expired [NSW] Plugfones Earplugs & Earphones Hearing Protection $19.98 @ Bunnings Castle Hill


Found these hanging by the tool shop at Bunnings Castle Hill, likely to be found elsewhere but not sure. They had some dust on them so may be excess stock found in storage.

These were marked simply at $19.98 but a quick google shows they retail around $40?

Comes with both Silicon SLC80 19dB (class 3) and Foam SLC 17dB (class 2) tips so are certified to be used as hearing protection in Australia.

Has braided cable for product longevity.

Comes in a hard plastic case which looks kinda neat and is advertised as waterproof.

Bass response is okay but tremble and clarity is clearly lacking, likely due to the earplugs. But a 2 in 1 never does the job of either perfectly. Shame there’s no microphone though.

E: foam earplugs are muddled but the silicon ones are much clearer. Foam doesn’t want to stay in as much as the silicon pair, but is more comfortable.

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    Is there a link to the bunnings listing?


      Since I can’t find it I assume it’s a clearance item.
      I will note that there were around 8 pairs left after I grabbed mine. Looked like some people had already taken some off the rack.

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    Reminds me of Koss earphones


    That's damn rad!

    This and a small compressor mic is the answer to loud cencerts without conventional 'safety earplugs' making things sound muffled.


      I got some hella expensive earplugs which have very good clarity. I forgot what they’re called but they’re essentially a block of aluminium or titanium attached to comply foam tips. Cost $50 tho, but very good at what it does (perhaps too well)

      E: Flare Isolate Mini’s they were


        Tried those.

        Im trying to find earplugs where the music is still loud, but damage risk is low.

        I have hearo's and ety-plugs, both are great, but both halve the volume at least!

        They rate at nnr12db. Looking for 3-9db at most.


    This is a deleted product. Still a significant amount of stock around. The $19.98 price will come up at the register.

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