, and has - for the most part - been rendered irrelevant.

        • @jasswolf:

          I really don't know what you're trying to achieve. If you know so much better, why not provide more helpful/current links?

          • The DRM backup link is totally relevant given that the forums on XDA and miui.eu and whirlpool and reddit are full of people whining about the problems they are having with the Nougat and Oreo beta builds (WiFi dropouts/slow-downs, inability to read exFat and NTFS drives, playback skipping, sound popping and stuttering and loss of surround, auto resolution changing not working, and on it goes). I would think that if you're tinkering with a box you just paid $50+ for, you might well want to back up important partitions. Lots of people end up bricking Android devices and then they want backups of other people's partitions to restore to their own, e.g. lost IMEI on a phone. This is very similar, except the unique identifier here is a DRM serial number. I suggested this option because pretty much everyone knows that the Nougat and Oreo builds are highly problematic, and there are stacks of people trying to downgrade, and many people have complained that they have wiped their DRM serial and can't do Netflix in HD (and more). So, if there is even a slight risk of losing it when you're changing OS versions, why would it not be sensible to back it up? If you think backing up the DRM serial is a bad suggestion, particularly given that many people are newbs to this stuff, you're talking through your hat…

          • The reason why the above is so important when downgrading to MM is that even though the bootloader is locked, the bootloader and the boot partition are different things - one loads the other (See https://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/Bootloader or https://www.slideshare.net/chrissimmonds/android-bootslides2... - slide 6 in particular). The boot partition can still be overwritten when you can assume root priveleges (tethered/temporary or untethered/permanent) but the locked bootloader may or may not like the new boot partition/image. You can easily overwrite the boot partition with different files such as the linked downgrade files, but that can lead to a bricked device if the locked bootloader refuses to load an altered/unapproved boot partition (at worst), or (at best) you end up with a device that loads but has lost something important for HD playback on Netflix and Amazon. The procedure in the link backs up the boot partition, overwrites both boot and system with the downgrade files, then reloads the backed up boot partition to restore DRM serial etc. I wish I had known how to do this when I started in the Android modding game because even custom recoveries such as Clockwork and TWRP don't always back up important partitions (like oem, persist, misc and more) and having a backup of your stock partitions can save you a lot of time and grief and possibly stop your device ending up bricked or less than fully functional.

          • The reason there may be a problem running the ADB commands on Oreo is because (as you could have read in the XDA discussion, if you read past page 1), several builds do not allow ADB debugging. However, if you had already made a backup of your boot partition prior to leaping ahead to Oreo, you can easily go back to MM using recovery and then restore your boot partition. So the downgrade is only a problem if you rushed in without any precautions.

          • The tools that I mentioned do hardly anything merely "cosmetic" and are far from irrelevant. There are keymaps for game controllers, mods to make the home button change function to Kodi, and several other important things like freezing OTA updates if you find an OS version that is stable for you and don't want to risk further updates that might mess up your box. If you don't think any of that is more than cosmetic and therefore has been rendered irrelevant, again, you're talking through your hat…

          • If someone such as yourself knows so much, then you would realise that a lot of what is in that mod tool download is going to be applicable to Oreo as well as Marshmallow and Nougat. You can open the link on Google Drive and see that a lot of the stuff is APK files that would install on Oreo using a file manager or ADB sideloading, or key layouts that can be installed using ADB sideloading, and for someone who knows as much as yourself you could manually follow what happens in the batch files for Marshmallow or Nougat and make adjustments for slight differences in Oreo. Maybe not everything will work, but at least some will. And if you want the things that only work in Nougat or MM, then you can use your boot partition backup (did you have a backup??) to go back to MM or Nougat and then run the tools on that OS and not worry about the "cosmetic" changes in Oreo.

          • If Xiaomi were going to offer an official downgrade tool for beta Oreo builds, why haven't they already done so for the beta Nougat builds. In the meantime, why tear me down when I offer a valid path for people who are actually having problems now, while we wait for the possibility? All you need is a backup of your boot partition.

          • If the only tinkering needed is cosmetic, why upgrade from Marshmallow in the first place? Exactly why I am taking my time to do so, because I don't see any great advantages in rushing in before I know the benefits and how to mitigate the risks. The wise Android modder learns not to do what they can't undo without at least knowing what risks they are taking, because there is never a problem in such cases as this… What was that? Oh dear, you just upgraded and your box is not very useful now, and oh dear, you just downgraded and it becomes even less useful because it's lost its DRM! Time to buy a new box, eh?? Or maybe if you backed up, you could just restore it?

          TLDR: Unless you can provide links to better tools or better information, please stop wasting everyone's time with uninformed comments.

        • @rygle: Clearly I've hit a nerve. Ok:

          Your linked downgrade guide is (slightly) incomplete, and there is a better one available for a novice user (refined from the guide you've linked which is written in Vietnamese, not Korean, FYI) in the same XDA subforum.

          AFAIK, there is only one userdebug build in the wild, and that's Nougat beta build 1028, though I've not read the main XDA thread from start to finish. I have seen a Xiaomi rep offering to issue userdebug builds for Oreo, but only to specific boxes (read: locked to serial number) and only for the specific purpose of testing home-cooked solutions to some of their current problems (i.e. the user offered to test a fix). Given that the Oreo OTA was auto-install on devices, I think this is largely a redundant point for many users.

          The Oreo OTA release is not a beta, though it is buggy. There's been an OTA already to fix NTFS and exFAT issues as well as HDCP issues. There'll likely be a release in the next 7-10 days that fixes the wifi issues (due to a Broadcom driver). The reasons behind an OTA Nougat release being a false start largely relate to AMLogic and Google's efforts, not Xiaomi (at least in terms of an economical investment). With the S905X becoming Google's reference SoC for Android TV P, this has changed significantly.

          Due to significant changes with Android Oreo and Android TV Oreo, the tools you've linked are likely to be broken, including key remapping and background customisation. I can respect that as a modding enthusiast you are keen to find solutions to all of this, but there are tools on the Play Store that will slowly be updated to facilitate much of this for less capable users.

          You're right that Xiaomi will not offer official tools for downgrades, as that would imply on-going support, but they are apparently considering something unofficial for those who wish for this.

          Finally, any major modding to this device is extremely drawn out - as you know - due to the locked bootloader, meaning install scripts often need to be fed manually via adb, not to mention rooting the device every time. The people you were replying to just wanted to get some APKs working, for which the simplest solution is to upgrade to Oreo, due to the nature of the API calls being made by the latest app versions.

          If you're looking to test the boundaries of what can be done under the restrictions of a locked bootloader I suppose this is the device for you, but otherwise you should be using a more generic SoC and OS combination. If you're worried about what Oreo might bring, don't be: it's highly functional and will be stable this time next month at the latest.

          Furthermore, you might find yourself able to get an opportunity to get access to a userdebug build and the beta program if you jump on Xiaomi.EU and get involved with the community there, at which point you'll be able to build and present a variety of customisation options for the product, something that might hold you in good stead if this is your chosen (or desired) profession. Good luck!

        • @jasswolf:

          No, you didn't hit a nerve, you were just wrong about how you interpreted pretty much everything I said. And you chose to keep it up, many times.

          Good to hear you actually saying something constructive now.

    • Hey can you stream from a local media server or Nas with these boxes? On wifi?

      My TV is too far away and I can't run a lan cable

  • Any tips for the the power supply for this?
    It ships with a USA one, so the obvious thing to me is to get an local converter/adapter and plug it in to that, but I was wondering if there is a better option.

    Thanks very much everyone.

  • Good deal, however now that the Shield is being sold here in Australia (and the fact that I already have a Mi Box), I'm gonna save my pennies in the hope of scoring a Shield for ~$200 in an eBay / pre or post xmas sale:


  • Honestly, as it stands now, its hard to recommend these as the Oreo update has some MAJOR issues.

    They almost certainly only have marshmallow on them as new but be aware if you update them they can be almost unusable depending on your needs and A/V setup.

    • After upgrading the Mi box to Oreo, my AV receiver displayed a HDCP 2.2 error & no longer worked with it. Workaround was to plug the Mi box directly to the tv & use optical audio out from the tv to the AV receiver.
      2 days ago the Mi box notified be of a 40MB update, after installing it the HDCP error was fixed & now works with my AV receiver again. Happy days.
      Never noticed any other issues with Oreo so can't comment on that. Watched tenplay with no problems.

    • What's the issues? Mine seems to work ok

      • There are a heap but as I mentioned they don't affect everyone, dependent on your setup.
        Originally after the update it was so broken that NTFS hard drives and USB sticks couldn't be read in Kodi, there were various HDCP issues, Wifi performance was MUCH worse and a myriad of other things.
        See here for details.

        There has been a small release in the last few days that fixes the NTFS and HDCP issues but wifi and just about everything else on that list remain unresolved and to be honest I'm not convinced it will ever be totally fixed, not in the short term anyway. My gut tells me it will be "get the worst of it going again and the whinging will die down"

        From personal experience I find that I am having various sound related bugs on my setup that i never had previously prior to the update. Static clicks and pops, longer loud irritating noises etc. I'm also having to reboot the box a lot more often than i ever had to to resolve various issues that seem to crop up intermittently such as the box slowing down or freezing, weird sound in playback (ie all the voices sound about 20% slower) Youtube not playing properly or freezing.

        For a simple connection direct to a TV, no surround sound etc there are probably not too many issues that will cause too much grief but I'm just putting it out there that what was once a sure fire recommendation for a good value media player is now a bit of a basket case in it's current state.

    • Mine had huge problems after the Oreo update, namely sound wouldn't work when waking from standby, but there was a system update available yesterday (40mb) that fixed it and also made the HDMI-CEC also control my TVs actual volume level using he TVs volume interface rather than controlling its own.

      Mine also kept saying wifi has no internet connection, yet I could watch Netflix on said wifi so that clearly wasn't true.

  • I thought minix boxes where the go to boxes

    • Years ago prior to Android TV OS hitting the mainstream. These boxes have DRM which allows for Netflix HD/4K, YouTube 4K and Dolby etc.

      Minix are still good if you don't care about those or want to do Android gaming.

  • Pardon my stupidity but what are these best utilised for?

    • It's an android box gives your tv android capability to run apps like Netflix.

      You can help your tv access your computer using esfile explorer and play media via network.

      Really handy for alot of things

    • Does casting stuff from lots of Android apps out of the box and there are several apps to set up Air streaming from iOS devices.

      Lots of games and can hook up a controller or pair phone as controller, but lots of games that use the standard controller.

      Several game/console emulators.

      Can also do Facebook, emails (usb keyboard), home automation, ftp/http server using an app like ES Explorer or better still MIXplorer (see xda developers). I think also SMS messaging using apps to sync with phone and more.

      Lots of stuff that Android can do, but not quite as much and may require side loading some apps and tweaking some settings (see my post above for some tweaking stuff)

    • I wonder the same thing when deals on these devices come along. I find just chromecast + phone seems to cover everything :S

  • Showing as Sold Out now :(

  • Do these run all the Australian FTA apps (7, ten, iview etc)

    • They run 7plus, ten straight out of the box. Available from the play store.

      iView can be side loaded from apkmirror and runs well - needs to be installed using ES File Explorer from the play store unless you have something else (MIXplorer from XDA Developers is free and better but that needs ES to install it first) may need the sideload launcher to show app.

      SBS On Demand can be side loaded from apkmirror, but on my box running Android TV 6.0.1 it doesn't run. It wanted to run in portrait orientation and I fixed that with an app from the play store (searched for orientation) but still no joy after attempting to login. Another post above said someone has it running. I can run it on my phone (Oreo) and cast to the Mi Box.

      I loaded 9 and remember having some problems but I think I got it running. Not home now, can't remember.

      • ABC and SBS can be sideloaded much more easily using #sideloadtag

        Just install it from the play store, then use the tags:

        The best solution I've found for nine is to cast from my phone.

        • All the sideloadtags I found were expired, and I tried quite a few, so I figured it was easier to load using MIXplorer and apkmirror.

          Good to know that some tags are current!

        • The sbs one works when nothing else I found would. Although I've not tried streaming yet, just looking at the menus. Thanks!

          It is a third party app but seems legit, especially as it's open source.

      • Please stop recommending ES File Explorer when it is filled with spyware and adware. X-Plore is free and has sufficient functionality for sideloading.

        • +1 vote

          I am using ES File Explorer version which can be downloaded from old apk stores. This is the version before the company was bought out and had issues with additional software. Still using it to this day.

        • I in fact did not recommend ES File Explorer, however it is one of the few file explorers on the market for the Android TV. I in fact recommended something completely different. Good to know there is something else reasonable there by default, but all I saw on that one was "In App Purchases", so I avoided it.

          Stop trolling! You have gone off half cocked on everything I have said because you have not actually read what I have said, and trolls gotta troll so you're just looking for a reason to troll me.

          Make constructive comments or stop commenting!

        • @rygle: I literally recommended X-Plore…

        • @jasswolf:

          But you literally trolled me first, when in fact I had already recommended something better than both ES File Explorer and X-Plore. In fact I had recommended it twice before any of your comments, and I had explained that I only used ES File Explorer for long enough to install the better MIXplorer.

  • Can I plug my hard drive full of movies etc into this?

    • Yes, though there are files that won’t play synced audio (some barely noticeable, some unwatchable) and there doesn’t appear to be a pattern as to what plays normally and what doesn’t.

      • I've only heard of skipping problems with Nougat and Oreo. See my links above for safe downgrade procedure.

        Does vlc skip as well?

        Haven't done much streaming / viewing videos from drive yet. Only had mine four days from a preview deal.

        Haven't upgraded from Marshmallow yet either.

  • I run Kodi on an.MXQ PRO which is frequently glitchy. Will this unit run Kodi and reduce the headaches my MX causes?

  • Great deal Clear - it was probably the cheapest ever price of MiBox3 in OZB
    Absolutely love our box.

  • Has anyone used one of these to steam nba League pass? Does anyone have any feedback on the reliability or quality.

    • I used it last season which was prior to the android Oreo update. Worked fine except for the sound which lagged ~1 second behind. However if you Chromecast it there were no issues whatsoever. Either way stream was high quality and reliable otherwise
      From memory the android tv app hasn't been updated in a while also.

  • Being a 4k box, does this support the Netflix in 4k?

  • Showing now as $77.42