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Vodafone 12 Month SIM Only 50GB Per Month | $40.50/Month Existing Customers as Additional Service | $45/Month New Customers


Seems like an awesome offer from Vodafone, as they've just upped the data amount. Get 10% off plan fees each month when you sign up to this plan as an additional service to your current plan of equal or lesser value. Not available with student offer. Enjoy :)

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    Wow. What a differnce from the usual where new customers get the good deal, and existing customers get ripped!

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      I think the post title is misleading. The discounted rate is for existing Vodafone customers who ADD an additional service to their account. ( New connection). I dont think you can get that price for your existing service if you just change plans.

      • Seems the post title is now edited to show it as additional service.

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        Edited :)

        • Doesn't seem to be an unlimited plan by the way,

          Data for use in Australia. Additional Data for Red Plans is automatically added at $10/GB ($0.01/MB).

        • @apptrack: I have that plan and I spoke to Vodafone about that as well as I travel a lot but in reality when I an in a compatible overseas country with my RED $5 plan active, I can assess my 50gb per month pool of data still BUT if I end up using it all up, I'll pay the $10 per GB after that.

    • There was a previous deal about 6 weeks ago where it was 50GB for $50 but it came with 8,000 QFF points instead of being $45 per month like this deal.

      As I regard 8,000 QFF points = $80 vs the $60 I could have saved with this new plan, it is still very competitive.

      I was also taken in back then about the 10% business but to get that you have to actually have an EXISTING plan and have this new one added to your current account (ie. you end up paying for two plans). I'd rather pretend to be a student. :-)

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    Worst customer service ever..So difficult to understand Indian accent. When you are going to cancel the service, It takes forever

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      move to other providers then..

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      As opposed to…?

      • Right? Because Optus, Telstra and all the other big telcos apparently don't do the same thing now. /s

    • did you manage to cancel service ?

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      Learn indian, then you can speak to all call centre people!!


      • The funny one is when they were asking for my name and had to tell them each letter, once we got to letter D he said D for dead. I said no, I am still alive :)

        • could've been a whole new can of words…

          u want the D ?

        • @spoonmugen:

          I know, a few things came to my mind but I refrained from saying anything that that.

      • I usually end up with their Philippine call centre with the people with an American accent (due to American schooling).

      • Indian??? Let us know when you learn it cause you just invented a new language, Turd!

        • -1

          Will do

    • Can agree. I got the 30GB/$45 deal, and was unhappy with the speeds I was getting, so I cancelled. I had a super difficult time trying to understand the other person on the end, and get them to understand what I wanted.

      • How bad were the speeds? Roughly where are you located?

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    Nothing beats Kogan 19,50/23gb

    • +25

      Nothing beats $5 roaming

      • schooled.

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        Agreed, for anyone that travels, Vodafone wins hands-down for roaming.

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          I guess it depends where you are travelling, but I've found getting a local sim is usually the cheapest option. For example, T-Mobile in the USA is a pretty great option.

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          @AlanHB: true, depending on how long you're travelling. But you won't receive calls or texts on your Australian number and that turned out to be a huge disadvantage for me. LOVE $5 roaming!

  • Need Vodafone to come up with better 4G broadband deal, like better than Optus's 200GB for $70 but only 12Mbps/1.

  • tempting but still not as good as the optus deal..shame..

  • Thanks for posting. Actually I'm kinda confused when I see these large data pist. anyone can enlighten me why ppl use such big data plan, given that there are broadband at home and workplace? I have a 10G/m but mostly only use half of it.

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      I actually tend to use up almost 15-20G a month on Mobile alone. Mainly media streaming when travelling to work and back ( Spotify,Netflix and Foxtel Go), video downloads from countless whats app groups and video calling etc. I presume for my usage 25Gb would suffice.(I am currently on 15GB a month locked to telstra until October) Having that extra legroom helps. I can only assume its similar usage for others as well.

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      given that there are broadband at home and workplace

      That's not a given in Australia. Have you ever tried to upload … anything … on ADSL?

    • I personally do not have an internet connection at my house so I just tether my mobile phone. So these plans are great for that…

    • My office has no WiFi and often my cable internet at home sucks
      Not everyone has the same circumstances as you.

  • This could be good to replace my ADSL. I'll have to see what 4G speeds I can get on my mobile at home.

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    students get $5 off plan fees

    ~~Student discount I believe is available if not using existing customer discount - brings it to $40. ~~

    Get 35GB bonus data per month
    *Get 35GB/mth bonus data for use in Oz when you sign up to this plan. Offer ends 15/08/18. Not available with students offer. T&C apply.

    • Correct. If you log in in to 'Unidays' and shop for sim only plans, you can get 50gb for $40 p/m. I also got a coupon/voucher for $25 off the 1st month.

      • Oh, very nice… I noticed after commenting terms say can't use the offers together so wasn't sure. If it works it works!

        • Works, when i spoke to them over the phone about it.

  • @TA, what do this 65% cashback (via CashRewards) mean? So I take this plan for 12 months, for me it would be $540 before cash back and then after cashback it would be $189 for 12 months.

    Just asking this as this just sounds too good to be true and thought to clear before I sign up. Thanks.

    • Hi BigBrother. It's 65% cashback on your initial monthly outlay only (65% of $40.50 or $45.00).

      The Cashback value is based on the percentage of one month's payment for plans, and the purchase price for Prepaid SIM cards.

      • +1

        Makes sense. Thanks.

  • Just upgraded my month to month from [40gb for $60] to [80gb for $60], it's very worthwhile having a chat to them online!
    Also, you will be presented with different deals when you LOGIN and look at the plan options.

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    Why are you able to get a mobile plan like this, but buying 40gb of data alone will cost well over $100. I’m aware that signing up for a monthly plan should give you a reasonable discount vs a prepaid or longer life plan, but not by this much

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    ended up getting this deal for $42.75 seeing i was a existing customer. not a bad deal

    • I got the same. Rang them after stumbling on this deal after adding a $5 international calls booster to a number sharing my account.

      Was happily surprised they did this as I was on the $50/m plan and I had a few months ago, "renewed" my contract to take advantage of another deal.

  • Do you get $10 off your NBN if you have your NBN with Vodafone?

  • Get 10% off plan fees each month when you sign up to this plan as an additional service to your current plan of equal or lesser value.

    Of equal or lesser value? So if I have a plan that's $50 / month I can't get this deal?

    Luckily I also have a $10 1gb plan for my tablet which is also shared with my phone plan so I could technically argue that one of my current plans is of equal and lesser value.

  • Hmm, does the 10% off stack?

    if I sign up 80 plans.

    am I paying $1 each month for the total 100 plans?

    100 * 45 * (100%- 10%)^80 = 0.98313525237


  • Or it is $40/month with 30GB for those wanting the student discount.

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