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$199 P/M for Unlimited Mobile Data/Calls/SMS/MMS from Australia to O/S Numbers (No Capped Speed) @ Telstra


Telstra has today unveiled its new $199 “Ultimate” mobile plan – Australia’s most expensive uncapped ‘unlimited’ mobile data deal.

The latest initiative forms part of the “Telstra 2022” strategy, which seeks to streamline mobile offers within the next three years.

Contrary to rival ‘unlimited’ data offers, the $199 Ultimate plan does not feature a speed cap, however, is “not shareable”, restricted to “personal [smartphone] use” and is governed by a “FairPlay” policy.

Set to be Telstra’s most expensive consumer plan, the deal will cost consumers $4,776 across 24 months.

The new Ultimate plan will reportedly target top-end customers – those who value unrestricted, consistently high Telstra 4GX data speeds.

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      • arent they capping the speed when Hotspotted?

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      I just had a chat to Telstra 24/7. Their understanding was that if the sim is to be used in a tablet or modem or any device other than a mobile phone, then the data will be suspended until the sim is put back into a mobile phone.

      We can use unlimited hotspot as long as the sim is in a mobile phone which will then be using the mobile data; However the speed will be limited to 1.5 Mbps. Same goes for using the mobile phone as a modem via usb.


      • There's a workaround for the capped hotspot speed on Android though, correct?

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          You can edit build.prop to change the setting

        • @mccarthyp64: No idea what that means but sounds about right, I read something about it online once.

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        Hotspot data is not speed capped unlike the previous Endless plans…


      • CSRs on 24/7 have limited knowledge from my experience. I would only refer to the CIS or Our Customer Terms (once updated).

    • I use more than 60GB on my phone every month (dual sim cards)

      Since 1 July I have used 130GB

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    Even if some guys will lynch me now, i used to pay for unlimited calls, sms and data around $20 about 6 years ago in Austria. That was prepaid, not even on a plan. Just a little hint on how the telco's here are screwing us over.

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      Austria probably has 10x the customers per cell so they don't have to spend as much on maintaining towers for instance. It's the same arguments as when people complain about the NBN vs Fibre in Singapore when the population density and total area is vastly different to Australia.

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        NBN vs Fibre in Singapore when the population density and total area is vastly different to Australia.

        Which is exactly why doing FTTP in the metro areas was the point of it. NBNCo to bank selling FTTP in built-up areas to cover the cost of running connections in the rural areas.

        Now instead we have a gimped FTTN system where individual telcos can (and do) come in over the top of NBNCo to offer better services, which then makes the private companies $$$. And the rurals get stuck with existing (or minorly upgraded) fixed wireless or satellite.

        And then there's the bullshit of FTTC…

    • The US has been well known for having better deals then us, however for a very long time they have had "unlimited" which is more like 20-30GB.

      I don't think its fair to say we are getting ripped off considering we often get screwed less then them.

    • Wow. Are you sure it was $20 and not 20 euro? I assume it would have been unlimited 3g in 2012. I don't know all the MVNOs in Austria but I think you'd be lucky to see that price even today (though the euro has gone up against the Australian dollar since those days). Data is so cheap there I'd probably take the cheapest plans anyway if I had a home plan.

    • You have to call customer service twice per month to achieve this… ;)

      • I meant on Optus…

  • That's way to expensive. U can get decent data with unlimited Netflix for 30 dollars with Optus and unlimited hi speed nbn with 4g backup for less than 100 dollars.

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      When you account for the handset, call inclusions (unlimited to any country) and large roaming inclusions, it's actually quite attractive.

      • Nah. Vodas offerings are better value than this even Optus aswell. This is mostly noise and bar for a tiny slither of the market. But thats ok hopefully it helps some people who are dependant on Telstra coverage.

      • Handset? You say that like it’s free, a $1500 handset for a $9500 commitment….

  • You can get a iPhone X 256gb with this plan for no extra money, not bad if you ask me.

    If you sell it for lets say $1400, the plan then comes to about $140 per month.

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    If you've got an ABN the premium plan is probably a better deal. $199 per month, same roaming and international calls offer, data pooling and 180GB of data. 180GB isn't unlimited, but it more than adequate for a lot of people, especially if you have access to a fix connection at home.

    • edited: realised it's for business

    • Do you need an ABN for this?

      • Not for the plan OP is talking about. But there is another plan for those with an ABN.

        • Yeah that's the plan I was referring to.

          Didn't know about ABN requirement, cheers for info.

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    I thought for a moment that this included unlimited international roaming which would have been a great deal. It isn't really "uncapped" as the original post states considering there's a 10GB international roaming limit.

  • Ok so who is this plan for? I really can't think of any possibility where you're in a position to pay $199/month for unlimited data on your mobile that can't be shared, and can't be hotspotted (without being throttled). Unless you're fk you rich and you just don't care about money.

    • Corporate types, they get work to pay :-)

      being Telstra there'll be a business equiv which will be $399/mth.

    • There's no limitation to hotspotting, nothing in the CIS says that. You can hotspot to a laptop and that's still personal use.

      • Data is not shareable and is for personal use in a smartphone only. Our FairPlay policy applies. Data is for use in Australia.

        Hotspotting to a laptop isn't really in a smartphone.

  • Just FYI, business variant of the unlimited plan has 180GB data.

    Might actually be the better option because it at least has a figure on it rather than fair use

    • That would mean based on a comparison that fair use is at least 180gb.

      But fair use covers more than data consumption.

      • Yep, the appeal is more the fact you have 180GB to use for whatever you please. Hotspottable, torrents even it you please, etc.

  • What about Amway Telstra plan? will it be more cheaper through Amway??

  • My router is an Asus that allows USB tethering. Can that be identified the same as a hotspot?

    • No. Must use mobile

      • Just to be clear I would be using a mobile tethered to the router via USB. Can telstra identify the traffic is coming from multiple PC's and mobiles through the router?

        • the thing is they probably could, but whether they would actually be bothered is another thing.

          I suspect if you use a VPN, they can't (it'd be too much trouble & expense & slow traffic to) tell what's sending the data. The nice thing I've found with Tesltrea is that appear to prioritise VPN traffic (which is mostly business related), so you get better speeds.

          SOmeone will report in a month or so they're doing it. if it starts becoming an issue, then Telstra will find a way to block it. someone will find another way, if it's a problem……

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      The phone just thinks its tethered to a laptop or whatever. I think it will work fine

    • Just wondering if you can share the router model as I'm interested in usb tethering

      • Rt-N56U. It's older but I think a lot of asus' routers can do this.

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    wow…imagine spending 2 hundo on a phone plan…thats crazy

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      My unlimited calls/text with 3GB data plan back in 2010 was $129pm

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        Why did you need 3GB of data in 2010? I'm assuming you had something like an iPhone 4.

        • Them torrents/ISOs don't download themselves :D

  • This latest initiative seems to be just yet another cash grab. $200 a month for a phone plan. Sure it has unlimited data (not that you can share it with anyone or anything) but how is that justified??

    Even my wifi + Telstra plan together don't cost anywhere near that!

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    Should get a 20% discount if you’re an Amway VIP with an iPhone X 256gb for $0.

    They haven’t updated yet though.

    If you’re a single person household with no need for remote access, it would work well as a replacement for fixed line internet given that there’s no restrictions on hotspotting (unlike the previous Endless plan Telstra offered…).

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    How does data is metered?

    Does each OS or. Carriers have its own algorithm to calculate amount of data is transferred?

    Is there any server which actually compress ( encrypted) data so telco thinks only 100 mb is downloaded while content is let’s say 1gb?

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    • No, there is no way to cheat the server. The only way to minimize data usage is by setting an option to not show images or play videos or to use text only sites or mobile data usage friendly.

      Each carrier should calculate it the same way the only difference is some carriers round it to 1000mb rather than the actual 1024mb which is the real size of a gigabyte.

      Data is usually measured via a program or inbuilt system that can calculate packets and size of data individually etc. Not sure how much easier way to put it but basically it's all down on their router/network natively.

      If you wanted to reduce data usage on say watching movies the only way you can reduce data usage is to watch in lesser quality or download compressed zip files then extract them but finding the compressed files version or finding a website that does so might be difficult but some websites batch compress certain files for certain data for ease of use, convenience and to lower overall bandwidth.

      Hope this helps you.

      • Movie files don’t compress well, if they compress at all.

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    Lol one month of this plan is already more than the whole of my 365 days 16gb unlimited local Kogan plan.. I know they are no where near comparable but man 16gb is a lot of data per month even for my use case and home WiFi anyone?

    I know this is not for my use case but unless I start working for a business that requires insane amounts of data to my phone per month or decide to start mass downloading YouTube videos or something like viewing raw large 4k image and video files on the go daily I don't see why or the benefit of this plan.. I mean the unlimited international is nice but you can get that for less than $30/month separately if you wanted and just dual SIM if it was really necessary.

    Btw what's the fastest or usual speed some users have been getting or seeing others get for 4GX.. 50/100/150Mbps?

    Some good reading materials


    In 4GX areas, typical download speeds are 2-75Mbps for 4GX category 4 devices, 2-100Mbps for 4GX category 6 devices and 5-150Mbps for 4GX category 9 devices.

    With a Telstra 4G device in 4G areas, typical download speeds are 2 – 50Mbps.

    Speeds vary for reasons like location, distance from base stations, terrain, user numbers, hardware/software configuration, download source and upload destination. To check the coverage and available speeds in your area, see our coverage.

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      At home (450m away from the Tower), I can get 230Mb/s on Telstra 4GX.

    • 16Gb a month? I used more than that when I had proper home broadband, just out and about (and I work from home!).

      What do you use it for, only emails and some internet browsing?

      Yes this is not for you.

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        I mean if I had unlimited mobile data I could use it for everything but out and about just checking stuff like directions and store hours and maybe catalogs some YouTube music on the train.

        Nothing like big updates or well Netflix streaming. But if I had unlimited data honestly it would just mean I would browse like normal at home and go on to any website with images and videos turned on. Maybe some YouTube 1080p but honestly I just relax and unwind disconnect from the Internet or try to when I'm out it's hard but it is definitely less than when I am inside.. Sometimes it feels like we are living in a box with in a box.. It's sad or can be anyways in gonna end it here before I get too depressing and off topic.

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    Wow oO
    Just arrived from France and I am very surprised how expensive mobiles plans are here.
    In France, I had unlimited everything and I have 25gig of roaming data and everything unlimited even in Australia, for only 20€/month. uhhh ! use this carrier if you are travelling in Europe !

    • I bet nobody uses their unlimited very much, which is why its so cheap and has no limits.

      • Plus EU limits on how much can be charged for roaming

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      You come from France and jump on Ozbargain. That shows how powerful Ozbargain is lol

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        Limited budget, student… ^^

        We have the same type of website,

    • Try Boost prepaid its $20/month for unlimited calls/text & 3GB data on the Telstra network which has the best coverage in Australia

    • Link to this plan?

      • although $30/month (converted to AUD) for 25GB internet locally isn't fantastic value if you are planning to use it domestically

        • Well you have 100GB in France with this plan or unlimited 4G if you pair it with a broadband plan from
          Here, in Brisbane, Free is using Optus and Vodafone and it's working well. Don't forget that you have unlimited everything here in Australia but unlimited calls and texts to France, which is good.

          Last year, they released this plan for 4,99 euros per month for a year, so that's a fantastic value !
          Better than nothing I guess.

          Actually using Kogan largest plan for 99 cents and will switch to Telstra prepaid while waiting the other Kogan sim card to arrive. :)

        • It's 3G only I think, if I'm reading right.

  • What about Pocket Wifi devices? How will Telstra know if I put my SIM in their to use as a home wifi connection for the family?

    Also, what’s the story with speed throttling? If it’s truely unlimited, how and why would a user be throttled?

    Finally, can this plan be accessed on m2m rather than a 12/24 month plan?

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      Lower plans throttled to 1.5mbps after allowance, higher plan isn't throttled though business plans have priority to data speeds.


  • existed for a minute until i realized people are aruging Hotspot is throtted to 1.5mb, why would people choOse to use that when voda offered $60 unlimited and cut speed to 1m after 60GB?? (when they try to replace the home fix line internet?)

    • You can make it so you won't get throttled if you do the right things on your android phone.

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    Deal breaker if I have to use this from my phone, purpose would be to use this on my modem for internet with a nice big ass antenna…

    • You can get a cheap android phone, root it so that it doesn't get detected when you tether on USB or wifi hotspot and then take the phone apart and connect an external antenna directly to the board

  • Time to put Telstra sim to Vivid wireless modem and get revolutionised speed. If they come back saying that you are breaching T&C by putting the sim card in modem, I would just say - well cancel the contract then…thank you :D

    • What if they charge you an early termination fee?

    • they will most likely charge u the rest of the contract fees as early termination fee, quite a big bill to pay i would assume.

      • they will most likely charge u the rest of the contract fees as early termination fee, quite a big bill to pay i would assume.

        Damn! I will pass on then… its pointless to have unlimited on phone in my opinion.

        • they will most likely charge u the rest of the contract fees as early termination fee, quite a big bill to pay i would assume.

          Damn! I will pass on then… its pointless to have unlimited on phone in my opinion.

          Unlikely. They'll make you pay out the phone though (at RRP) and cancel your service.

          Would be hard pressed making you pay the remainder of the service out which they want to cancel.

        • @thargelios: Can you give them the phone back instead?

        • @ChillBro:

          I'd have no idea. Not unless it's a lease plan? I'd guess.

          This is all assumptions though. They can try do anything.

          We're also stuck using OVO as Telstra told me cable was fine to have installed, only to backtrack later telling me we need a commercial install (costing thousands). We're renting, so we're screwed. Optus Cable is an option, but I'm not optimistic given all the poor comments of it.

          So I was interested in this too. Even at $199 a month without a phone (but allowable as MBB) would be a good deal for us.

  • What are we doing here?

    • +2

      Don't know about you but I am sleeping.

      Room for one more taps bed slowly

  • If I could hotspot for my pc/consoles I’d be all over this. I live rural and can only get satellite or mobile internet

    • My exact thoughts

  • +2

    I think Telstra are just doing this to look like they're opening up their network and competing but really they know no one could use that much data through their phone only.

    They won't be getting many signups with this value proposition

    • They’ve already said in the media the plans built for the 1%.

      The $199 Premium Plan isn’t a new addition, it’s just been tweaked to unlimited data and they are spinning the crap out of it in the media.

      Would laugh if the ‘fair use policy’ applies because the ACCC will have another field day with Telstra.

  • The question is: can it be used in modem as main home internet? Are there any restriction on how you use it?

    Edit: nevermind. Already answered in post.

    restricted to “personal [smartphone] use” and is governed by a “FairPlay” policy.

    What a bull crap! How is this a deal then?

  • "Consistently high 4gx data speeds"

    Dont make me choke on my own rage. I live right near a 4gx tower, and I barely hit about 20mbps!

  • Who the hell has got a spare $199 per month to give to the evil empire, what a gigantic ripoff

  • This plan is only useful if hotspotting at unlimited speeds is allowed.At least some people who have slow fixed broadband can get rid of it.Otherwise its pointless.

  • -2

    Sorry guys, I don't consider that this is a deal. Even when you consider the fact that if you subtract the month to month price of the iPhone X 256GB, it still comes to an abusrd amount.
    $4775 (min cost over 24 months)
    $1829 (cost of new iPhone from Apple, but can be found cheaper elsewhere)
    $76.21 (monthly cost of iPhone spread across 24 months
    $122.79 for the Unlimited Plan. Who even needs that much data on the go? Can it really justify the $122 price point? Especially as the tethering is limited to 1.5Mb/s…

    • Some people want the speed.

      Tethering is not limited to 1.5MBit, it's actually faster than most NBN FTTN connections.

    • It's been confirmed tethering is unmetered speeds. Look at the post above yours.

      • -1

        Telstra has announced that tethering is NOT allowed on this plan. I'll need to find the link.

    • Billions paid $130/month for the myrepublic 1Gbe connection unlimited. I think it's over now though

      • Is this Singapore? Where do we have 1Gbs, Adelaide?