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10% off New MacBook Pro 2018 8th Gen Intel (E.g. 13" Inch 256 SSD for $2429 / 15" Inch 256 SSD for $3149, etc) @ JB Hi-Fi


The new macbooks are finally out. It's not an amazing deal, but I've been waiting for the 8th gen update, so time to pony up the apple tax.

Other models listed below:
13" Touchbar 256gb - $2429.10
13" Touchbar 512gb - $2699.10
15" Touchbar 256gb - $3149.10
15" Touchbar 512gb - $3689.10

Also another 5% off at Officeworks if you can find stock. Thanks to doweyy for the tip!

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      There always will be one…

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        One per minute more like, some get their (mod: edited) when they say how 'overpriced' and 'trash' apple products are.

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        The fact that your Macbook Pro is still good enough after 5 years that you don't feel the need to upgrade sounds like a good selling point for them TBH.

        Each of my Macbook Pros over the last 12 years have been handed off to family members when i upgraded, and they're all still functioning. I only upgraded this year because my 2012 was starting to struggle with 4k video editing. If you look at the cost annualised, I've always found them to be worth the money.

        • When I paid so much for a Macbook Pro, I have to make sure it can last me as long as possible.

        • Hi @Praeto. Which macbook pro did you upgrade to? Do you use external monitor for editing?

        • I spent $1000 for my Sony Vaio panel PC 13 years ago and it allowed me to upgrade RAM and Hdd to SSD, it is still working quite fast with Core 2 Duo processor running Windows 10.

          It is not Only Apple product allow that but looking at the current line up, you cannot really upgrade at all. So may be 5 years really the maximum usage for that price.

          Is it worth it? It’s up to each individual to decide.

        • @Smaland:

          I went with i9 / 32gb RAM / 1TB SSD. I mainly use it away from home, so no external monitor most of the time.


          No one is suggesting Apple are the only company building quality laptops, there are plenty of alternatives out there that are just as good. I still have 10+ year old Thinkpads that run fine. But there’s a definite diffference in build quality between the MBP / Thinkpad and something like the Dell XPS as an example. My XPS has been repaired twice in 2 years, and now has an issue with a fan that whistles. The Dell was an objectively bad investment, while the Apple and IBM laptops were not.

          As for your Sony example, I’m sure it’s a very good machine for what you use it for and it sounds like you got it at an excellent price. Not everyone’s needs to spend the kind of money Apple are asking for on a laptop. As for the upgrades, it's worth paying for them up front with the MBP and extending its life a few extra years. If you're going to spend it anyway, why not do it up front and enjoy the benefit for the life of the laptop. For me it was worth investing $3000 in the 2012 MBP, because I was doing a lot of work with photos, videos and VM sessions for security research. This time around it was worth the $6000 for the latest model, because I know it will still be up to the task of doing what I need 6 - 8 years from now.

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    Can also price match @ Officeworks to save a further 5% with price beating. They're stocking the 2018 models.

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      Wow, i didn't even think of that. Thank you! I just checked and it looks like they are out of stock everywhere in the SE Suburbs of Melbourne. Will drop past my local store tomorrow morning.

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        You can always call 1300 OFFICE (633 423) to price match over the phone and get it delivered if there isn't stock around :)

        • Officeworks refused to price match on the 15 inch, went into 2 different stores and also called 1300 OFFICE, none would do it :(

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          You're kidding!! Why not? What was their reasoning?

          There is no reason they shouldn't match it, it's the exact same product with the same warranty?

        • @jaydawg: I called up and they matched it no probs, said they would deliver to my local store.

        • @doweyy: got refused as well… said the 15" 512 model is not in stock so can't price match. :(

        • @gogobu:

          Arghh that's really dissapointing, I thought it would have been fine..

        • @doweyy: Both stores said it wasn't in stock locally nor did they have any stock in the warehouse, so they couldn't do it. 2nd store I went to was even a little dismissive the moment I said Macbook. 'Nope, we don't do those here, try another store.' Had to talk to him for a while just to even get the guy to check if they could order one in.

          When I rung up it got a little further but they ultimately said they couldn't do it. I'm going to ring again and see if they can order it without a price match, then spring the price match on them last second.

        • @McBanjo: The 15 inch 512gb or a dif model? If it's that one what area are you from so I can say I'm from the same lol.

        • @doweyy: just so you guys know I was able to get the 13inch with 5% off the j b price just now but that was because it was in stock. Best of luck!

        • @jaydawg: was for the 13-inch 512GB Touch Bar model in Brisbane. I paid ~$2564

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        I got one on the deal last week, went in-store and they ordered one in for me with a 5% pricebeat.

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      …with an inbuilt MX150 graphics card, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD

      And free, no configuration, always-on, microphone and keylogger.

  • Nvm I derped

  • Are there stock upgraded RAM configurations or is that custom order only?

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      those are custom order via Apple website only.
      was thinking out it, but consider the price difference of $1250 just for the extra 16gb ram… guess i'll have to park the idea until apple makes 32gb ram as a standard build in a year or two.

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        These 10% off sales make any of the upgrades incredibly poor value. Especially given that the upgrades have very little appeal on the second hand market.

        Better off just getting stock configurations and selling them to upgrade more often than forking out the extra.

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    Do Apple Stores still give up to 10% discounts if you ask them nicely?

    At the very least, they should (or used to) price match against a published / web site price.

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      I've never had an issue with Apple price matching JB on the 10% off deals

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        Well, here's the thing. Why would I go to another retailer and ask them to match the price? Why not just go with the original store that offered the lower price in the first place?
        Officeworks will match and drop another five percent. I can understand going to Officeworks for that. But merely to match price after the first store did all the work? No. The second store would always have to do better.

        The only reason I would go Apple and not JB in this instance is if JB was out of the particular model i wanted, or if I could get 10% off a BTO. I doubt JB would do that.

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          apple gives 14 day use and return refund policy which can be very helpful if needed

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          it's a better experience shopping at an apple store

        • Apples return policy and customer service is much better, for one.

        • Apple accepts AMEX.

          You may also have other purchases lined up with them and want to get GST back when travelling overseas.

  • I have a late 2016 MB Pro 13 2.9Ghz i5 would this upgrade to 2018 13 pro help much for Lightroom/luminar? (due to quad cores etc)

    I always run low on ram at 8gb and seem to get some slowdown but the upgrade to 16gb is high and I like getting 512ssd

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      The new 13 inch MBP is the fastest 13 inch laptop on Geekbench 4, but real life performance in an application would depend on the software and how it is coded to work with the chip and OS. Adobe has been quite hit and miss with macs in recent years. More miss I reckon.
      That said, any multicore aware software will be a lot faster on a four core vs two core chip.

    • You’d notice a substantial boost going from the dual 2016 to quad core 2018.

  • Does Apple usually release a no-touchbar variant down the track? Or is this all what we should expect?

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      Pretty sure they won’t. The non touch bar models were left untouched.

      • Hopefully it will be replaced with a new MBA equivalent.
        Which kinda makes sense. It would be a two core iteration. Hopefully price wise too.

        • Yep the current non Touch Bar MBP doesn’t make any sense in the Pro line-up at this point, it could easily be the MacBook Air of this new generation of machines.

          My GF has the non Touch Bar model and for her uses (web browsing, email and PowerPoint) it’s been absolutely excellent.

        • MacBook is the Air replacement IMO

        • @Randolph Duke: it has only one port and high priced for its power. it ain't no MBA replacement.

        • @entropysbane:

          You aren’t getting more ports on a MacBook of any type again. Pricing aside, it is the replacement.

    • Non touch only has one fan, not enough for cooling

  • Apple will price match JB, at least you get the 14 day return with them and 18mths IF if want.

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    So I guess this is the sweet spot in the new lineup?

    13" Touchbar 256gb - $2429.10

  • Wait Apple has the 13" 256GB for $2549. Why does JB say ticketed price before discount is 2699?

    • That's the apple education store you're looking at, so pricing is reduced from RRP

      • Supposedly easy to get ed pricing as well

  • very very tempting!
    But cant travel overseas in the nearest future so cant really claim GST back…
    in need for a new one as my old was given to mum.

  • Surface Laptop i7 13.5" 512 16G for $2799 or MBP 15" 256 16G for $3149.

    • Have $200 JB voucher from Telstra deal
    • Travelling out next week on a holiday, so can claim TRS
    • Currently have a MBA 2012 which auto-closes PS or LR4 cc half-way photo processing due to RAM limitation.
    • Using a latitude Ultrabook E7270 16G i7-6600 2.6GHz for processing, but the screen is not great.

    Should I buy Surface or MBP? Confused to hell.

  • Anyone got a shipping notification yet? I think my checkout said delivery on or before the 27th August :(

    If I'd known beforehand the Apple store would pricematch, I'd have just gone there.

    • Delivery date was On or Before August 22nd. JB Hi-fi have been advertising them as available for next day delivery for the last 2-3 days. Still no shipping notification on my order.

      Buyer beware - JB are clearly advertising stock they don't have or can't get.

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