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10% off Virgin Australia Economy & Business Flights


As title suggests, 10% off promo code on Virgin Australia Domestic & Business Flights. Not as good as some other's in the past, but better than nothing. Certainly not as good for business class as this morning's 30% off domestic business flights.

Note that flights must be booked 20 days in advance.

Source: I know the pilot

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  • Sigh, just booked flights last night

  • Thanks. Saved me $30. Or I could have gone with the every reliable Tiger (cough, cough) and saved more.

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      Tiger are reliable… You can rely on them being late, cancelled etc.

      • Are they getting any better? They were pretty bad 2 years ago. Virgin are meant to be "working" on them to fix all this.

        • I don’t particularly know how they are across the board. I must say I actually have never had an issue with them (I fly with them for Coffs-Sydney and return) and the plane comes from Sydney and goes back to Sydney. So it has never been cancelled, and if delayed it’s pretty predictable

        • Most I've ever had, 30-45 min delay - max. Pretty good for paying half the price. I fly a fair amount too.

  • anybody got any insider info on when this code might expire?

    pondering whether i should buy a november flight now or hold out :P

    • It says midnight 31st of July on link?

      Edit: nvm that's for main page sale lol

    • There doesn’t seem to be detail on when it expires. I couldn’t even find a virgin page with info about the code though. I guess we will have to wait and see!

  • Cheers! Just used. Was going to book a family trip to Melbourne a couple of nights ago and never quite completed the booking. You just saved me $150 odd.

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      Good thing you never finished booking it the first time then! I love getting a promo code just before buying something. My inner OzBargainer gets much satisfaction

  • Thanks, OP. Any idea when does the promo code expires? Couldn't find the expiration date on http://iknowthepilot.com.au/

    • No sorry. It was originally sent as a promo email, but there isn’t anything in the email either. I guess we will wait and see how long it lasts

  • Seems to clash with some book early fares. Wasn't able to get it to apply to many times on a melb-perth route in nov. but DSX57 code still works (not always 10% though)


    Lol. When I apply the code I get 'Promo' above the fare, but the same price as without the promo applied.

  • Hmm wondering like some others when's the expiry. Maybe if OP finds out could add it to post

  • OP's code doesn't work for me, but KLM79 (10%) or DSX57 (5%) works (can't stack though) (source). You need to compare the prices with/out code to find out whether the code works, the fare summary doesn't show.

  • Thanks OP, just used the code on a TSV to SYD (via BNE) flights.

  • Thanks OP. Just used it :)

  • This deal should be updated to expired. KLM79 still works.

  • Cheers for this, I got more than 10% off and it was a better discount than the company I work for corporate discount code!!

  • I also had a great discount, more than 10% and it was also greater than my company corporate discount code - thanks!

  • Just used this code and received 5% discount, saved $33. Better than nothing I guess.

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