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[Amazon Prime] Lodge Sportsman Portable Cast Iron Charcoal Bbq $129.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Via Amazon US)


was looking for a high quality charcoal bbq. found this….. the postage from USA alone for this 15kg product alone is probably me expensive than $150.

I received mine a few days ago and love it.

it can fit in small tree branches that my webber can't. it's also very portable. I give it 5 stars.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I followed the link, it says 130 + 148 delivery, am I doing anything wrong?

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      Do you have Amazon prime?

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      Are you an Amazon prime member?

    • says global store, might need vpn? not sure

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        It is amazon.com.au domain, you don't need a VPN.

        This product is shipped by / from USA by Amazon USA, but sold through Amazon Au. For any deals like that, the shipping cost is quite expensive, unless you have an active Prime subscription to cover it. It covers products >$49.

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          Amazon Prime is not free.

        • @dealhunt: but it is very good value (for some people).

        • @wolfshooter: Yes for some people only, the ones who do a lot of shopping on Amazon, for casual shoppers you have to add the cost of Amazon Prime.

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          @dealhunt: use the trial and cancel it before 30 days is up

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    Want to buy it just because I know the shipping would be so expensive. $299.95 on the Australian site for Lodge.

  • Having only ever used gas burners, of which I'm running a 100 buck Bunnings two burner, I've always wanted to get into charcoal cooking.
    Is it better than gas? I don't mind spending longer cooking if I enjoy doing it and can roast marshmallows.

    I am really, really tempted to buy it. Hmmmm. And I guess this thing would last forever, right?

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      Meh, I bought it. Ha, my free prime trial just cost them alooooooot of money.

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        What they charge you for shipping does not necessarily mean what they pay. Get 100 orders then ship as a mini container (etc)

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      I have a big Green egg, and a Weber family Q, and IMO it's no comparison from a flavour point of view - I prefer the smokiness that you (obviously) get from charcoal. My kids not so much, but I think kids struggle with strong flavours in general.

      Be aware of your neighbourhood and whether throwing out smoke might get people upset. It's not really a problem with low and slow so much IMO, as the lower temperature ensures less release of smoke. But I just grilled some lamb chops over highish heat, and you can't really avoid that camp fire smell everywhere.

      I can get the BGE up to steak searing temp in about twenty minutes. I have no experience with the Lodge (just purchased a couple of their skillets, awaiting delivery), but regarding charcoal cooking, I say go for it.

      • +32

        Thanks! I will! I don't like my neighbours so don't mind annoying them with smoke.

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          Upvoted you for being a badass.

        • +2

          lolz…..my neighbours like the smell when I bbq….I do them a favour.

        • +15

          You do them a flavour

        • +4

          Smoke them..

        • +3

          Who the f**k hates the BBQ smoke!

        • @No ONE: possibly the Tasmanian government: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-19/barbecue-smoke-ban-dub...
          But yeah, I don't think there would be many people who hate it

        • @No ONE: VEGANS!

        • @No ONE: Everyone not getting to eat your delicious food…and yes the smoke is annoying if your washing is out on the line using the free energy of nature to dry. But I can't deny those flavours. You [email protected] My mouth is watering as I type.

        • +1

          @djcharliek: i like doing my neighbour too

        • Smoked neighbours can be quite tasty

    • yes… provided you don't store it in the rain outside. I keep mine in its original box in the garage when not being used.

      you don't bbq until you use real charcoal and fruit tree wood.

    • +2

      Agree with the above comments.

      Charcoal imparts a flavour that gas simply can't.

      • -1

        And those much-desired carcinogens. ;-)

    • We bought a big Char Griller with side box smoker and after it’s first use both of our gas bbqs were listed on buy swap sell. The difference in texture and flavour is just unbelievable. It’s a bit more work to get it prepared to cooking, but so worth it. At this price point it’s def worth trying out. I didn’t need or want one of these but bought one to take fishing once it warms up a bit

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    I'd get a Weber kettle and a weber go anywhere.

  • +3

    The grill area is small, 44cm by 23cm. It might be alright to cook a few items of food but I can imagine cooking for guests would be frustrating slow, cooking 2 pieces of meat at a time.

    • +3

      Stuff the guests, I bought it 'for personal use only'

      • IMO it is a lot of effort to get this bbq type going to cook for just one person.

        • +12

          Well lucky there is McDonalds Drive Thru then

        • @Baron-K:
          gold =]

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          A chimney starter will halve the initial heating of coal

        • +1

          *heating time

        • +1

          @mmd: bonky? Is that you both there?

    • That's not how charcoal BBQ is made. It's not supposed to be cooked in pieces, but rather whole and sliced when served. Damn gringos!

  • +2

    Nice find OP! My Prime trial expires at the end of today, got the $10 credit for watching a Prime video and didn't even use it as AmazonAu sells absolutely nothing of any interest. This makes up for it. Bought

    • I missed out on the 10 dollars for the prime video promo. I was too keen what shows were on. I pad slightly less than 130 because it was pre 1 by l y purchase with no gst charged….oh well, can't win them all.

      • Do you know if the deal is still available? I don’t know how I missed it.

  • I have prime for free or reduced shipping do I have to find it on the Aus store or the USA store?

    • Huh? Just click the link

      • I don't want the item in the link, I am looking for a different item that is the USA store.

        • +1

          Oh ok, yes well in that case you'll have to find it on the AU store. You can't buy from the USA store. (Unless you use a shipping forwarder which isn't cheap)

  • +1

    I have one of these and have for years and years. Good piece of kit. Make sure you buy the cover for the it.

    • Good idea. I looked and didn’t see the cover.

      • +3

        $60+ on Ebay and Amazon, I'm thinking a thick garbage bag will do the trick ;)

    • he'll no….too expensive….just put it back I the original box and store it I garage once cooled down

  • Anyone with a Weber Kettle can comment if it’s worth getting this?

    • yes. I save my webber when large number of guests are over. with a few people this is fine. I cook it on my outdoor table.

      • +1

        Also useful if you have a lot of guests and the weber isnt big enough as you csn get both going

    • Kettle is more for roasting, this is grill for a couple of t-bones with nice bar marks at the end. It is aso called japanese charcoal grill

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    Bunnings mini spit, about $80 from memory, bigger, big enough to 7kg of meat on the spit and small enough to start quick. Easy to pack away. 240v or battery operated options and more uses than this. Can't see the value but good find on the deal I suppose.


    • +2

      different product. lodge bbq is fully cast iron and won't end up on the nature strip within 6 months. I would have never dreamed of I'm getting this without Amazon footing the shipping cost.

      also this is easily fits in the car boot and very portable. at 15 kg it's not light but good for taking camping and outdoor picnics…..you'll be quite the envy of other people down at the Yarra river…

      • +1

        I hear ya, I just think like others above and that it's too small. I have no problems packing mine up. 3 years strong and the father in law has one also for when we want to have 2 meats or larger quantities.

        I agree at least that cooking with charcoal trumps a traditional gas BBQ hands down.


    • Say, I've often thought of one of these. Do you own one? Can you tell me how you keep flies off the meat while it's cooking, but particularly while it's getting up to temp? Surely you don't stand there for 30 minutes at the start of cooking…

      • +1

        I try to use real charcoal and wood for cooking. meet is in fridge in car or at home until temperature is ready for cooking so I don't have this issue with flies. temp would be too got for them to come anywhere near the bbq.

    • hey thanks for your comment!!!

    • Used to own this Rondo Mini. Didn't quite like the distance / depth between the charcoal and meat tray. I find it too deep.

  • +1

    Bought one last month and love it.The cooking area is large enough for 2 to 3 adults.Just remember to keep it dry when not use.I keep mine in a large storage container

    • Did you buy from Amazon or locally? How much for if not Amazon, out of curiosity?

      • +2

        I bought it from Amazon,cost about $118

        • +1

          same..this price was pre GST before 1 July 2018.

      • Bbq galore was used to have a very similar one for 99 dollars

  • +1

    I'm tempted to buy this just to make use of my Amazon prime trial..

  • +2

    Can't see what this has over the Go Anywhere besides a smaller size, which probably doesn't make any difference in the real world.
    The GA
    - actually portable, with a lockup lid and handle. Can fit charcoal and tools inside as you carry it.
    - much much light than the Lodge
    - has a lid which is usable
    - bigger than the lodge but still compact, can cook for a good number of people. I've done 4-6 easily yet can still efficiently cook for 2

    Would recommend the GA over this!

    • I have the goanywhere but seriously considering getting this one as i always believe the cast iron does something special to the flavor lolz

      • buy the craycort cast iron grate replacement…. best of both worlds. after the initial excitement of the Lodge, I'll go buy the go anywhere shortly…

    • +1

      I have a simlar bbq to this lodge one, its been in the family for about 30 years. I guess that may be the first thing about cast iron bbqs which is unique.

      Cast iron is a heavy material which makes it great at holding heat. Therefore when you get it up to temperature you are cooking off not just the direct heat of the coals but also the heat from the grill. The grill lines are actually much wider than typical steel ones found on a Weber, but I haven't seen a GA to compare it to. Because of the weight, density and other properties, meats will sear better because the sirface womt cool down as soon as a steak hits it. I am not sure if there are other reasons but that's my understanding at least.

      • I take it back after checking the price in USA which is more considerable much cheaper. we are getting pumped on webber prices here in Australia.

    • I checked out the GA. GA would appear to be more portable and you can get more smoked flavour. Im also tempted to go buy the GA as well.

      The advantage of the Lodge cast iron is that it retains heat extremely well and it can fit large fruit tree branches which would not be possible with the webber.

      • +1

        Whatever benefit you get from cast iron retaining heat is lost because it doesn't have a lid. Too much wasted heat going to atmosphere.

        • true…. I've now sold my lodge. want a go anywhere or jumbo joe instead

  • +2

    thanks for sharing…

  • Does this come with a lid for while you are grilling?

    • +2

      no lid for this one.Use baking tray or cast iron skillet upside down to cover the foods if needed

  • Curious as to how the cast iron affects the cooking. I know cast iron has good heat distribution when cooking on top of it, but how would the cast iron casing help with the cooking?

    • the entire bbq is cast iron with the exception of the carry handle and 2 nuts and bolts.

      you can make good thick sear marks on the meat which you can't do as well with the stock Standard Webber cookimg surface.

      • you can make good thick sear marks on the meat

        What's good about this apartment from the aesthetics?

  • +17

    Purchased, no idea why, thanks ozbargain

  • +1

    Anyone done any smoking with this unit ?

    Nvm, just realized it has no lid ! Oops.

    • +13

      That was a frypan. You were looking at a frypan.

  • Isn’t it cast iron difficult to maintain? Especially for a bbq like this, have to oil it to prevent rust?

    • +1

      nope….I've just been cooking sausages to oil r every part of the grill. the layer of oil and carbon formed helps form a barrier against moisture. I've never used water to wash mine to prevent rust. to clean, just fire up the bbq before and after use to kill everything. use a wooden flat spoon to remove excess carbon from the grill.

  • +9

    Thanks OP, this is BBQ number 9. Wife will not be pleased…

    • go check out the webber go anywhere bbq as well. it also looks good. why not buy that too?

      • +3

        Number 10 has to be special, I'm thinking a Komodo Kamado.

  • +1

    Would it be ridiculous to store this smaller BBQ inside/under the hood of my 4-burner gas BBQ?

    • +1

      nope. I think I'm going to store mine in the webber.

  • I bought something off Amazon US last week and had it shipped to a ship it to address, that was my old Amazon account so you don't t need a VPN.

    • Yeah all they did was stop shipping directly to Australian addresses.

  • No longer available

    • just checked. still available.

  • Just purchased one.

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